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Re-Edit of STT-Book I

January 26, 2013
Posted at 7:16 am
Updated: January 29, 2013 - 2:19 pm

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I finally got the new 'edited' version of 'Second Time Through-Book I' posted last night.

I did not change the story very much. Instead, I focused on making it easier to read. I combined some short chapters, taking the story from 90 chapters, down to 45 chapters, but the total word count is almost 10% higher.

My heartfelt thanks to Roger, Cassie, and Jack for their efforts in helping me with this. They are great and I estimate they corrected over a gazillion errors in my first draft.

(No, they are not available for anyone else. I need them too much to even think of sharing, so don't ask!)

Yes, I am aware it's still not perfect, but I hope you find it a little more enjoyable to read.

Can anyone tell me how you go about getting a 'Review'?