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Real Life and Story Posting

January 11, 2013
Posted at 9:47 pm

I submitted four chapters to my Swarm Story.

I had originally planned to post them separately but real life has gotten in the way. It still works since these 4 chapters have the same chapter title and sort of lead into the last act of the story. The only reason to post them one day at a time rather than together was to give myself a few days to finish the last two chapters of the story.

At this point due to the family emergency that is pulling me away, I do not know how long it will take before I finish the last two chapters and can post the remainder of the story (4 chapters).

My daughter caught RSV which became bronchilitis (RSV is a very common virus among children bronchilitis is the infant form of bronchitis) and has been hospitalized due to her age. We caught it about as early as we could since I was walking her around the house when she got her fever. Things are looking well, but they have to keep her hospitalized due to her age because they have very strict guidelines as to considering a baby to be okay from this stuff (24 hours with no fever or labored breathing.)

It sucks!

It also means one to two weeks out of day care so in-laws may be visiting unless we play hot potato with our days off and working from home.

I may not get back to this story for two weeks -- Chapter 11 and 12 are complete, chapter 13 is half-complete, epilogue is at zip but it's REALLY short.