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March 22, 2017
Posted at 11:02 am

American Backroads: Launching Pad

And so, we reach the exciting conclusion of my trip around the American Backroads with the story of my last two months in Hawaii and the solstice visit of my ku`uipo, Alice. It was a time for both of us to come to grips with who we were and who we wanted to be-together and apart. Or with Lehani sandwiched between us.

With rain a daily occurrence on the east side of the Big Island in December, I was reminded of another storm up in the Allegheny Mountains many years ago. It threw two unexpectedly naked strangers together in the one dry sleeping bag they had between them. I don't know what happened to Joanna after that night spent in a park on the Continental Divide, but I hope she made it to Oregon and found the fulfillment of all her dreams.

And, of course, making a Lehani sandwich reminded me of another threesome long ago. Maybe I've slighted my ex-wives at times by telling about the hard parts of being married. But I was very committed to each of them and loved them almost to the point of addiction. And Paula, ex-wife number one, was no exception. I loved her intensely and even though we argued, she was a passionate and inventive lover. Right up till the night of our threesome with Lee.

As it got closer and closer to the time that I would depart on my trip around the world, it seemed that there was more and more to do. I finished the writing of LNDtH2, Going for the Juggler, and other miscellaneous projects. I was with Lehani, who basically moved in after Alice returned to school. And that meant complications as expectations changed.

One thing was increasingly clear. I needed a chocolate malt.

I added a postscript conclusion-an afterword from Alice. I hope you've enjoyed this part of my memoir. I have already begun collecting some pretty incredible experiences for the next volume!

Exxxotica Expo: Among the experiences, of course, is the upcoming Exxxotica Expo in Denver. I can't believe how much prep work is involved. Devinne and I are going over our plans for the booth this weekend. Should I give out Dove Promises to the ladies who visit the booth? How do we handle the logistics of holding a drawing? What are the goals and objectives for the show? (Sell 75 books and collect 300 email addresses.) What is our working schedule?

It turns out that my seminar, "Do It With Words", is the first one of the show. Sadly, what that really means is that no one will have time to register and get to the seminar before it's over. And also means that Devinne will have to be at the booth by herself at the start of the show. Ah well. We ain't done yet.

Devinne is a doll and we've been joking about how we have the same name but spell it differently. She's got a naturally bubbly personality and even when we were having difficulty making her travel arrangements, we ended up laughing in order to get through it. I put her picture up on my Imgur page along with some other images of what to expect coming from Exxxotica. In addition to being a beautiful and sunny person, Devinne has experience selling in a sexually charged atmosphere and is just who I needed to round out the experience.

Pygmalion Revisited: I'm also working on my website to handle traffic and seamlessly download the FREE pre-release version of Pygmalion Revisited that I'm giving away at the show. Of course, I couldn't possibly give it away at the show without giving it away to fans here on SOL, so watch for details on Friday, March 31, as to how you can download your free eBook. And hope nothing breaks, because I won't be able to fix it until Tuesday!

Next Wednesday, the cursed yellow bar will be removed from Pygmalion Revisited as the delayed story "Mixed Media" is posted. That's the story that was originally published in an anthology and I had to agree to delaying posting it elsewhere for a year. The publishers have kindly given me back the rights early and now you get it. The following week (April 5), the last story in this series will post. "A Thousand Words" will close out this series of stories based on the Pygmalion myth. Not saying there will never be more, but that's all for this one. I might pick a different myth that I can play with. I'll have to reread Ovid's Metamorphosis to see if something jumps out at me!

I'm on the move again. I left Quartzsite last week and spent a few days in Apache Junction. Left there on Saturday for a remote campground not far from Tucson. Plan to get necessary supplies for the show at Office Max and Target. Today, I'm headed out to visit a fan for the weekend. J has kindly let me use his address for shipping books, banners, and promo cards. I'll be inventorying and getting ready to head for Denver on Sunday. It's a very exciting-and in its way, very scary-time for me.

AND HERE'S THE PITCH: Did you know that voting is now open for The Clitorides Awards? Did you think you already voted? Is your favorite story in the running? You might not have the answers to these questions that you thought you had.

All of the "votes" that were registered before February 28, 2017 were nominations. They counted toward whether a story would be in the running for a Clitorides award. They were not votes! If you haven't voted during the month of March, you haven't voted. Hustle over to the site and cast your ballot for the top three in each category.

I'm thrilled to have ten nominations this year with four stories in seven categories and an author nomination. And I'm awed by this year's competition. Some of the best writers on SOL have been nominated. Jay Cantrell, rlfj, Argon, bluedragon, DualWriter, G Younger, Harddaysknight, Lazlo Zalezac, Penguintopia, oyster50, Lubrican, just to name a few.

Two of my "Damsels in Distress" stories, Romancing the Clown and Going for the Juggler, are competing against each other in three categories. Living Next Door to Heaven 2 (my highest scoring story ever) has been nominated for both Epic Erotic Story of the Year and for Best Romantic Story. And, of course, the story so many people loved to hate, Not This Time, has been nominated for Best Do-Over Sex Story.

Whoever your favorite author, whatever your favorite story, this is your opportunity to show the love. For many of us, it is the only compensation we get. Go to and vote!

March 16, 2017
Posted at 5:52 pm
Updated: March 16, 2017 - 8:28 pm

Another pirate identified. Check to see if your books are here.

Following both G. Younger and Harddaysknight posts, I have begun doing searches for my books and stories as well. On Amazon, "author" Martin Ycaza published fifty-five books on November 7 and 8, 2016, all of which appear to have been stolen directly from Stories Online. The first three of my stories, Art & Science of Love, Art School, and Model Student, were all lifted, given new covers, and published.

I have sent a letter (thanks, G. Younger for the proforma) to and hope to hear this bastard has been eliminated soon. However, I suggest that you check his page and file your complaint as well.

Good luck1

March 15, 2017
Posted at 10:39 am

American Backroads: Hot Lava

The first couple pages of this chapter still cause me to choke up. October, 2015. I'd come to the time when I had to write the deadly, worst chapter I'd ever written, in LNDtH Becoming the Storm. I'd known it was coming since I started the story almost two years earlier. You'd think I'd have been better prepared and not screaming my lungs out at the deaf ocean for two weeks.

But, then I moved to Hawaii. There was no more time to be remorseful and sad. I was living in Paradise. And the little hula girl Alice predicted I'd meet turned out to be my landlady. Not that we got around to the horizontal version, but even my daughter recognized the spark between us when she visited. Lehani, though, insisted that before we launched anything more than an occasional kiss and cuddle, she wanted to meet my ku`uipo, Alice. And that day was rapidly approaching.

I guess I wanted to do a lot of escaping into adventures of the past while I was writing this chapter. That was part of going to Hawaii and living in an isolated cabin for four months. It didn't surprise me that I remembered my time in Hawaii in '89 with Allison. Smoking pakalolo with Lehani, of course, reminded me of Reese. The surf and the little cabin reminded me of Rose. And dipping in the hot ponds reminded me of skinny dipping with Sue.

It's a good thing I could remember having sex. I certainly wasn't getting any in my present.

Traveling across southwest Arizona has confirmed my long-held belief. What we have here is miles and miles of hot kitty litter. The temperature started rising over the weekend and I finally broke camp out in the desert of Quartzsite and headed for Phoenix on Monday. My trailer and I had survived twelve days boondocking. My fresh water supply was nearly gone and my waste tanks needed to be emptied.

And I needed a shower.

Of course, the nearest RV spot I could get to Phoenix that I could afford for a few days is all the way out east in Apache Junction. Nice place. Friendly people who came to visit the first night. Power and water, so I could turn on the air conditioner. I even managed to back my rig into the tight little space here on first try. The neighbors who came to visit had watched me park and said I must have done this a million times to put it into the spot so quickly and perfectly. They couldn't believe it was my first time backing up the fifth wheel.

There's an LA Fitness a couple miles from here and after spending a few hours under the hot water in the shower and another couple in the spa, I feel fairly human again. I'll be back there today!

Of course, most of my attention has been on getting things ready for Exxxotica Expo Denver, including interviewing several beautiful women as my booth assistant. Jury's still out, but I'll post her picture when I arrive at a decision.

In the meantime, I've had to order books, banners, giveaway postcards, and a credit card reader. I still have to file for a Colorado sales tax permit and pull together my displays. It's too late to order more books, so I hope I estimated enough. If I sell them all, I won't break even. So freakin' much to do.

As I work on that, I'm writing Art Project and editing the book version of Pygmalion Revisited. You will get a pre-release announcement so you can get the eBook for free before it's available to the public.

Free. What a great word. I truly love giving my shit away. Like most people struggling on a fixed income in this economy, though, I've got to forget this whole retirement dream and find a way to expand my income. Book sales is the obvious route, though I'll accept donations. To get book sales, I need to put more books in the market. I hope that's good news to you who read them. I'm contemplating setting up a Patreon page where fans can subscribe to advance content for a modest amount each month. Perhaps a GoFundMe page to pay for special events like Exxxotica. I have the typical problems. I'm a product developer. I'm lousy at sales. All the time I put into developing my website and display and book designs takes away from my time writing new stories. Still, it has to be done or I'll find myself permanently boondocked out in that desert.

If you've got any good ideas on how I can earn a living, please let me know!

Last week, American Backroads didn't post until Thursday morning instead of the usual Wednesday night. Don't know why. Might have been a glitch and might have been a new procedure. Just know that "Hot Lava" is in the queue and will post.

March 8, 2017
Posted at 10:47 am

American Backroads: Strange Bedfellows

If you are lucky, there are a few special people who remain in your life forever. Was it fortune or misfortune that the one in my life was the craziest person I'd ever met? Nicki was always on the edge of sanity, it seemed. Manic depressive, OCD, psychotic, and on heavy duty drugs most of her life to keep things in balance.

But she was my friend. Still is.

She tolerated my first two wives and loved Treasure. For her part, Treasure recognized our friendship and actually paid to have Nicki fly in and surprise me for my 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays. And they did surprise me each time.

But Nicki and I were friends-not lovers. We'd been close to it a couple times, but frankly, I was a little afraid that I'd wake up dead the morning after, consumed like a male praying mantis after coitus. But after more than two years on the road, my journey was finally taking me through Minneapolis and I planned to have a drink and a smoke with my oldest friend, Nicolette Duval.

Of course, the way my life works, Nicki wasn't my only encounter, though perhaps the most dramatic. After a peaceful post-Nicki interlude, I got back to my muse. Alice was as excited to see me as I was to see her and we spent the rest of the summer traveling and skinny dipping and making love.

I was working on LNDtH2: Becoming the Storm and a pall was hanging over me. Each time I sat down to write, I knew the time was coming. The defining moment when Brian's world would turn inside out. I kept putting it off. I'd created the character knowing that I was going to kill her. But I'd fallen in love. Without her, I'd be nothing.

Still the time was coming.

And in other news: I hit the road again just when the previous chapter posted on the first. I was amazed at how easy it was to hitch the fifth wheel compared to hitching the travel trailer. I kept walking around it trying to figure out what, if anything, I'd missed. Landing gear was up, lights connected, stowage bins all locked and secured, emergency brakes connected. I even drove to the dealer where I bought it and had them do a walk-around to make sure I had everything set up correctly. Then I left for Palm Springs.

I never noticed the trailer behind me when I was pulling the Lance. It was rock solid, didn't sway, didn't put a strain on the engine. Not so with the fifth wheel. I could feel it back there the entire time. It wasn't radical, but it made its presence known. I expected that my gas mileage was going to drop to about six mpg, but when I got to Indio, I was pleasantly surprised that it was hovering around eleven, only one mile per gallon off pulling the Lance. I'm pleased.

I ran an overnight test in the parking lot of the Spotlight 29 Casino where a couple dozen other RVers also set up camp. I wanted to test out my boondocking skills. Aside from not having enough power to run the furnace overnight, it went pretty well. I even won enough in the casino to pay for the buffet. So, Thursday I headed for Quartzsite, Arizona. I met a friend at the campground who gave me a quick tour of what was available and I selected a nice site to set up camp. There was a big exodus at the end of February as snowbirds headed north, but there are still a lot of people camped out here. I'm in the Magic Circle again, so clothing is optional. Unfortunately, the wind has been so strong that it keeps blowing out the grill when I try to cook. I end up running the generator on this rig at least twice a day just to keep my computer charged and, of course, can't run the furnace at night on just battery power for the blowers. I did have to run into town on Saturday to get one of my LP tanks refilled and found that the dealer hadn't actually filled the reserve tank so I went back on Monday to get that one filled.

The computer is an important part of my adventure and keeping it charged is critical. Here's what I've accomplished since I got here:

Yelloweye, part three of my erotic paranormal romance western adventures, is completed in the first draft. This is the first story that my newest editor Mr. Spock has taken from beginning to end and I know from his notes on the first half that I have some work to do on the story before it sees the light of SOL. But at long last, the draft is finished.

Not just one, but two installments of Pygmalion Revisited are in the queue! American Backroads will conclude on March 22. On March 29, I'll post "Mixed Media" and on April 5, I'll finally conclude Pygmalion Revisited with "A Thousand Words". The pre-release version of the eBook will be available FREE for SOL fans during the month of April. May 1, the paperback and eBook versions will be officially released for sale to the public.

With luck, the next Art Étrange story, Art Project will be ready to post by mid-April. I'm about half way through the story at the moment and the first half has already started through the editing process.

In the midst of this, I'm preparing for Exxxotica Expo Denver, March 31-April 2. I'll be officially releasing the paperback editions of Art Project and U.S. Highways, signing books, delivering a seminar, and fending off scantily clad females whose pictures I'll post on my Imgur album (

I'm having a lot of fun preparing the seminar, which is titled "Do It With Words: An Erotic Author's Guide to Talking Dirty". I'm using a number of passages from my books as illustrations.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know what you think is the sexiest passage from my books. I've shortlisted three passages for use as illustrations: Elaine's "The Look" monologue from LNDtH2: Hearthstone Entertainment; Lissa giving Tony a guided tour of Melody's pussy in Model Student; My description of Kim's pussy in the second chapter of American Backroads. If you send me a better suggestion that I use in the seminar, I'll send you an autographed copy of Art Something!

I'll probably leave here (The Magic Circle) in a couple days and head southeast. A fan has offered me hospitality for a few days which will give me a staging point for receiving book stock, banners, and promo materials for the show before I head for Denver.

Wish me luck!

March 1, 2017
Posted at 10:13 am

American Backroads: A Rogue and Peasant Slave

If you've read many of my stories, especially Living Next Door to Heaven and The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality, you've probably figured out that there was some event in my life that Shakespeare's Hamlet profoundly influenced. Going to see the play with Ella at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario brought that memory back in a flood. Performing as the Player King, Hamlet's understudy, working on the sets, and, indeed, touring Northern England with the production.

And losing my virginity.

That scene with Tony and Melody in Model Student wasn't completely imaginary. Melody wanted me to model for her. In London. In a hotel room. Nude. With her. Nude. Our own little slice of heaven.

Of course, Ella was going to remind me of lots of things-and then eclipse them all. Like my fascination with running shorts and basketball jerseys on women. Especially Sara Rich, whose standard basketball outfit became Whitney's mode of dress in LNDtH. In Indiana, we grew up playing basketball-even if we weren't any good at it. It carried into college and I ended up on a mixed intramural team with Sara taking the shots. Then one weekend she gave me a shot.

Meeting a high school classmate in Kentucky opened another memory while the two of us worked on a bottle of bourbon, a couple cigars, and some music in front of the fire. Nat reminded me of playing pinochle in school. And playing pinochle reminded me of Anne, another talented artist who had declared me to be the Jack of Diamonds to her Queen of Spades. Oh, yes. I guess cards figure into this story as well.

"Is this what being married is like?" Ella asked me when we left Stratford, Ontario and headed back to Detroit. I thought at first that she meant having a fight and making up. But sadly, much of what Ella described about our relationship was exactly what my marriage(s) had been like.

So, it's the first day of March. And I'm off. As soon as I get this posted and it's light enough to see out, I'm going to back the truck up under the fifth wheel hitch and see what it's like to tow this new mobile mansion of mine. I have everything packed and stowed. Managed to fit it all, but I still don't remember where I put a bunch of things. No better way to find them than to go hunting, I guess. Just can't figure out where my pen is! How am I supposed to sign books?

I don't plan to travel far today. I'll stop by the dealership to have them inspect whether I have everything properly connected then head over to Indio. I plan to spend the night in a casino parking lot and hope my mouth feels like eating at a big buffet tonight.

Yes, just 36 hours before I was slated to leave town, I had another round of oral surgery to install an implant. The whole thing was relatively painless and the discomfort I'm feeling at the moment is simply soreness from having my jaw propped open. I've just been warned against chewing on that side and smoking for the next two weeks. Two weeks that I expect to be dry camped in Arizona for the most part. If I survive the first 24 hours of it.

I'm getting ready for Exxxotica Expo in Denver, March 31-April 2. I'm turning my booth (#829) into a release party. Currently working on sweet-talking a leggy blonde into working the show with me. We'll see how that works out! As part of my prep, I've opened a new Imgur Photo Album to post pictures at So far, just a few in prep. Soon, pix from the show and party as well. Imgur has been flaky as hell lately, so if you can't get to the album, just try again later. I might have to switch to Shutterfly.

I'm releasing the print and eBook versions of U.S. Highways and Art Something officially at Exxxotica. However, in the next two weeks, I'll have pre-order instructions up on my website with a special deal for those who order the books in advance. Remember, U.S. Highways includes 25 photos that are otherwise unavailable! Details will be coming soon.

Speaking of coming soon… Well, I think it's time to get going.