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Finished Episode 1

January 5, 2009
Posted at 5:51 pm
Updated: January 5, 2009 - 5:58 pm

Finally uploaded the Epilogue. For some reason there was some oddness going on. Chapter 2 had extra "John Therion" added to the end of the story. No idea where it appeared, it's not from my end.

Even more interestingly, the story didn't get tagged as "complete" after last chapter. Either I pressed wrong button or something went awry. I also spotted one or two typos in last few chapters, so I fixed those and uploaded all the chapters once more.

Let's hope no oddness happens this time.

I've also started look in to the possibility of finishing the Episode 2 that I've had hanging around for ages. My original idea wasn't to become an active author here in SOL, but to post some of my older stuff.

But I've gotten very nice feedback on the story, against all odds, and so I'm thinking I might need to write at least few more episodes to explain what the hell is going on. Not quite sure how to explain all the myriad details of the world without the story degenerating in to boring exposition page after page... it's a bit "different" kind of place.

Besides, I kind of like being vague.