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April 19, 2017
Posted at 2:05 pm

Incest is best?

What is it about incest stories that make them so damned appealing? I cannot think of one sister, parent, child, or aunt of mine that I ever lusted for in the slightest! Ew,yuck! Ick! Ick! Okay, a couple of cousins maybe. Otherwise? Talk about killing a boner.

Yet, I enjoy reading them, even when it is a late reveal. "Oh, by the way, this is really your long-lost sister whom your father abducted when he left me." For me, it is strictly sibling incest that does it. And the closer the siblings are in age-down to and including being twins-the better. Most recently, I'm reading Art Class Preempted by autofocus. Everyone's related!

I've dabbled in stories with incest. It surprised the heck out of me when Redtail got the second place Clitorides Award for Best Incest Story of 2014. I had to stop and think about what was incestual in the story. Oh, yeah. He sleeps with his cousin and falls in love with his great great grandmother when he time travels. I guess that's incest. The next year, Blackfeather won Best Erotic Western Story but wasn't even nominated in the incest category. And in it, the brother and sister were lovers. I don't get it.

That, by the way, is all to remind you to get over to and vote for your favorite stories in The Clitorides Awards. Voting is about to close down, so don't lose your opportunity.

And if you need a little incest entertainment while you are waiting for Art Project next month, try reading my classic incest story, "My Brother Reads Incest Porn. zOMG! He Writes It!"

I spent a delightful weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi Rabbit this week. You know Rabbi Rabbit as a prolific, opinionated, and often humorous reviewer of stories on SOL. I learned to know him as a phenomenally intelligent man with enough experiences to write a few books himself and a generous heart that draws other incredible people to him. Wonderful time and a huge thanks to the Rabbi for his hospitality and for introducing me to still more authors to add to my reading list. So, my writing delays this week are brought to you courtesy of Rabbi Rabbit!

In my typical fashion, I woke up camped near a lake (as in fifteen feet near) with ducks and geese circling the trailer to see if I'd left scraps or a partially smoked stogie for them. I thought, this is idyllic. So, I decided to stay another day. I have a big date this weekend in New Orleans, but I'm only 250 miles away, so I can well afford the extra time basking in the sun here near Vicksburg, MS.

There is quite a story involved with this date. Since I'm not ready to write the next volume of my memoirs yet, I might make the story my quarterly exclusive for my patrons at the $5 level. Patrons will also be receiving Art Project a week before it starts posting on SOL in May. Check it out. I'd like to make this a special place where I can meet with people who are active supporters, but not interested in buying from Amazon.

In spite of my joking about not making progress because I've found something new to read, I have just one chapter of Art Project to finish writing. I'm pretty pleased, but the editors have only seen the first four chapters so far and I'm not sure how they'll respond to the next batch. We'll find out soon! This is the sequel to Art Something. It covers Art's adjustment to college life with his girlfriends and his discovery of what friends are. Mid-May.

I'm eager to get Art Project finished because I'm ready to start the rewrite of Yelloweye. Next week, I'll start heading through some of the territory that influences the characters in Yelloweye and that always gets my creative juices flowing. That would mean I could possibly release Yelloweye in July or maybe the end of June. I'd like that because I have three other stories waiting to be written/rewritten and released. I hate it when I have a backlog of stories in my head and can't get them out immediately.

Wish me luck. Hope you are having weather as beautiful as I am having in the the Mississippi Delta.

April 12, 2017
Posted at 9:45 am

100 Days

This is not a shameless plug for my 2014 Valentines' Day prize-winning story, 100 Days. I don't shamelessly plug my old stories in my blog. How gauche! Even if I don't have anything new to post today.

No, rather this is a glance back at the first 100 days of 2017. Without politics figured into it because I simply don't want to get that depressed!

I'm happy to say that I've accomplished some things in the first 100 (102) days of this year, even though my quantity of writing is not at the level that I'd like it to be. There are always distractions. Like beautiful girls in little or no clothes. (see

That wasn't the main distraction, of course. The big thing has been getting books released to the public in both eBook and paperback. The last two volumes of the Model Student series, Odalisque and The Prodigal, were released in January. Art Something and U.S. Highways were both released on March 31 at Exxxotica Expo in Denver. Pygmalion Revisited is in pre-release as an eBook and you can still get a free copy at, code word SOL. The official release in both paperback and eBook will be May 1 at which time the giveaway stops.

Four books released in three months. And another in pre-release. Not too bad.

Writing is going at a slower pace as I shifted focus to the publishing end. I'm running an average of only 808 words per day, which is about half of my normal target. But the number is picking up now as I progress with Art Project. I have more chapters to enter the editing cycle today and hope to start posting it in May.

Usually, when my writing productivity plummets, I blame Jay Cantrell. Whenever I start one of his stories, I can't put it down. You should all rush over to The Clitorides Awards ( and vote for anything with his name on it! Or any of my ten nominations. Unfortunately, I'm all caught up on Jay's writing at the moment and thoroughly enjoying Learning Curves. But I got started on SmokinDriver's Hindsight 20/20 Book 4 - Johnny's Story. As I read, kept having to remind myself of what happened in books 1-3, so in the past two weeks I've reread the whole series. That put a real hole in my writing time! But I've enjoyed it a lot and now that I'm rereading the first twelve chapters of Book 4, everything is flowing together in context with Britt's story. Way to cut my productivity, Smoke!

Art Project will be the first of my books that will be delivered to my $5 Patreon subscribers complete one week before it starts posting on SOL. I invite you to consider becoming a patron at I need to pay for gas. I also still have five full signed sets of the Model Student series (six volumes) that I will give away for just $70 each, tax and shipping included. If you are interested in owning or giving a set of these beautiful books, contact me directly.

I'm moving into the Ozarks today to meet a long-time online friend. We've been flirting for three and a half years and tonight we'll have dinner face to face. I can see this becoming a full chapter in the next volume of my memoirs. I can dream, can't I?

Then it's on into Arkansas to spend the weekend with ace reviewer Rabbi Rabbit. We've had a lot of chats with each other over the past few years and will finally get our face-to-face. He'll probably end up in a story somewhere along the line as well. Only, as usual, we'll be younger, more beautiful, smarter, richer, and far more interesting!

Well, I need to change the sheets on the bed and get ready to travel. And if you are just dying to have a weekly story from me to read, try 100 Days!

April 5, 2017
Posted at 10:54 am

End of Pygmalion Revisited: A Thousand Words

It started with a review of Triptych by Teloz back in 2014.

'If a picture paints a thousand words…', a phrase from a 70s hit from Bread; aroslav turns that on its head, and uses thousands of words to paint a picture. Almost lyrical at times, this long story grips the reader, and holds him/her until the end. The sex, and there's quite a lot of it, is erotic rather than pornographic. This is a long story, but worth every second it takes to read. It's best if you read Model Student first, but whatever you do, read Triptych!

And I got to thinking that if this was true, then I should be able to paint a picture with a thousand words. The story of an advertising copywriter was born. He wanted to be an artist, but his art was words. When he wrote about his ideal woman, he fell in love with her. Just words on a sheet of paper, but could she be real?

Wistful thinking. I started writing the Pygmalion Revisited stories over three years ago and today it comes to a conclusion with "A Thousand Words". That means that all my 26 stories at Stories Online will be complete and I'm taking a couple weeks off to work on new material. The first task will be to finish Art Project and get it up. This is the sequel to Art Something and I hope to have it finished and through the editing process shortly. I've written six of the ten chapters, but the whole Exxxotica Expo thing ate my head for the past two weeks and I've written nothing. Time to get back in the groove.

Exxxotica. I got my fill of kinks this weekend. My little booth was located right next to Miss Lady's Dungeon and six dominant mistresses spent the entire show flogging and spanking subs who wanted to feel the lash. I admit that I was impressed with the care these women took of their clients. I know that I saw more than one person come out of the cuffs weak in the knees and flushed with sexual excitement.

And I got a number of cuddles from very cute girls--models, porn stars, camgirls, and customers. One of them, I want to go back and tie up again so I can take her with me. Um… That's a slightly different story, but you'll see what I mean when you take a look at my photos on Imgur. Sky is the limit.

All told, I gave away 200 coupons for the free pre-release eBook of Pygmalion Revisited, which you can also download for free at When asked for a code, enter "SOL". You can download either the Kindle (.mobi) book or the Adobe (.ePUB) book. Enjoy! I also sold a few books, though not as many as I hoped. I did collect an additional 200 email addresses to help build my list.

I still have five complete sets of the Model Student series available. I will sign and ship these beautiful books to you for just $75, tax and shipping included. Model Student continues to be one of my most popular series and the six books were released in paperback over the past six months. If you'd like a copy, contact me and I'll fulfill your wish!

What's next? I was exhausted Monday night when I got back to my trailer and just collapsed, but I was really looking forward to hitting the road again on Tuesday. Instead, I woke to six inches of fresh heavy wet snow with it continuing to come down and a storm warning in effect until midnight. I went to the office and paid for two more nights at the park, then fixed another pot of coffee and stayed in my recliner reading all day. Around two o'clock, the sun came out and most of the snow melted off, but staying another day will let me make sure the storms have passed before I head into Kansas.

Tomorrow, I'll head east, following backroads and looking for barbecue. There happens to be a steakhouse south of Kansas City that I like and I'm willing to drive all the way across Kansas to get to it. I might keep going east a bit. A friend in Missouri has suggested that we get together. Then I'll head south into Arkansas for a couple days in the company of the erudite Rabbi Rabbit, who has been trying to get me to stop for two years. There is a vague chance that I'll continue south to New Orleans to visit Ashley, but I think she has a new boyfriend and might not be available. Ashley is a story for the next volume of "Wonders of My World" whenever I get around to writing it.

Please don't forget to vote in the Clitorides Awards. I thank you all for the ten nominations I have this year, but if you haven't visited the site since March 1, you haven't voted, even if you visited earlier in the year to nominate stories. This was a great year for good stories on SOL. Vote for your favorites!

Time to get myself organized so I can head eastward tomorrow!

March 29, 2017
Posted at 10:19 am

At last! A Pygmalion update.

Yes, with tonight's post, the dreaded yellow bar on Pygmalion Revisited will disappear as "Mixed Media" joins the collection. That's not all, but first, I have to deal with "important things".

This past weekend I was the guest of one of my reader fans, Juggie, down south of Tucson. I am thrilled! First, I was treated like visiting royalty instead of a hack porn writer. Juggie and I talked for hours, entertaining each other with stories from our past and just enjoying the heck out of each other. He fed me! And he did it well. Every dish was a taste sensation. He might be the only person I've ever met who was more obsessive about his coffee than I am. He plied me with pots of essential brew every morning. My biggest regret is that I left the insulated cup he gave me on the kitchen counter when I took off Sunday. And it was full!

Juggie also let me use his address for getting shipments that will go into my booth this weekend at Exxxotica Expo Denver. I got banners, books, postcards, and even a shipment of forwarded mail from Seattle. If not for that, I'd be going to this show empty-handed.

Probably the best thing, though, was that at the end of the weekend, I left a new friend, completely refreshed, energized, and ready to meet the big show this weekend. I gutted my way through two 400-mile days and am peacefully camped in Colorado Springs while I finish getting the business procedures settled for the show. I'll move to a hotel in Denver for Thursday through Sunday nights and move out of CS on Tuesday next week, headed east toward Kansas City.

Thanks for a great weekend, Juggie.

Now, back to Pygmalion Revisited. I wrote "Mixed Media" while I was in Thailand last year. Then, on a whim, I submitted it to a contest of retold fairy tales, myths, and legends. Much to my surprise (it's a women's anthology) I was accepted for publication. Unfortunately, that meant that I couldn't release the story anywhere else for a year. A Two Dame Production, publishers of the anthology Lustily Ever After ( has granted me the republishing rights early so I can complete the serial here on SOL and in eBook.
Next week, the final tale, "A Thousand Words", will post, bringing the serial to a conclusion.

But you don't have to wait! As part of my promotional efforts at Exxxotica, I'm giving away the pre-released eBook of Pygmalion Revisited through my website. I could never offer something to strangers that I didn't offer my friends, so if you'd like to quit waiting right damn now, just go to and follow the instructions to download your .mobi or .epub version now. Your secret code is SOL. Don't forget to score and review the story here on SOL!

Just a note: Even though I release my stories as eBooks and paperbacks for sale to the public, I do not remove the versions that have been posted on SOL. I received many hours (dare I say weeks) of reading enjoyment here on SOL from authors who got nothing for it but a score and possible Clitorides nomination. I couldn't afford to go out and buy books. I have removed only one story from SOL, and that wasn't because I was selling it. It was because I felt it was substandard and not what I wanted to offer people at any price. So when I talk about releasing U.S. Highways, Art Something, and Pygmalion Revisited for sale, it doesn't mean they will be removed from this site. I am committed to continuing to provide fun reading material here for no charge. Enjoy it!

More special offers. I'm treating Exxxotica Expo as my release party for the first "Wonders of My World" book, U.S. Highways, and for the first "Art Étrange" story, Art Something. (The next in that series, Art Project, has begun the editing cycle and should be posted here in May.) I'll be signing copies at the Expo, but you can get yours in either eBook or paperback by following the links at If you want an autographed hard copy, I have to handle that through Paypal and it has extra shipping costs. Just let me know and I'll send you the details.

Finally, I'm doing my taxes and want to thank the many people who donated to me last year to "buy the author a cup of coffee". I was surprised when I added it up and thank you from the bottom of my caffeinated heart. In launching this as a full-time business, I've decided to make donations easier with a Patreon page. You can get all the details at It is very awkward for me to make any kind of requests for money, so I'm trying to give back value for subscriptions to my content. Read about it, and if you are so moved, become a subscriber. I have to warn you off the $10 a month subscription. It takes a lot of guts to watch the sausage of my stories get butchered, ground up, and packed in pig intestines. Besides which, there is sure to be a storyline I start that you fall in love with and I decide not to pursue. Almost guaranteed!

Today I'm headed into town (Colorado Springs) to get my tax permit for selling books at Exxxotica, going to Costco to get chocolate for my booth visitors, printing custom labels, cleaning the truck, and packing for the show. And paying royalties to the four or five authors I still published in 2016.

Then, Thursday, I head into Denver to pick up Devinne, my co-host in my booth, and go over to the Crowne Plaza Convention Center to set up and get ready for the show opening on Friday. Yes, I've already RSVP'd for the vendor, star, and VIP party Thursday night. With Devinne on my arm, I'm sure to draw a crowd.

I'll post Saturday to let you know how the first night went and give you the link to all my show photos! Half a dozen extremely sexy cam girls have already told me they will come to my booth for pictures!

Enjoy the stories! And don't forget to vote for your favorites in the Clitorides Awards:

March 22, 2017
Posted at 11:02 am

American Backroads: Launching Pad

And so, we reach the exciting conclusion of my trip around the American Backroads with the story of my last two months in Hawaii and the solstice visit of my ku`uipo, Alice. It was a time for both of us to come to grips with who we were and who we wanted to be-together and apart. Or with Lehani sandwiched between us.

With rain a daily occurrence on the east side of the Big Island in December, I was reminded of another storm up in the Allegheny Mountains many years ago. It threw two unexpectedly naked strangers together in the one dry sleeping bag they had between them. I don't know what happened to Joanna after that night spent in a park on the Continental Divide, but I hope she made it to Oregon and found the fulfillment of all her dreams.

And, of course, making a Lehani sandwich reminded me of another threesome long ago. Maybe I've slighted my ex-wives at times by telling about the hard parts of being married. But I was very committed to each of them and loved them almost to the point of addiction. And Paula, ex-wife number one, was no exception. I loved her intensely and even though we argued, she was a passionate and inventive lover. Right up till the night of our threesome with Lee.

As it got closer and closer to the time that I would depart on my trip around the world, it seemed that there was more and more to do. I finished the writing of LNDtH2, Going for the Juggler, and other miscellaneous projects. I was with Lehani, who basically moved in after Alice returned to school. And that meant complications as expectations changed.

One thing was increasingly clear. I needed a chocolate malt.

I added a postscript conclusion-an afterword from Alice. I hope you've enjoyed this part of my memoir. I have already begun collecting some pretty incredible experiences for the next volume!

Exxxotica Expo: Among the experiences, of course, is the upcoming Exxxotica Expo in Denver. I can't believe how much prep work is involved. Devinne and I are going over our plans for the booth this weekend. Should I give out Dove Promises to the ladies who visit the booth? How do we handle the logistics of holding a drawing? What are the goals and objectives for the show? (Sell 75 books and collect 300 email addresses.) What is our working schedule?

It turns out that my seminar, "Do It With Words", is the first one of the show. Sadly, what that really means is that no one will have time to register and get to the seminar before it's over. And also means that Devinne will have to be at the booth by herself at the start of the show. Ah well. We ain't done yet.

Devinne is a doll and we've been joking about how we have the same name but spell it differently. She's got a naturally bubbly personality and even when we were having difficulty making her travel arrangements, we ended up laughing in order to get through it. I put her picture up on my Imgur page along with some other images of what to expect coming from Exxxotica. In addition to being a beautiful and sunny person, Devinne has experience selling in a sexually charged atmosphere and is just who I needed to round out the experience.

Pygmalion Revisited: I'm also working on my website to handle traffic and seamlessly download the FREE pre-release version of Pygmalion Revisited that I'm giving away at the show. Of course, I couldn't possibly give it away at the show without giving it away to fans here on SOL, so watch for details on Friday, March 31, as to how you can download your free eBook. And hope nothing breaks, because I won't be able to fix it until Tuesday!

Next Wednesday, the cursed yellow bar will be removed from Pygmalion Revisited as the delayed story "Mixed Media" is posted. That's the story that was originally published in an anthology and I had to agree to delaying posting it elsewhere for a year. The publishers have kindly given me back the rights early and now you get it. The following week (April 5), the last story in this series will post. "A Thousand Words" will close out this series of stories based on the Pygmalion myth. Not saying there will never be more, but that's all for this one. I might pick a different myth that I can play with. I'll have to reread Ovid's Metamorphosis to see if something jumps out at me!

I'm on the move again. I left Quartzsite last week and spent a few days in Apache Junction. Left there on Saturday for a remote campground not far from Tucson. Plan to get necessary supplies for the show at Office Max and Target. Today, I'm headed out to visit a fan for the weekend. J has kindly let me use his address for shipping books, banners, and promo cards. I'll be inventorying and getting ready to head for Denver on Sunday. It's a very exciting-and in its way, very scary-time for me.

AND HERE'S THE PITCH: Did you know that voting is now open for The Clitorides Awards? Did you think you already voted? Is your favorite story in the running? You might not have the answers to these questions that you thought you had.

All of the "votes" that were registered before February 28, 2017 were nominations. They counted toward whether a story would be in the running for a Clitorides award. They were not votes! If you haven't voted during the month of March, you haven't voted. Hustle over to the site and cast your ballot for the top three in each category.

I'm thrilled to have ten nominations this year with four stories in seven categories and an author nomination. And I'm awed by this year's competition. Some of the best writers on SOL have been nominated. Jay Cantrell, rlfj, Argon, bluedragon, DualWriter, G Younger, Harddaysknight, Lazlo Zalezac, Penguintopia, oyster50, Lubrican, just to name a few.

Two of my "Damsels in Distress" stories, Romancing the Clown and Going for the Juggler, are competing against each other in three categories. Living Next Door to Heaven 2 (my highest scoring story ever) has been nominated for both Epic Erotic Story of the Year and for Best Romantic Story. And, of course, the story so many people loved to hate, Not This Time, has been nominated for Best Do-Over Sex Story.

Whoever your favorite author, whatever your favorite story, this is your opportunity to show the love. For many of us, it is the only compensation we get. Go to and vote!