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January 18, 2017
Posted at 11:26 am
Updated: January 18, 2017 - 11:33 am

Wonders of the U.S. Highways: Blackfeather

I know the story of my life sounds too strange to be true, which should give you an idea about what is and isn't. Truth is stranger than fiction, even when there is a liberal sprinkling of fiction added into the mix. Some things you just can't make up.

Some of them are experiences with fortune tellers.

Others are experiences that made me run!

And others made me want to stay.

There were certainly some experiences that made me want to stay and settle down in Laramie. My two weeks with Aubrey and Mandy were like that. But we all knew that their story was wrapped up in each other and I was going to hit the road. Aubrey became a major character in Blackfeather, just like she'd predicted. (After the disappointment of cutting Mandy from the story in the rewrites, I was surprised this fall to find Mandy front and center in the last sequel, Yelloweye, which I will finish the last two chapters of and get off to my editors! MrSpock is already all over the story and timeline issues. I'm pretty sure PlusPlus is disgusted with my lack of progress for two months! I owe you guys.)

Oh, yes, this chapter includes writing my erotic paranormal romance western adventure: Blackfeather. The setting and characters are more realistic because of the people I met and the places I visited around Laramie and Centennial, Wyoming. I fell in love with that place.

But as November wound to a close, I was feeling less and less grounded. I guess sixteen months on the road will do that to a guy. Even with the prospect of the holidays alone in my trailer, though, I just wasn't really ready to settle down.

The first phase of my erotic journey around the U.S. was about to end as 2014 drew to a close. There are two chapters today. Even though the second one is very short, it's important. There will be a two week break before Wonders of the American Wilderness begins. I'll post a new story in the interlude, returning to the art world.

Art Something will post next week. There will be four installments comprising thirteen chapters. It will post Monday (January 23), Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Then Wonders of the American Wilderness will begin the following Wednesday (February 1).

Art Something is the story of a young artist named Arthur who is a little backwards in his other development. He didn't talk until he was four. At seventeen he's never dated. And words just make him tense and unable to talk at all. Instead of talking, he paints. He might even be unable to live on his own if it weren't for his sister Morgan and their soon-to-be girlfriend Annette. Art's wet dreams are about to become a wet reality.

Today, Dee and I wander into the murky waters of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. We've spent the past day learning to live together here in Vegas. She likes the room really warm at night (75). I could hardly breathe this morning. It's going to end up being a story in and of itself. Or maybe I'll start volume four of Wonders of My World. She is certainly one of them! We swapped threesome stories last night and I picked up a whole batch of new story ideas from her experiences.

I'll post again this week as the show and parties unfold. Take a look at my Imgur album ( for pictures of the event and of Dee. We went to our first industry party late last night and I woke up with a splitting headache. Guess I shouldn't follow red wine with bourbon with gin. I plan to nap a lot this morning so I'll be ready for the show at 2:00 and for the big party tonight at 11:00. To hell with circadian rhythms! Fortunately, with coffee in hand the headache is receding and I have to stop now to wake Danni up so she can get over to the SHOT Show (guns and ammo).

Seminars: Of course, we'll be doing more than looking at half-naked porn stars at the show. Really. The show includes the AVN Novelty Expo, so we'll be shopping the toys, as well. And there are seminars on things like how to make money in this business even if you don't have tits or a 12" cock. What follows, FYI, is a list and description of some of the seminars I hope to attend.


Money (That's What I Want)

Adult companies have come up with some creative approaches to combatting piracy, among them Free Porn Day, the #PayForYourPorn social media campaign, and even crowdfunding efforts. We'll look at how these initiatives played out, and talk about avenues that producers can explore in the future.



Does porn exploit women? Or is performing in porn the ultimate form of empowerment? It's a question that women in the adult industry tend to hear, whether asked by feminists, porn bashers or even fans. Whether they're performers or producers, women in adult find their own path to power in an industry where the end product traditionally has been geared toward men. We'll hear from some industry powerhouses about how they go about creating entertainment that is arousing to all and degrading to none.


Fine State of Things

Porn is known as a forward-looking industry-quick to adapt to new tech trends and often the driving force behind tech being adapted in the first place. But while porn is looking to the future, what does the future of porn itself look like? In a panel hosted by, porn's leading lights, from the sexy stars to the power players, will talk about what changes they see coming to porn in the coming years. What will porn in 2020 look like when it comes to tech, legislation, culture and more?

Well, it's time to get showered, shaved, take another nap, and get started with my camera. This week, I'm your on-the-scene reporter at AVN!

January 11, 2017
Posted at 1:42 pm

Wonders of the U.S. Highways: White Line Fever

Leaving Alice behind was difficult. I had to wonder if we really had something or if this had merely been an opportunity for her to satisfy her curiosity. I probably wouldn't know until I cycled back through Montana again next year.

But, I had a new story brewing in my mind. I was almost finished writing LNDtH1: The Rock and would dedicate my NaNoWriMo to writing the sequel to Redtail. As soon as I figured out a title for it. But I knew more about Wyoming now than I had when I wrote Redtail. I decided to return to Laramie and spend a couple of weeks researching before I started writing.

I had no idea to what depths my research would take me. Repeatedly.

What is it about me and crazy women? Do I have a sign on my back? As far as crazy goes, though, I'd rather the crazy psychic Aubrey Diaz than the crazy psychotic Belle. Or Georgia. Or Nicki. Or… I guess actually, my time in Laramie, Wyoming researching Blackfeather was pretty sane by comparison.

I wasn't finished here yet!

What a week! Trying to get projects for two different authors out the door at the same time while finishing up a story that surprised me and needed to be written has really taxed my time. Add to that the fact that I leave Sunday for Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo ( And that's where the excitement comes in. I might have a new project to work on that you'll all enjoy. On the other hand, there are so many contingencies that I might fail completely. I just want to get there and get 'er done.

Speaking of which, Wonders of the U.S. Highways comes to an end next week. Wonders of American Backroads is all edited and I'm working on formatting. But, to give your weary heads a rest from my memoirs, I got carried away and wrote a new story called Art Something. It's just fourteen chapters and as my trusty editor Pixel the Cat said when he finished the first pass, "…it just doesn't feel like enough. 'It tastes like more.'" He went on to give me about five more storylines to pursue, so I will probably be making it into a universe with several stories eventually. I've just added it to my 'to be written' list. I think you will enjoy this one the way it is, though.

Originally, I thought it was going to be part of Pygmalion Revisited. I was aching to get back to writing about the art world. But it took on a life of its own. So, by the time American Backroads finishes posting, I promise to have another Pygmalion story ready to go. You know what my promises are worth. I coulda been president!

I actually have a title for the new story, however. Many months ago, SOL author Teloz put Triptych on his favorites list with the words "'If a picture paints a thousand words…', a phrase from a 70s hit from Bread; aroslav turns that on its head, and uses thousands of words to paint a picture." And from that comes the title of the next Pygmalion piece: "A Thousand Words".

Well, I've just been asked by a beautiful young woman for more information about the AVN show. Given the choice between talking to you all and talking to a beautiful young woman…

Enjoy today's chapter of Wonders of the U.S. Highways: "White Line Fever"!

January 4, 2017
Posted at 10:17 am

Wonders of the U.S. Highways: Buffaloed

It was August 2, 2014 and I was headed west out of Indiana on U.S. Highway 20, the longest numbered highway in America. I'd finally seen what lay east of my hometown on that highway and now it was time to travel the longer half. Ahead of me was Yellowstone and my long-awaited rendezvous with Alice. To say I was a little nervous would be an understatement. Half of me didn't believe she'd actually show up. The other half couldn't sleep at night for fear she would. I just knew she'd be disappointed.

On the way to Yellowstone, however, was another place I'd never visited but had set a story in: Laramie, Wyoming. I'd chosen the setting for Redtail based on the fantasy of a girl I knew one summer in high school. Her name and a ten second introduction were what made me decide forty years later that I'd make her the leading character in my erotic paranormal romance western adventure. But I'd never been to Laramie, Wyoming!

Research, I'd told Mitch. It was time to see if anything I wrote about measured up to the reality. I left Laramie knowing I'd be back. Soon. I needed to write a sequel.

And then there was Alice. Talk about measuring up to reality. What do you talk about with a nineteen-year-old stripper on a weeklong campout? Talk? Well, yes. She wasn't there to be my personal stripper. We talked. Did you know that there is a relationship among spiritual enlightenment, mental masturbation, and lap dances? And morning coffee?

When I was a writing hotshot in high school, I went to New York City as a speech contest winner. Great trip. Long bus ride. Lots of plays. Zalmen. Porgy and Bess. Night of the Iguana. Oh! Calcutta! And Allison. Where did that crazy, talented, crystal-voiced actress that I eventually wove into the Model Student series come from?

And with Alice, I found myself asking the same question I'd asked of Allison forty years earlier. Why me?

Happy New Year. So, we crossed a figurative line in the imaginary sand this week and flipped the calendar from 2016 to 2017. I hope you all arrived healthy and sane on this side of the New Year. I'm not sure if we should be celebrating the conclusion of Jay Cantrell's great work, Runaway Train, or if we should be mourning the end. Whichever you're doing, get over to the Clitorides Awards and nominate this story. It's one of the best to appear on SOL since… Well, since the last story Jay posted.

Other nominees for the awards: I've got four stories nominated in six divisions, including Living Next Door to Heaven and two of my Damsels in Distress stories-Romancing the Clown and Going for the Juggler. And a surprisingly popular entry of my do-over, Not This Time. I certainly appreciate your support in voting for these stories. If you've got a favorite story from 2016, go to the Clitorides Awards website and nominate the story or the author. This is the only way most of us get rewarded for our work. Thank you.

Speaking of rewarding authors: After G.Younger posted his chapter of Stupid Boy-Junior Year, Fall on Saturday, I broke down and bought the rest of the book from him. I tell you this because that means I haven't done any writing since I got it. If I have to delay posting a story, I just want you to know whose fault it is this time. (I've already read all of Jay's stories, so I can't blame him any longer.)

Upcoming: I have a couple of client projects to deal with this week-editing and book design-and have had a number of nice looking women hit me up on an online dating site. Apparently, they are all looking forward to a Happy New Year! We'll see how that plays out! I am determined to finish at least one of the other three stories I currently have in progress this week. As soon as I figure out which one, I'll announce it!

Voting on Wonders of the U.S. Highways has now been enabled.

Hope you can extend your holiday season a little longer. I'm thinking I'll celebrate for the entire month of January and end my festivities on February 2, at Imbolc. It's getting light earlier here already and I can feel my spirits rising! Enjoy!

December 28, 2016
Posted at 9:37 am

Wonders of the U.S. Highways: Reunited Again

Class reunions. Aren't they just a blast? I'm not sure I'll go to one again, but this one was interesting, to say the least.

Meeting up with Cassie in Florida had given me hope for the coming reunion. I'd see old friends, the kids from the neighborhood I grew up in. Even though I hadn't graduated with my class at St. Joe Valley High, I'd gone to school from Kindergarten to ninth grade with them. Ten years! I'd gone to Tippecanoe Valley High for only three years, but I had at least kept up with them and a big group had gathered to celebrate my success when I did my book tour a couple of years earlier.

Ever walk into a group of friends you haven't seen for years and wonder, "Where did all these old people come from?"

Of course, there were exceptions, and Cassie was doggedly trying to find out who every single person in Living Next Door to Heaven had been in real life. The fact that she was almost the only other person I knew and remembered at the reunion left me a victim to her probing. And I found out that decades after the fact, there were still scabs that would bleed if you picked at them.

But having one of my best friends from freshman year look at me with doubt in his eyes and then shake his head was a wakeup call that couldn't be denied. "Sorry. I'm afraid I just don't remember you." Perhaps it would have been better if I'd left all those childhood memories locked in a vault where they couldn't touch me, rather than turn them all into fantasies of a perfect world.

Have to say I was heartbroken yesterday when Carrie Fisher passed away. We went to see Rogue One on Sunday. If you've been following G. Younger's Stupid Boy (and who isn't?) you know that David's movie opening has been delayed until after the first of the year so it won't compete with the blockbuster space opera, Rogue One. After watching the movie, I understand completely. Topping it is probably even beyond superhero David's ability. Carrie's last word as Princess Leia in the movie was "Hope." That's what I'm carrying into 2017 with me.

We went out for Chinese food afterward to cap off a perfect Christmas Day.

I hope your midwinter holidays have been safe and joyful. It started raining here in SoCal on Solstice and continued for three days! Wind was strong enough to rock the trailer and we elected to spend the entire time in bed. Writing, you know. On Christmas day, I made fried dough and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar.

Sadly, I'll be alone again for the New Year. It's just as well since I have a new client book to edit and lay out in a rush. Another frightening airline thriller! There is a New Year's Eve party here at the nudist park, though, so all is not lost.

I'm attempting to get the entire "Wonders of My World" trilogy edited and ready for release both on SOL and in print and eBook. I've ordered copies of the sample book (50 pages) to hand out at the Adult Entertainment Expo. As part of the prep cycle, I will be renaming and re-ordering the trilogy. It was silly of me to release Seven Wonders of the World first when it is the last volume in sequence, but Star Wars started with episode four back fifty years ago, and only went back to episode one in '99. After those three, they released episode seven just last year. And the new one isn't even part of the triple trilogy! It goes back to before episode four. Just call this the Star Wars of memoirs.

So, I posted cover art for all three books with three options for each one on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, you can only get to that page if you are logged into Facebook. So, I've created a new Survey Monkey where you can see all the titles and images, and vote for your favorites. There's even a place to suggest your own title for one of the books if you want to. I haven't created as many surveys as I intended to, but this one will really help me out. It doesn't have a lot of demographic stuff in it like the previous one did. It's just about my books.

I changed the structure of "Wonders of My World", so I've asked for input on the titles in the survey, too. I'm not totally convinced about the wording for each. Here's the way the list looks on the covers, but there are other possibilities:

Wonders of My World 1: U.S. Highways (was "Wonders of the U.S. Highways")
Wonders of My World 2: American Backroads (was intended to be "Wonders of the American Wilderness")
Wonders of My World 3: International Dateline (was "Seven Wonders of the World")

Unlike other books that I've released, the full revised version will be updated here on SOL as well as in Kindle and print. I don't really expect to sell many copies. It's a vanity thing to have them in my catalog.

And that brings us to today's exciting chapter of Wonders of the U.S. Highways: "Reunited Again". Enjoy!

December 21, 2016
Posted at 7:47 am

Wonders of the U.S. Highways: For Whom the Belles Troll

Before I get to today's chapter, let me just wish all of you a Joyous Yule. The winter solstice was at 2:44 a.m. Pacific time this morning and, sadly, I woke up in time to celebrate. That will teach me to fall asleep at 8:30 in the evening. I'm already looking forward to an earlier sunrise tomorrow! If you celebrate a different cultural midwinter holiday, I wish you the best of the season.

Back to the Highway: I wish this chapter was more season appropriate, but I was traveling through Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee in the months of April and May, 2014. I was relaxed and after Becky the Reckless, I figured I was sated for a while. It was going to take my cock and balls a while to recover from that little nympho.

The high-point of my Florida sojourn was Rock Reef Pass in the Everglades. Elevation three feet. I figure it takes about one more degree of global warming to stretch the Florida Keys up to Fort Lauderdale. Three degrees to Orlando.

I was getting some trailer repair dealt with and writing like a maniac. I was almost ready to start posting Living Next Door to Heaven: Guardian Angel, the first chapter of what I thought would be my epic coming of age story. My thank you to fans at SOL. I didn't need any interruptions.

Funny thing. Sometimes a woman walks right up and puts her boobs in your hands. There they are, just rubbing against you and you can feel the nipples getting hard against the backs of your fingers. What's a guy to do? It might be best if you just walk away. Some pussy isn't worth the price of admission.

I guess some lessons I'll never learn.

Speaking of women putting their boobs right in your hands, I guess I already gave you a report on Adultcon in Los Angeles. I'm still sorting through cards and websites and jotting down story ideas. I mentioned the number of porn stars who were there, but the only one I recognized was Ron Jeremy. Man, that dude must be older than me! I declined to shake hands with the legend. I used nearly a whole bottle of hand sanitizer at the show as it was.

I've also started editing and formatting Wonders of the U.S. Highways for release on Amazon. It will be available as an eBook, as will the other two volumes, but I'll probably update the stories here on SOL to match when I finish the editing. It will make for a smoother transition from one to the other in chronological order instead of having Seven Wonders of the World come before the two books that cover almost three years before it. It's like Star Wars releasing episode four first and twenty years later having episode one. Then going to episode seven before the old stars are all dead. And what's with the episode that isn't part of the series???? I guess that will be my Christmas Day movie this year. There aren't any new Die Hard movies out.

I'm putting together a 50-page paperback sampler of Wonders of the U.S. Highways to hand out at the Adult Entertainment Expo if I can figure out a cover for it. Alice hasn't agreed to pose for one, so I'm not sure what I'll do.

It's supposed to be 75 and sunny here in SoCal today. I've got a small prime rib that I'll slow cook on the grill with a baked potato. Nice bottle of wine. All my little rituals. Unfortunately, I'll have to put pants on this morning to go the mile outside camp to the grocery store. Can't believe I forgot to buy horseradish! After dinner, I'll start the fire, light my solstice cigar, and have a glass of Cardhu scotch! Life is good.