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Thought about Experiment 36

April 8, 2012
Posted at 9:38 pm
Updated: July 9, 2013 - 2:31 am

As I have commented to a few of you in response to your emails, I tend to write about broken people or different people and then put them in situations that exposes their broken-ness or their different-ness.

This means that they respond differently to the "normal" response that most people would have to those situations and this gives me an "ïn" to writing a story that is hopefully a bit different from other stories.

I love writing for SOL even though I don't think of myself as writing porn. The adults only nature of the site means that I can express sexuality a bit more openly and bluntly than I could if were writing for a general access site. Sex and sexuality are sufficiently "hot button" topics that they provide good situations for my characters to react to.

In the case of Experiment 36, Sally's parents have a number of issues. They are probably somewhere on the autism spectrum with lots of extra problems added on. Sally is probably a little bit that way as well. We might look at their lives and feel sad because of an apparent lack of emotion and their social awkwardness.

I'm not sure how successfully I managed to convey it but the parents and Sally have established a close and functioning family unit despite their limitations. Some quite functional people on the autism spectrum can end up isolated and alone once their own family is no longer around so the success of Sally's family is a triumph rather than a point of sadness.

Unfortunately, Sally is now at an age where she wants more so she is trying (mostly unconsciously) to break herself and her parents out of their carefully structured and organised lives. That is the source of E36 and any future stories about Sally. Without that conflict, I would only have a character study instead of a story.

Like with Bec, a lot of the humour in E36 is gentle and situational humour rather than in-your-face slapstick. But there are a couple of zingers in there that I am quite proud of. Overall, this was intended to be amusing rather than anything else.