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1 Conflicted
Damon, an 18 year old high school athlete, learns some startling, yet very interesting things about his cheerleader younger sister, and the things she does with her best friends. As he slowly gets involved with the group of girls, however, he begins to realize that there may be more to his newfound happiness than he first realized. Slow building story with lots of plot and subplots, as well as lots of sex in the later chapters.
Codes: MF FF Ff Mult cons rom les bi het inc bro sis span group orgy 1st oral anal mastrb fist squirt voy slow sch
Sex: Much Sex
Posted: Concluded: / (Review)
2427 KB 182905 2089 8.97
2 Conflicted in Paradise Kelsey, Amanda, Damon, Carynne and Stacey go on vacation to the Bahamas, but amidst the setting of paradise, trouble is brewing between the young friends and lovers; trouble that might forever change their lives.
Codes: MF FF Mult cons les het bro sis group orgy oral anal mastrb squirt
Sex: Much Sex
Posted: Concluded: / (Review)
539 KB 30750 758 8.92
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