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Still alive

May 27, 2013
Posted at 2:34 am

Just a quick post to say I'm not dead yet.

I've been writing regularly for the past couple months, at least a couple days a week, a least a couple pages a sitting. But, being an inefficient writer, I'm writing the prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 all at the same time instead of in sequence like a sane person. Among other things, this slows me down with regular needs to rewrite previous sections. Basically, when I'm inspired or figure out how to work a scene or get an idea, I need to write it down right away, or I'll sometimes forget.

Anyway, the prologue is currently about 80% complete; Chapter One is currently 50-60%; and Chapter Two is currently 30-40%. (And I'm starting to make notes about chapters 3 & 4.)