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Haven't forgotten

February 10, 2013
Posted at 5:38 pm

Most of you probably realise by now that I'm a very slow writer. However, until an email earlier this week, even I didn't realise just how slow I'd been.

I still like to hear from readers, both positive comments, and constructive criticism. Obnoxious rants will just get reported. I do try and respond, but work may mean I don't respond for a few days.

I've got two swarm stories simmering nicely, and two more that are just ideas for the moment. Woolly Wilds 2 will take off where Woolly Wilds finishes, while Maquis takes place a few years later.

Maquis is probably closer to being finished, but only because I'm actively adding to it at the moment. It's current 130k words, and I'm currently working on chapters 23, 24 and 25, with probably somewhere between another three to five to go to finish it.

Away from the swarm universe, I saw something on facebook recently, which led me to do a bit of quick and dirty research. This has got me part way through another story. The story has nothing to do with facebook though; that's just where I got the idea from.

Aside from that I still have over 50 stories in various states of repair, and just occasionally I keep adding to one or more as I get a new idea. Sadly a few of them will probably never be published as they are just too big, and I won't publish anything unless it's finished.

I am writing though. Honest.