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rlfj: Blog

February 21, 2017
Posted at 8:15 pm

Chapter 16

Only one chapter to go. What could the secret of Haka Nuva be, and how will it all work out? Just keep reading.

In a totally separate thought, the nomination of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to be our newest National Security Adviser was a pleasant surprise to me. I mentioned him in Chapter 10 of the Epilogue to A Fresh Start as a possible candidate for Secretary of Defense. Likewise, when describing some of the battles in the Kurdish War, I was channeling parts of the Battle of 73 Easting, where McMaster earned a Silver Star. I wish him the best, though I have my doubts, considering his new boss.

- rlfj

February 17, 2017
Posted at 8:34 pm

Chapter 15

How is an ancient island religious ceremony involved with the biochemistry of exotic plants? We are coming to the end of the story. We'll just have to wait a bit more to find out.

- rlfj

February 14, 2017
Posted at 9:01 pm

Chapter 14

We are getting closer to understanding the mystery of Haka Nuva. What does the biochemistry of some mysterious plants have to do with a temple of an ancient Polynesian religion? More to come on this!

- rlfj

February 10, 2017
Posted at 9:10 pm

Chapter 13

Still getting some more edits and typos fixed. Thanks to all!

- rlfj

February 7, 2017
Posted at 8:17 pm

Chapter 12

I spent the better part of a decade as an industrial chemist, but I never had as much fun as a scientist as happens on Haka Nuva! Makes me jealous, and I wrote it!

- rlfj