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Life and other stuff...

August 28, 2013
Posted at 11:04 pm

I have been asked a number of times now how things are going.

As with most Americans I think -- my day to day life has too many money worries... Thankfully right now, it is the good kind of how do we pay for the things we want rather than the bad kind of how do we pay for things we need.

My daughter is rapidly approaching her first birthday and we have managed to get into a routine that gives me back some writing time... Although right now, I am spending it on watching Korean dramas and Japanese anime.

My wife wants to make a go a baby number two soon so that will again come in to eat time.

Presently, I have started too many new stories and had to throw them away.., about 4. I wanted to get back I the swing of things, but the stories did not say anything that another story did not. I am back to my unfinished storis or series.

I have finished 5 of 9 chapters for the second Wellspring stories... It required a lot of editing because I got carried away with the number of females. Most of the chapters left are fairly straightforward so it is a matter of sitting down and pumping them out. The story is still titled '3 AM' for the KLF song.

After that, I will finish my second SWARM story... I really wanted to write more stories in the series, maybe even do a quartet of stories but only Jason and Simon had what felt like 'original' stories. In the swarm universe, I prefer prepack stories and the other stories I started writing were really just sex stories. The second story did see a title change... From 'Bitches' to 'The Preacher' after the tone changed when I started writing it. The story was inspired by the knife fight scene in 'The Man From Nowhere' (Korean movie). It thought it was going to be all action and fucking, but the protagonist had a different plan.

After that I will take a look... Possibly another energy wizard story or a new 'magic' story or to complete one of the many unfinished stories that I have not posted anywhere.

No... Not AMR yet. AMR will be the end for me here as it was the beginning of my writing.