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New tale

December 6, 2012
Posted at 8:03 am

Oops! I know I promised The Mason, but I got some really constructive criticism from a new editor and I'm. Working on a rewrite. I hope to have it ready before the new year.

Anyway, Remembering, is just a short tear jerker I knocked off over a weekend. I hope you enjoy it.

As far as editors go, my regular editor no longer responds to my email (3 months now). I hope he's just mad at me and still in good health.

So anyway, I got a new editor and he lasted exactly one story. He then got a new job at a higher salary and needs to spend more time working and less time editing. So I'm back to looking again.

If anyone out there wants to try, drop me a note. While I use Microsoft Word as my spell check and Grammar checker, I would like an editor who holds my feet to the fire and makes my stories readable. If my work sucks, I'd like an early warning.