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June 20, 2015
Posted at 6:40 pm

Looking to write a short story: A commercial aeroplane captain

While I'm waiting for information from my editors (yawn) I would like to write a short story. I want to do one based on an Airline Captain. Preferably BA. If there are any on here who would like to share their experiences with me, please contact me, other wise I will make it up as I go along. I will of course be discreet about who and where I get this information from.

I saw a blog recently and it inspired the story.

How many times have you tried to catch a glimpse of this hero as you board the aircraft? Peer as you might, all you see is the back of the head.. perhaps - ah, look! - the noble profile. Maybe, you just catch sight of one muscled arm - the shirt sleeve ironed to an edge that could draw blood - so you sigh happily, and settle back in your seat, listening out for his warm, dulcit tones welcoming you on board...secure in the knowledge that He Is In Control.

May 17, 2015
Posted at 6:58 am

Are there any hackers on here?

If there are any hackers on here, I would like to kindly talk to one. I don't want to hack, but I would like to talk to someone with regards to a story. I want a little help writing out a few scenes that involve hacking and what to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Many thanks, please don't hack me :)

May 7, 2015
Posted at 2:20 pm

Readers of Diederik Rask

My apologies to fans of Mr Rask, I've been taking up rather a lot of his time lately. Diederik is kindly helping me with Tempus Fugit which is a big project and I stress big. If you have been waiting for him to post, you can blame that delay on me ;) But trust me, it'll be worth it, what we're concocting it going to be big.

April 27, 2015
Posted at 8:23 pm

Elite: Dangerous

Does anyone know how to play this game? It sounds really stupid but I don't actually know how to leave the dock?

March 25, 2015
Posted at 6:07 am

The future: 2031

Okay guessing on technology, I want some help. I'm writing a scene that involves a future scene, this is based in 2031. This is 16 years away.

-What do we think technology will be like 16 years away?
-Any predictions we could use for world wide
-The state of current affairs?