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July 16, 2015
Posted at 6:26 am

Suicide Squad

Holy fucking shit

July 14, 2015
Posted at 5:57 pm

Once more but with feeling

High school in America, the year is 1980, the character is James Smith and he is 14 years old. I've got a list of lessons that I have worked on with my editor, but I require assistance writing the lessons themselves out. Anyone up for the challenge?

July 7, 2015
Posted at 3:21 pm

Tempus Fugit: Lessons

I need some assistance
I'm in the process of working on Tempus Fugit and need some assistance with lessons, I have worked out with my editor a time line for the lessons, but I want to work on a transcript for said lessons. This would be a Question and Answer session, surrounding approximately three days. Doesn't have to be every single lesson but some detail would be nice. Anyone who can offer assistance on this please email me.

July 3, 2015
Posted at 5:01 am

Question about money & the stock market

If I was to tell someone, how much money my main character put into stocks, would somebody, anyone be able to tell me how much money he could make by the time he is 30?

I only ask because, while I work with my editors on Tempus Fugit, I want to try and work out his net worth when he is in his 30's.


June 20, 2015
Posted at 6:40 pm

Looking to write a short story: A commercial aeroplane captain

While I'm waiting for information from my editors (yawn) I would like to write a short story. I want to do one based on an Airline Captain. Preferably BA. If there are any on here who would like to share their experiences with me, please contact me, other wise I will make it up as I go along. I will of course be discreet about who and where I get this information from.

I saw a blog recently and it inspired the story.

How many times have you tried to catch a glimpse of this hero as you board the aircraft? Peer as you might, all you see is the back of the head.. perhaps - ah, look! - the noble profile. Maybe, you just catch sight of one muscled arm - the shirt sleeve ironed to an edge that could draw blood - so you sigh happily, and settle back in your seat, listening out for his warm, dulcit tones welcoming you on board...secure in the knowledge that He Is In Control.