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Child Magus - New Chapters

January 11, 2013
Posted at 6:27 pm

Child Magus Posting

Finally, after so many months of fighting with it, I have finished chapter 30! Yeah, I know, it sounds so lame, but there's more. I've also finished the rest of Child Magus.

I'll repeat that for anyone who doesn't read things twice.

I've finished Child Magus.

Now you're asking, "Well? Where the hell is it?!?"

I've sent the last chapters to my editors. I know, I know, it's about damned time. In the mean time, I've sent in chapters 27 thru 29 for posting. They should be up soon. ;D

In the mean time, I've begun work on the Book III (title still pending). Here's the description:

"Relationships are already complicated enough, especially if you've never been in one before and are used to only worrying about yourself, but Seth is doing the best he can. On top of all the different issues he faces with each of the women he's bound to, Seth is confronted by the local Sheriff Magus about the Lockdown."

I can only hope not to run into the same kinds of problems I did with Child Magus, but I can't make any guarantees. At the moment, I've got a running outline that will guide me through the majority of the story. I should also point out that this is where things really start to deviate from my original idea of following Master PC The Protector in a parallel storyline. While it's true that New Magus was parallel to Part one of Protector and Child Magus was parallel to part two, Book III will not follow this pattern. It can't. Anyone who's read Protector will notice that part three only consists of part of a day, some new powers for Ral, and his frustrations with the Program, before getting all of his girls ready to go meet The Users. That's it! It's not much for a part, now that I look at it so analytically, so I'm going to move forward. That means, Book III will be more like a combination of parts three and four of Protector.

One other thing I've been trying to decide for a while now is whether to write Book III and post chapters as they're available or to write the whole thing and post it all at once, so it's more like publishing a book. In fact, I'd like some feedback on this idea. Let me know what you think. I'll make my decision by the end of January.

Cast of Characters

I received a suggestion on how to handle the requested cast of characters. I don't have the notes right here in front of me, but the idea was to post a "pre-chapter" with info on all recurring characters along with not only physical statistics, but short descriptions of what happened with them in the previous books. Also, when I'm about to introduce any new characters, I'll add the physical bio to the beginning of the chapter they're about to appear in. I only have one small problem with the physical bios... what to leave out!?!

The following is an example of all the information I've collected/created for each character (and most of the models in my database):

Jordan Krumm

Based on Model: Jordan Carver

_Model's Personal Info________________________________
Born: January 30, 1986
Model Age: 27
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: German

_Model's Physical Stats_______________________________
Measurements: 40-24-35 in (102-61-89 cm)
Bra/Cup Size: 32I (81I)
Boobs: Enhanced
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Weight: 121 lb (54.89 kg)
Body Type: Slim
Eye Color: Gray Blue
Hair: Light Brown, Curly, and Mid-Back Length
Pubic Hair: Shaved

_Character Information________________________________
Name: Jordan Krumm
Character Age: 25
Zodiac: Aquarius
Childhood Environment: Small Town
Birth Order: Only Child
Siblings: None
Residence: Apartment, Small (1/1) in Arlington, Texas
Vehicle: Gold, Car, Luxury
Occupation: Sales (Silk and Lace)
Social/Economic Background: Laborer/Middle Class
Hobbies: Do It Yourself
Nickname: (none)

_Character's Sexual Aspects___________________________
Favored Position: Tit Fuck
Orgasm Response: Loud Low Moan
Pet Name for Lover: Lover
Relationship: Seth's Fonte
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Sexual Persona: Universal Quality
Special Feature: Sheer Sexual Allure

_Sex Magus Series Specific Information________________
1st Appearance: Book I: New Magus
Seth's Fonte: Yes
Magus: No
Mark: None
Power Scale: 0
House Name: Pavonis
House Affiliation: Former Member

I left out a few of the attributes for various reasons, either because they were for men (and Jordan is a woman), because in this context they wouldn't make sense, or becasue the attributes had to do with the program (my db program, not master pc) but not the story. However, this still gives everyone an idea of what I've included. This also lacks any general notes about the the character, or a summary of what this character has done in the stories thus far. Like with my request for suggestions between posting chapters at a time or all-at-once for Book III, I'll ask what everyone thinks I should keep and what to ditch for the Character Bios.

In the mean time, it shouldn't be too long before I post the last chapters for Child Magus.