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Was asked to update blog

February 23, 2013
Posted at 11:27 pm

Last update was jan 19th on a story...

My In-laws came to stay to help out with my daughter after she got out of hospital... They ain't kidding with the 'it takes a village thing'.

It is taking a long time to get settled into a routine again.

I am back to writing but the pace threw me off the last story 'All The Things' so I have started the second of my Swarm stories 'Bitches' to hopefully kick start the last two chapters of 'All These Things'.

'all These things' only has two more chapters... The big one of which is half-written, it is just tough to get back to.

They also reorganized at my job.

The Swarm stories are actually fairly easy to write since they are fully outlined and have to follow someone else's story... Not a lot of thinking on my part.

After these two p, things will be interesting... Another Institute story which ip has four chapters completed is doing a lot of knocking in my head... With editors on my side, some stories that I put down are looking for attention,

Unfortunately, I have more ideas than time....right now, in my head these stories are clamoring....

Bitches -- The Second Swarm Story
Winter Song -- my final Institute story
The Once And Future God-King -- The Sequel to my Zombies story...
Teenagers -- A reconcept of Zombies using the characters from 'All these thins' and a Chaotic-Neutral impulse driven protagonist....

The wizard series' are in there too...

We will see how things shake out after I can get time in front of the laptop more consistently.