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Personal musing

October 11, 2012
Posted at 4:55 pm

I got zero feedback on my story aside from the voting. That's not meant to complain, but to explain my further musings. Evaluating the TPA voting I came to the conclusion, the readers of my story have to be as weird as I am. OK, not all of them, but some really are! According to these votes, I write a story they hardly can understand, but it has a nice plot and appeals on a personal level.

Kidding aside, I just wanted to tell you, I stopped looking for an editor. I write and post for fun, and I've no fun on begging and pleading people I don't know for help. Again, that's no complain against any listed editor. If some foreign illiterate would write a story in German and ask for my help to edit it, I probably wouldn't answer as well.

I still sleep peacefully at night, knowing I don't force anyone to read my story or got payed an undeserved load of money.