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The Fun Of Being Sick...

April 3, 2013
Posted at 10:31 pm

So it seems that when you say -- "I had a fever for four days with no other symptoms" -- the doctors HATE it.

They ask you a bajillion questions because they don't believe you just had a fever...

I'm going to paraphrase:

Were you balls aching?
Was your penis discharging?
Aches and pains?

I had a fever for four days before any other symptoms appeared and then the fever continue for 10 days.

The doctors took so much blood I thought they might have a contract with a vampire den or something.

Right now, I'm back on a general antibiotics and with instructions to keep the fever down with ibuprofen while they send the blood tests out.

I'm serious -- daycare will be how a zombie apocalypse starts... I might even write a story about it (but all the babies are immune.)