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Child Magus Re-Post

June 26, 2013
Posted at 11:13 am

--==( New and Child Magus Stories )==--
I have just submitted a complete set of corrected and updated chapters for Child Magus. One of my new volunteer editors has been teaching me so many things I either forgot or never learned about English as it pertains to writing and punctuation.

--==( Internet at Home )==--
Yes, you heard me right. I have internet at home again, thanks to some very generous donations from a fan.

--==( IT Classes )==--
No word yet, since their last email. I've sent them a query about the classes, and am waiting for their reply.

--==( Summertime )==--
As any divorced parent knows, summertime is that special time when you have your kids for weeks on end or even over their entire summer vacation. Last Saturday (6/15), I picked my kids up for the summer. Normally this means my writing and posting schedules become erratic at best, but this year, both kids will have their own computers to play on, and the internet to keep them occupied while I write. Yay! I won't have to fight with them just to get to use my own computer!

--==( Sibling Magus )==--
I have narrowed down my list of editors down to one. There are a couple I continue to talk to while working out kinks in the plot, but for all my grammatical corrections, I'm only now referring to the one. After going over his corrections and comments in the revised Child Magus, I've come to accept him as a solid choice in making sure my stories are not only punctuated correctly, but are very legible and the particular points understandable. He's gone over topics with me, asked questions regarding different details in the stories, and is happy to comment on anything that strikes him odd or makes him laugh. He's gone over the new chapters twice and I'm waiting on comments from a friend of mine regarding the plot (I think I'm moving too fast, but I could be wrong). Once I have his input, I'll let everyone know whether I've posted them or have to do some re-writing. I know, it's a pain having to wait, but I want to do this right. Especially considering the complexity this story and the next one is going to have.