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I write the equivalent of action movies, or the equivalent of hollywood movie. Nothing too deep, and certainly not something that is primarily written to make people think. I also don't really feel the need to write sex stories, so my stories are on SOL scale lacking in sex - there are sexual situation and hard dialog, and maybe even sexy scenes - but if you're looking for material to jerk off to, I think you'd be better off reading someone else's stuff.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I don't write a lot, or very often. Many of these stories are very old, ranging from 1999 to 2008 with emphasis on the older dates. Most of the stories that get submitted are old stories that I polished up later on. I will try to publish only stories that I have finished, and keep you from the pain of having to read yet another story that will never get finished. English isn't my native language, so there's bound to be a few mistakes. Mostly they are apparent in my use of (or the lack of) articles. My native language has no articles so I often forget them completely from my sentences.

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I'm unfortunately not very active at responding to emails. More important (and often asked) questions and such I will answer through the SOL blog, but even if I do not reply to your email - I WILL read each and every email I receive.

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Ghost for Hire - Episode 1
A Ghost For Hire Story (1)
Part of the Ghost For Hire universe
Set in alternate modern universe the Inquisitor Marie is sent to a hostile city to research series of murders of supernatural beings. She quickly meets with the mysterious and efficient yellow eyed killer called John who is on unstoppable rampage through the city, and finds that meeting him only inflamed her curiosity and deepened the mystery.
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Vampires, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
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