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Home Sweet Home

May 13, 2018
Posted at 11:04 pm

Before I say anything else, let me add my condolences to Michael Loucks over the loss of his son. There is no way we can know the depth of that pain without experiencing it. My own child is about the same age as Jeremiah and hearing of your loss froze my soul. While I can't know your pain, I share your grief.

I made it to my summer campground on Tuesday after crossing the Continental Divide six times on the way home. It was a beautiful day and I wasted no time getting skin to the wind and sitting in front of my fire with a bourbon and a cigar. Seeing all my friends arriving and getting reacquainted has been a real lift to the spirits after the ten weeks of cold and wind that it took me to get here.

The first batch of chapters of Drawing on the Dark Side of the Brain have gone to editor number one and I expect them back soon to forward to ed2. I'm pretty pleased, though I don't yet have an estimated length for the piece when finished. I'm 35,000 words into it and know that isn't very far for this story arc.

With luck, I might have something ready to start posting by the end of June. If the writing doesn't get bogged down and the editors don't throw it back in my face.

It seems that I've spent the better part of this year re-writing, editing, proofreading, and preparing to publish City Limits by Wayzgoose. But we are on target for a June 23 launch, so I guess it isn't for naught. Posting the pre-release version here on SOL has been helpful as people have written to point out errors that I can correct before release. Getting my Spanish corrected was a real help!

A lot of the process of getting ready for release has been getting Advance Review Copies out and preparing a website for my alter ego. I'll let him post about that whenever 'he' gets around to adding a new blog post. Wayzgoose is a nice guy, but he tends to get distracted. By me.

'We' are still looking for a venue in the Greater Seattle area for the release party. If you have a contact you can refer us to or would like to host the party on the 23rd of June, let me know. The week between June 23 and June 30, we'll be touring east through Washington and need dates and locations for a reading and signing in Ellensburg, Spokane, and Coeur d'Alene. Also accepting other suggestions like Yakima and Walla Walla, Moscow, Pullman, and Boise. I might be interested in doing a south trip in July or November. (Or about any other time.)

Well, I have my plate full of projects, so I won't belabor this one. Best to you!

A Hat Trick!

May 4, 2018
Posted at 7:55 pm

I crossed the continental divide three times today. The first two were gentle inclines between Idaho Falls and Butte, Montana on I-15. Didn't get lower than 4th gear and 50 mph. But heading up and down the pass on I-15 north of Butte, that was five miles in second gear at 35. I need to cross MacDonald Pass on Monday and then I will be west of the divide for the summer!

I don't think the three times crossing the divide compared to the seven times I crossed the Beaverhead River. What's that called?

Nonetheless, I'm sitting in my trailer looking out at the rushing Boulder River. Beautiful! Cigar. Glass of whiskey. Probably a nap before I get my pork ribs.

All that to get to the point. Yelloweye was voted the Best Erotic Western Story of 2017 in the Clitorides. Thank you all who read and voted for this story. I have to say that I think it is the best of the Erotic Paranormal Western Romance Adventures series and am so pleased that you recognized it as well.

That, of course, was not all. Art Something was voted third in the Medium Erotic Story of the Year and third in the Best Incest Story categories. Art Critic was voted second in the Long Erotic Story of the Year category.

I was pleased also to see many of the stories and authors that I voted for win high awards. Congrats to Paige Hawthorne as Best New Author of 2017. Looking for more by this fine author. Some of my other favorite authors, G Younger, oyster50, and Jay Cantrell were honored multiple times. Congratulations to all of you.

And am I ever going to get something new up? Yes! Happy to report that the first three chapters of Drawing on the Dark Side of the Brain have gone to editor #1 today and are in his queue. Now I have to finish the story!

It's another art story with quite a lot of interesting experiences by the new generation, Digital Natives. That's right. The X-ennial and Millennial's kids who are much different than the old farts who bore them. They have a completely different frame of reference than the rest of us. They have never known a time without a cell phone, Internet, the cloud, or Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. They don't understand why their parents buy CDs with twelve songs on them in order to get the one they want. Harry Potter was already near godhood when they were born. They don't understand why people are so freaking concerned about their online privacy. They can spot a 60-year-old trying to act like a teen online in two seconds flat. Most of them have at least one photo on their phone of a friend's genitals. And few of them date outside a group, have promiscuous sex, or any prospect of a future job or education.

Well, it should be interesting to see where these kids take us.

I started sending out Advance Review Copies of Wayzgoose's City Limits yesterday. I'm gearing up for a June 23 release of the book and possible book tour thereafter. We'll see what happens.

But until then, I'm just five days away from my summer campground at the nudist park in Idaho. It feels like I've been gone forever (six months) and it will be great to be back home with the folks I know and enjoy. Can't wait to sit out on my patio. In the buff.

I suppose I will not get that story written unless I stop writing blog posts and start writing sex scenes. Enjoy!

Last Chance???

April 30, 2018
Posted at 2:30 pm

I'm not certain, but I suspect that today is the last day to vote for the Clitorides Awards. Click in the little yellow bar at the top of the page or follow the link in the lower left corner of the home screen and be sure to vote for all your favorite 2017 stories. Remember that if you 'voted' before April 1, your vote was only counted as a nomination and you need to vote again for the top three in each category.


Frost on the Windshield

April 29, 2018
Posted at 10:19 am

I had no idea how beautiful this part of Utah was! Most of my time traveling in Utah over the years has been in the south with a one-time foray into Salt Lake City. But this trip, I chose to come across on I-80 and am currently camped in Park City for a few days. Very pretty but still cold. Daytime temp on arrival was in the 70s, but according to the weather forecast, we're expecting snow tomorrow! There was frost on the windshield this morning.

I've been supplementing the heat generated by my furnace in the trailer with my little ceramic space heater. Both thermostats are set at 65, which is quite toasty inside. But as a result of using both, my LP gas has lasted a phenomenally long time. Heating with just the furnace in the kind of freezing weather I've been in for the past month would normally drain a tank of LP in four or five days. This one has been powering my furnace for 18 days. I'm beginning to think this tank is related to Thor's cup.

Wonders of My World 2: American Backroads went live on Amazon this morning. $2.99 for those of you with cash to spare. I doubt that I'll release this one in paperback as that is a vanity thing and I don't have time for vanity. Today. The Nook version lags a few days, but should be out soon.

What do you get with this version that you don't get for free on SOL? Refined editing and cleanup of the copy and over 40 photos from my travels. That's all. And the joy of knowing you support a struggling artist.

Of course, to get the book up on Amazon, I actually had to read it again. And again. I guess I'm nostalgic enough at this age that reading about what I did way back when is still interesting to me. I plan to start working on the revision and publication of volume 3: Border Crossings in a couple weeks (after I get settled in Idaho and have Nathan Everett's City Limits out for reviewers in pre-release). Border Crossings is on SOL as Seven Wonders of the World. I'm looking forward to reading that one again as I contemplate going off around the world for one more big trip.

The more I contemplate (price) the journey, though, I'm guessing that I won't be able to make a trip like that this year. Dental and family care strapped my finances this year and I might even decide to stay in Idaho for the winter. Now there's a frightening prospect. The cold parts and the warm parts of the country are just too far apart!

Writing is progressing slowly on For Money or Mayhem and Drawing on the Dark Side of the Brain. My energy has been focused on getting City Limits ready for a smashing release in June. That means having Advance Review Copies out to reviewers by mid-May and organizing a release party-probably in the Seattle area-for June. I am now in what I think is the final read-through as I compare the eBook with the print copy to be sure everything is the same. Still finding the odd typo or awkward sentence. Then I have to make sure it is corrected in both versions. If you know a reviewer who might be interested in this mainstream fiction, please put us in contact with each other.

I will probably be creating a new website soon, as well. It really doesn't suit to have my mainstream and literary books promoted on the same site as my erotica. That's why I created the second persona in the first place. I've just been trying to avoid the work and expense. But the time has come.

Speaking of which, the time has also come for me to get my lazy ass in gear and do some work. I want to finish the chapters of FMOM and Dark Side that I'm currently working on and get out to explore Park City, Utah for a while before snow flies tomorrow!

Don't forget that if you are so inclined, I am still accepting patrons at There are four levels of patronage that each have their own benefits, including getting anything I publish a week before it appears anywhere else. I always appreciate your support!

Binge Reading

April 17, 2018
Posted at 7:16 pm

Every once in a while, I receive an email from a reader that goes something like, "I read all of Living Next Door to Heaven straight through in one sitting!"

My first thought is usually along the lines of, "Good grief, man! Get a life!"

At the same time, I remember when I first came across Jay Cantrell's Daze in the Valley and set about reading his entire body of work straight through. I didn't write for three weeks. I just read.

April is supposed to be a major writing month for me, being Camp NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month in November became so popular a few years ago that they began adding writing events at other times. There is now a Camp NaNoWriMo in April and in July. I currently have three stories I'm in the process of writing and I planned to finish one of them this month.

It's a sequel to Wayzgoose's For Money or Mayhem and I figured what better way to get into it than to reread that work. Wayzgoose plans to post that cyber mystery here on SOL when City Limits is finished. So I read it. But as I read it I got to thinking about what the difference was between my more mainstream writing and what I put on SOL. So, I thought I'd take a peek at Living Next Door to Heaven. I read it straight through. Sorry for all the typos!

I was so upset by the typos that I decided to check out Model Student. Yep. Right through all three books.

So far this month, I've written 22,000 words. I've read almost three million. I need a life.

After reading those two series, I am amazed that I have any emotions left. They drained me that thoroughly when I wrote them. And still, I read them (all three of these) with tears running down my cheeks half the time. Even through the mystery.

I've made it as far as Chappell, Nebraska as I'm trying to wend my way back to Idaho where they had snow last night again. I plan to stay here for a week while I wait for the winds to die down and temps to improve in Wyoming. But this afternoon, the wind has picked up again so much that I hooked the trailer back up to the truck for added stability. We got such a heavy and ominous cloud cover this afternoon as the wind picked up that it started getting dark at 4:30.

What I'm doing is sitting in my trailer rocking back and forth and trying to decide if I should read the Strange Art series or the Hero Lincoln Trilogy. Decisions, decisions.