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Really... I'm not complaining

July 8, 2010
Posted at 5:47 pm

Really, I'm not.

I've gotten a fair amount of feedback on Lisa & Ryan NIS. Most of it saying "Ryan's a jerk. No he's not. Yes he is." or "If Lisa ever decides, she'll tear the town down." ...

But then again, I've just posted a new little story, BDSM kinda. "Lisa and the Porshe" ... and you won't believe how many notes I get about "You dork, you misspelled Porsche" or "If you can's spell Porsche, why should I read the story?"

I must conclude that the subspecies AutoPhiles Extremis must be among the readers at SOI. Geez. Get over it. So I made a typo.

I swear, it was the very first mistake I've ever made in anything. Honest. And I'll never make another mosteak again. (Polishing my halo!)