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lack of updates

May 4, 2012
Posted at 9:30 am

Hi Everyone,

Wowey! It hardly seems like it's been over a year since I updated you all. I'm sorry about that. And if you wrote and didn't receive a reply back, I am really sorry about that. Please forgive me.

The past year has had a bunch of ups and downs. I wouldn't mind the downs quite so much if I wasn't shoved down them. And do there have to be so many sharp pointy rocks on the way down?

Don't get me wrong. There have been a lot of good ups. Really good ones. But then the downs come again. Like today I found out a friend of mine wasn't doing too good and has stopped taking her meds. That doesn't sound good and I'm really not happy about that. And that's after losing two friends at work and still not hearing anything from my friends who disappeared three years ago. Now I'm looking at losing another friend. I hate that! It hurts too darn much! On the bright side she's surrounded by family that loves her, which I'm very happy about but I want her to stick around a while! At least a few dozen years and a score or two after I finish Columbus. But how do I write when my heart aches so much? Never mind reading the screen.

On the bright side I have been wanting to write more. I've also been watching more anime lately. I used to watch lots when I was writing before so I think that's a good thing. Like I'm getting back to normal. Only normal just went rolling down the hill again. Please bare with me as I roll down after it and start pushing it back up the hill again. Thanks. Hopefully the upside of this hill will be a gentle slope instead of a cliff face. Thanks.

And Jan, if you read this, you'd better stick around for the end of Columbus or I'm going to have to thump you. Got that Love?

Thanks, Everyone. I'm sorry for troubling you but I felt those who've been waiting for more deserved to know the reasons for the very long delay. You can return to your regularly scheduled programming now.