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Things looking up in life...

July 13, 2013
Posted at 1:26 am

Some people have asked so...

The munchkin is significantly better. It would appear that with a child you stop doing A (not sleeping because she has to be fed every couple of hours) only to do B (spend every waking watching her like a hawk because anything within her grasp goes into her mouth) to doing C (I have no idea what is next but since it will involve her walking I am sure I need to get into shape).

My wife got through her operation well and the tests came back good so it is now just waiting a year to test again and then another year for the rest of her life.

I have completed my first Swarm story 'All These Things That I've Done' and the epilogue is with the volunteer editor so that should be posted soon.

I am halfway completed with my second Swarm story 'Lead Me Home' but that one is a little more sex with action... No internal conflict with the universe itself, just a little statement that maybe the social norm does not equally satisfy everyone ;)

Since I am also about halfway through the second Wellspring story, I will most likely finish that series off... It requires a bit of a rewrite since I was adding to many females for a story that size.

After that we'll see... Either the third Swarm if I feel that there is something to say in that universe or the second Energy Wizard story or maybe starting a third magic series or maybe even writing a sequel to my zombie story.

OR maybe trying for baby #2 and just killing all my free time.

Oh well... Like I said, things have gotten well enough for me to do some writing.