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Real Life Spurs Productivity

January 12, 2013
Posted at 11:16 pm
Updated: January 12, 2013 - 11:18 pm

I did not quite believe, or at least was hoping they were wrong, when the doctors said that because we caught it so early things still had to get worse before they got better. Yeah... it would appear these doctors know their shit!

Day 3 is the worst for RSV and tonight is day 3 for my daughter. At least, her body decided to be fucked up and only suffer one bad symptom at a time -- yesterday day was breathing, last night was vomiting, today was diarrhea, tonight it's fever.

There isn't much to do in a hospital when the child is doing the 'healing' sleep thing and you don't want to do ANYTHING to wake her. The hospital also only allows one parent to sleep in the room and that's going to be my wife since I usually stay up until 3am writing.

I submitted another chapter - and sent another to the editor.

That should pretty much be it -- but things may change since she has to be 'good' for 24 hours before they'll let her out, so that's a lot of time sitting around watching monitors to make sure she stays good.

Thank you to all the well-wishers -- it is appreciate and it does help a lot.

On a side-note, babies (and i guess it's possible for adults) poop mucus. The nurse said it's because their bodies don't know how to expel it corrrectly.

I was like "So a baby's body takes the exit it does know about?"