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Jump Drives

January 9, 2008
Posted at 2:42 am

> I'm going to blow up my 'F-ing' computer!!!

> Two words! Corrupted Files! ...
> I've been working slowly but surely on new
> material for all of my stories. When I went
> to access them last night my computer wouldn't
> recognize my jump drive. I thought that was
> weird so I check it on my wife's laptop. It
> recognized it but only as needing to be
> formatted. Half a gig of my and others work
> gone! Most of the new work on Godslayer, all
> the new work on Gauntlet and I'm not even sure
> where I stand with Surviving the Game. That's
> not even going into all the editing work I had
> on there! Fortunately, all the original forms
> of the authors I edit for are still in my email
> acct. So if I edit for you, no worries I'll
> still get it back to you, it'll just be a little
> later. But still, I'm so hacked right now I want
> to stab the damn thing. Needless to say this is
> going to push any updates even farther out....

This may not be the cause, but do not just remove the jump drive!

My understanding is that there is always a slight chance of corrupted data when one simply removes a jump drive from the computer. My understanding is the only safe way to remove a jump drive is by using the EJECT feature.

Some computers have an icon in the system tray for that task.

Go to my computer, right click on the jump drive, select EJECT, and wait until the computer reports removal is safe before taking it out.

That is another reason why it is not safe to do personal work on the employer's 'puter. Nothing is safe until there is a second copy backed up elsewhere.