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Kidnapped by a Magus

June 15, 2012
Posted at 3:44 pm

A reader wrote me, asking an interesting question...

Thank you for writing and sharing the stories. I
really enjoy reading your stories. I haven't seen
a new story from you since end of May and thought
that you might be kidnapped by a magus.

Do you happen to have any ETA on the next

Kidnapped by a Magus? That would mean sex, right? God! I wish. Unfortunately, no. I am being held hostage by my kids (got them for the summer), but it certainly isn't the same thing.

ETA: I'm currently working on chapter 25. I want to finish it and 26 before posting again. Basically, 22-26 covers the next day, so it makes for a good grouping. With the kids here and vying for time on my computer (because there's nothing better to do), it may take longer than I want. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to write sex scenes while your kids (11yo b/g twins) are constantly distracting you as well as asking what you're writing about!