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Sibling Magus - Starting...

April 16, 2013
Posted at 9:39 pm

I've received a couple of emails asking when I'm going to start posting my next story. To be honest, I've been ready to start for a while, but I've let myself off the hook so-to-speak by working on drawing book covers for all of my stories. The problem I've run into is that I cannot use actual photos no matter how much I manipulate them because those photos came from the web and everything posted on the web is copywritten. I'd have to have written permission from the models and possible the photographers to use them in any capacity.

Anyway... I've also stalled in writing because of the very opening. I'm not sure where to start. I've considered starting the day after Child Magus leaves off, or give it another week in between. As ambiguous as Child Magus ended (date wise) I'm happy to start this one a week later - I even have a viable reason why (which everyone will find out once I do start writing).

The real problem is the very start - the first words. I considered starting with a dream like in Child Magus, but decided against that...

Hold on just a second. I just had a thought. Don't ask how it is I'll try to explain something like this to someone else and even in writing it I'll come up with a solution on my own.

Thanks for being my soundboard this time around! :)


Oh, I should have the first chapters up in about a week, now that I have a beginning. :D