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Basic Voting Turned off Until Later in the Story

October 8, 2012
Posted at 9:59 am

One of the things I have not been able to understand is how people can give a basic rating to a long story based solely on the first couple of chapters. I have read several stories which I thought I would give a score of 9 or 10 while I was reading it, and then found that the ending sucked and ended up giving it a lower score. I have read other stories where the first part was only so-so and which ended up being great stories.

If someone could update the basic rating later in the story, I could understand it, but the way that is set up, that is now not possible, unlike the T-P-A scoring which can be updated later in the story.

Because of this, I had meant to turn off basic voting until after more than half of the story had been posted. I have now done this and will turn it on again after chapter 30 of What the Future May Bring has been posted. If Lazeez could figure a way where readers could update their basic scores as they got more into the stories, I would turn it on again right now. Until then, I will turn basic scoring off on my stories until after more than half of the story has been posted, leaving T-P-A scoring turned on from the beginning.