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I'm British and many of my stories reflect this to a greater or lesser extent. Particularly in spellings, grammar and of course locations.

When I read erotica I generally prefer incest, but always concensual. I'm not keen on bestiality, rape. S&M or domination. On the whole I like whole family and brother-sister, followed by father-daughter and mother-son. American readers should note that in the UK it is still legal for first cousins to marry, and this does not legally count as incest. (I have had sex with three of my female cousins - though not for many years.)

As of 1st May 2004 this has in fact changed, and it is now no longer legal for first cousins to marry. It may also amuse you to know that the crime of incest was abolished at the same time. These two, plus a whole raft of other laws were combined into a single sexual offences bill!

The naming of my stories may seem fairly strange, but it goes back to the time when my computer was shared, and I had to name them in strange ways to hide them from prying eyes. Initially they were named after the months of the year - where I always tried to make at least one characters name the same as the month, then days of the week, and I'm currently slowly working through the planets and their moons.

I have about 50 stories in various stages of production, plus about another dozen or so where I have written out the general idea, but haven't actually started writing.

I'd love to know what people think of my stories, and if you have an idea for me, I'd love to hear it.

Just to note, as someone asked me about it, and it's obviously not as clear as it should be. One of my 'story's' is TRUE. It really happened exactly as described. Only the names and a few locations have been changed.