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It still continues...

April 1, 2013
Posted at 10:40 pm

The count so far.

1. Baby spent a week in hospital for RSV.
2. I got a stomach virus.
3. I got the worst cold of my life.
4. My wife got flu and pneumonia...which put me on strong antibiotics and flu medication so I would note catch it.
5. I had a fever for a week... Just a fever.
6. fever gone but a I'm getting migraines, a bad cough, and an elevated heart rate. I am hoping 5 and 6 are symptoms of an I infection... Preferably a tooth infection so I am going to dentist tomorrow and then back to urgent care facility.

Pretty much worst 3 months of my life and that includes when I had pneumonia.

If it doesn't stop soon, I am pretty sure I am going to end up hospitalized for something.

I need like a month of not being sick but unfortunately that isn't going to happen until we get to warmer weather so the zombie apocalypse breeding ground known as my daughter's daycare center stops spewing out this crap.

Thankfully after the RSV, the worst my daughter has had to deal with is a stuffy nose.

I have been writing some though, so if this ever ends I will be a,e to get back on the horse pretty quickly.