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How things progress...

May 9, 2013
Posted at 12:28 am
Updated: May 9, 2013 - 12:31 am

Healthier... still in the period after the mono diagnosis where the doctors want me to take it easy. I've been healthy for three weeks straight -- this week I have something of a cold but the whole family does so no big deal.

With the amount of time I've had to take off due to the baby & the sicknesses, I have to be extra careful at work... I have a good job so that is a major priority right now. Have to make my boss people forget the hassle of the last few months; everybody says they don't mind, but it's a business.

We're trying to get some major work done on the house to take advantage of a few good programs for 'green performance'. Replacing furnace, AC, water heater, insulation, resealing the house, and some ductwork for what amounts to $0 -- $2K out of pocket due to a big time 0% interest loan from the gas company. It's too good a deal to pass up since the bills are killing us so even with paying the loan back, we save money on utilities.

On the writing front...

Writing for me is a habit -- presently due to the things that happened I'm out of the habit. It doesn't help that I'm a bad 'finisher' and my swarm story is right there with two chapters to go. (Psychologically, i have to fight to finish a story because... it's a control thing, I guess.)

I need a couple of days of detoxing from everything going on to kickstart myself again... we'll see what happens.

My inlaws are visiting and staying for some time in june so at the worst, that'll be a good time to do some major writing. I hope to start before that but I've learned to let it go... maybe when the baby starts sleeping 12 hours a night, I'll be able to give time to my writing again.