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Down Time

July 24, 2013
Posted at 3:46 pm

I'm sure everyone is curious when my next installment of Sibling Magus will be. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten much writing done over the last three weeks because I came down with a severe case of Pink Eye in both eyes. My eye lids were so swollen, most of the time I couldn't see. I've caught up on listing to my collection of audiobooks, that for sure. Over the last few days, I've been biding my time because my eyes don't want to focus. They're much better today but my right eye (my strong eye) is still giving me fits. It's like there's something in my eye (though it doesn't feel like it) because everything is still a little blurry.

Fret not. I fully intend to finish this book and the next. Truth be told, I have so many plans and ideas for this world (vs the Mind Magi world I developed for my Master PC stories), that I can say there will be at least (probably more than) five stories after I'm done with the Lockdown story arc. Whether those turn out to be large story arcs too, that's yet to be seen -- though a good idea, just to keep me writing. :)

I hope everyone's summer is going well, I know I'm enjoying the lower than average heat and greater than average rain fall where I live. And OH the movies!