Roxanne: Profile

I'm a 38 year old single female, a recent widow; no children. I've worked in the forest products industry since I was in school. I have done EVERYTHING one can do in the forest (yes, that too).

I've won some of the Lumberjill events one can occasionally see on ESPN-2. I'm best at the axe throw. If you've seen the Ed Ames clip on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, you'll know the event, but with a longer handle. I'm worst at log rolling; that water is COLD, and in the spring, it was snow yesterday.

I played varsity basketball (all county first team), volleyball and softball in high school, but didn't have the time to play in college. I still play all three sports.

I also play in the OMBAC Over the Line tourney most years. Those who understand how one gets them might be interested to learn I have all the tops for the years I've played.

I won my first husband -- the early training one -- in a strip poker game. I'd never laid eyes on him until that afternoon. That marriage was a major mistake. My second husband was the love of my life. He had cancer, and he died in March of 2004.

I've been writing and posting about four stories a year on sites like this for about twenty years. I seldom post a first chapter until the entire story is finished. I have a great fear of writing myself into a corner if I post an early chapter and need to change it to make a later chapter work.

Lest you think I'm a dumb blonde because I don't know HTML, and I can't get any separation between the paragraphs here, I'm not. I'm totally gray. I have been for years. I was blonde for a couple of years in college. When I went back to brown, it was amazing how much smarter people thought I was. I have spent an inordinate amount of time futzing with these lines. It seems to work on my monitor. If it doesn't on yours, tough, I did the best my formerly blonde brain could muddle through. By the way, when I'm playing basketball with middle school boys, high school girls, or their outa shape parents -- especially the dads -- being all gray is a big advantage. They just think I'm an amazingly well perserved old woman of fifty or more, so they slack off on me.

Some people think writers don't want to be bothered with feedback. Most writers don't feel that way. I welcome all comments, good or bad, although I hope you can be civil. I try to respond to every message, so please do leave an address.

To answer some questions which seem to come in e-mail now and then:

1) I won't meet you somewhere. I used to do that, until something went very badly awry.

2) I won't do phone sex or cyber sex with you.

3) I don't plan on getting a web cam in this lifetime.

4) I don't have any nude photos to send you -- well, none that I'm willing to share -- and I don't want to see yours.