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October 15, 2012
Posted at 10:31 pm

Broken Window

This story will post very slowly. It was heavily edited by rache to meet the SOL submission guidelines. She liked to say it was the illegitimate offspring of P.K. Dick and Elmore Leonard. Those two guys, along with Lord Byron, of course, were her all-time favorite writers. When she was on, Rachael could channel one or all of them, believe me.

I asked her for a continuation of this story a hundred times probably and she always waved that idea away. It wasn't about the game, but about the place and people in it. Once Rachael got what she wanted out of a story, the rest of us had to live with it, unfortunately.

She changed the very last sentence of the story to clarify exactly who - and what - her narrator is supposed to be. She made other cosmetic changes as well, but as I said, most of the editing was done to get the story up in accordance with SOL's submission guidelines.