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It does not end...

March 13, 2013
Posted at 11:26 pm

I guess that's the life of a parent.

The baby is in daycare...which they should rename into 'plague breeding grounds'.

In the span of two weeks...I have gotten a stomach virus and the WORST cold of my life. My wife got the flu and pneumonia.

Luckily, the baby only got a stuffy nose for 7 days so she got away with a very mild cold.

I cannot wait for spring!

If things weren't bad enough, it appears that our medication makes everything taste salty... Funny thing trying to eat white rice that tastes so salty hypos have to wash it down with a gallon of water.

I have also been medically kept out of the office for a week.

I think maybe the wife and I should wait for baby number 2.