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What the future holds

November 11, 2012
Posted at 8:53 am

No, Martinez has not contacted me.

Some time back, I asked for ideas for a 2nd (or subsequent) book Thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming. Herewith is my feedback to all your feedback.

Superpowers I do not think anybody is going to develop any superpowers (invisibility, mind control, etc). Io is trying to become more human, and I think that's an admirable goal for all our heroes.

Religion I'm not going to have our guys/gals get involved with any organized religion. Although, hypocrisy is always a possibility for investigaton.

Politics We'll definitely -- no probably -- well, possibly -- have some interaction with the politicos. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the politicians in other countries to make them world citizens, so it'll mostly be US.

Downloading Or..."How can Martinez talk to Io only in the car." No comment on having our heroes and heroines download into each others' brains. And I DO have it worked out already how Martinez can do that. No, it's not witchcraft, or Navajo magic.

5225 Well now. That storyline is not going to be resolved in this book. So we'll definitely see more of Melody A. and friends.

--------I'll stop here for now, 'cause this is too long already --------

Oh, a request. I need one or more of you who can sensibly advise me on how the internet backbone really works. Unfortunately, I can't contact Io on this point.