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Congratulations! It’s a Story!

August 25, 2012
Posted at 11:12 am

Well, boys & girls… it's done!

After nine long months and over a million words, the Epilogue to "Second Time Through - Book Two" is finally posted.

I commented to one of my editors that I felt like I had given birth, after living with the story every day for nine months. Her response was quick and to the point.

"When you piss a grapefruit through your dick, you let me know. THEN, we'll discuss whether giving birth to a story is like giving birth to a baby!"

Okay, okay! Point taken.

But I do have an empty feeling since I don't have any personal deadlines to get chapters posted anymore. In fact, while the final chapters of Book Two were with my editors, I actually started the re-edit of Book One. Mostly because I just couldn't quit writing 'cold-turkey'.

And as soon as my editors take a breather from the pace of the last nine months, we'll all be hard at work on that project.

After Book One is reposted, I plan on starting Book Three. I already have it outlined, having already begun discussions of some of the things that will happen with my editors. But as to when that will actually be, I don't really know.

I will confess that I have discovered that I love to write. And now that I have discovered editors and proofreaders, I'm in hog-heaven (a good place to be, in case you're not from East Tennessee), as I no longer worry about the mistakes. Good editors are like addictive drugs, in that, after a while, you can't live without them. That's how I feel about Jack, Cassie, LaToya, and Roger.

So I plan to keep on writing, but all I'll promise for now is to keep writing. This is because I still work fulltime for a living. And since I do, a vast majority of Book Two was written at my local IHOP. (Open 24 Hours and an endless pot of coffee). Thanks guys! You know who you are and I promise to be back soon.

To the rest of you guys who read every chapter as I posted it, and always seemed to find the time to write and the words to encourage me along the way, a BIG thanks. I'll feel lost not getting regular emails from you, and that alone will spur me to writing again soon.

As for those of you that may not have read my story yet, let me know what you think. There's a feedback button at the bottom of the page.

Finally, always remember that truth REALLY IS stranger than fiction.

As always, thanks for reading my story,

Phil Brown