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Real life getting in the way again..

February 12, 2017
Posted at 4:56 pm

Well, it appears that I have a new job... that's the good news... the bad news, I have to relocate to take it. That means, Another move..though this time.. it's only 800 miles rather than 1500... Real Life can suck sometimes...

Though on the good side.. Moving to Dallas means better winter weather... but that does disrupt the life the Wife and kids and I have made here.

Oh well... there's a reason many stories are good... real life can be so similar.

Time again

February 4, 2017
Posted at 3:11 am

Well, I'm starting to find time to write again.. though the reason sucks... Tuesday afternoon, I was told that the contract I was working on had been pulled as of the close of business Tuesday... due to a breakdown in communication, nobody told me until ~2 hours before the end of business day... Thanks alot.... That means, I'm unemployed... again... it also means, unless I get a call from one of the jobs in the Denver area that I've applied for, I may very well be moving again... That sucks.

So with the extra time, I've done 2 things.. I've started to flesh out a few story ideas I've had floating around.. and I've been re-reading some of my favorites... starting with a few from Lazlo Zalezec.. Every time I read Service Society and Hunter.. I find new details that amaze me. Both are well written (as are all of his offerings that I've read) and there is quite a bit of reality in them.. in some cases with Hunter, you can see parts of the story that have come true to some extent... AFTER the date of posting in real life.. kinda scary.

Anyways, I'm looking for employment and working on writing.. I don't know when I will have something to post.. but time will tell.. if I end up having to move, it will probably be later.. but you never know. It may mean that I won't be working Baseball/Softball games in my spare time, so I'll have time afterwards...