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Editing Acknowledgments

January 13, 2013
Posted at 10:44 am

I have returned to using editing help.

I gave it up after a long bout of sitting around and twiddling my thumbs. In the old days my outlines were not very good... They have not improved much but enough for me to continue working on new chapters while old ones are edited. I have also begun to complete or 'near' complete my stories before posting so that gives me other things to do while I wait for editing.

Diederik Rask is my primary editor. He has helped a lot with my Swarm Story. I tend to live in my head when it comes to stories so it helps a lot to have a different set of eye touch the story as it exists on paper. Deiderik's changes helped me see where the reader was going in a different direction. I keep about 75% of his changes, drop about 10% as not something I want to say, and incorporate the last 15% into the story by altering it to be in my Voice. The drops are not because they are bad suggestions. Different cultures and people tell stories differently. I watch a lot of Korean television shows hoping one of them will have a non-tragic ending.

Tom K. From the Swarm List has also been a big help. I change things after Diederik gives it to me and of course break more things, Tom has done a great job of final cleanup.

They and others on the Swarm List have pointed some habits I have gotten into that I will have to change for the last few stories that I will be writing on SOL.

Thank you, Diederik, Tom, and all the Swarm Author's List.