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publishing? ... Publishing !!

March 7, 2013
Posted at 8:36 pm

In an act of tremendous hubris, bravery, and undisciplined 'why-the-hell-not', I am going to attempt to self-publish (on the 'net') Book 1 of Zeus & Io.

In order to do that, I figure I'll need 2 good editors -- one of whom I already have. They will be tasked with reading over my first draft (which is what you've all been reading here at SOL), and making style and content suggestions. Like: in the opening 'graphs of Chapter 1, there are 6 sentences in a row that start: "I (verb)" -- that has to go.

Some have said that I change POV too much, some didn't like the shift to 3d person on the "non central characters" chapters. Some like the POV fine, but it should be shorter, or fewer flashbacks, or more flashbacks, more characterization like I did early on with less action and more 'side trips' (like Carmella's Cantina, or the manageress of the apartment), less exposition, more exposition. Etc., Etc. This I will hope to get from my editors, and will lead to rewriting by me, maybe. Make that almost surely.

I'll also need a very picky proofreader. To go over the (almost) final drafts as they come out of the mill.

I do expect this to be a lengthy process. To make it better (ahem!), I can't pay you for the effort. So, if you fit one of these jobs, and are satisfied with a payment of "the editing team was ...", drop me a line.