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Revised "Azotea" posted

August 18, 2017
Posted at 1:46 pm

I've lightly revised Azotea and smoothed out a couple of rough spots. It's still the same story but reads a little better, I think. I'm working on the e-book edition to supplement SOL's clean epub format, and that will be available as a free download in the usual places soon.


Feedback is gold

July 16, 2017
Posted at 7:39 pm
Updated: August 18, 2017 - 5:31 pm

Make no mistake: Thoughtful feedback, positive or negative, is gold to me and to just about every other author on SOL.

I had a note from a reader who said the story he'd just finished didn't work for him and he told me why. I've thanked the reader directly but I'll say it again here: Thank you.

Every once in a while a reader tells me he or she "can't" write, or doesn't want to because they fear failure. Maybe the reader can't, who knows? But you don't know until you give it a whirl, and you won't find a more welcoming and easy-to-post place on the Web than you have right here on SOL.



PDF edition of Stockings

July 6, 2017
Posted at 8:20 pm
Updated: July 19, 2017 - 3:07 pm

[Corrected post]

I've prepared a
rel="nofollow">PDF edition
of Stockings. Except for a new cover and a few minor corrections plus a tweak here and there, it's the same story as posted on SOL, which will remain here.

The difference between SOL's clean minimalist ePub rendition and the PDF I've posted is the addition of some additional front matter ("Also by," copyright page, frontispiece, epigraph) and an endpaper image. The PDF edition is printable and is presented in a traditional book format with all the usual layout.

These editions have a different cover, and she isn't wearing stockings in this one, either. The cover and endpaper images are taken from late 19th and early 20th century paintings by Anders Zorn.

I've posted on Google Drive PDFs of
rel="nofollow">some other works
, not all of them available anywhere else.

They're all free downloads, no sign-in, no registration, and Google won't even tell me how many people clicked on the links, much less who did the clicking.

Best wishes,


"Stockings" posted on July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017
Posted at 11:15 pm
Updated: July 4, 2017 - 12:45 am

Here's the blurb:

"Charlie and her brother like to dress up. Things change between the two of them and with their parents during a summer vacation at the lake, when their favorite game becomes more than a game and they discover love reveals itself in many forms. This story is about love and boners, inspired by
rel="nofollow">the art of J. B. Hopkings
. NOTE: Check the codes, and if you're not sure what "pegging" is find out before you start. Also, be advised there is some mm and mM, oral, in this story."

The J.B. Hopkings link takes you to one of the gazillion Hopkings web pages. He has a very distinctive style and a very focused theme. They will give you an excellent idea of a central part of this story. Heads up.

Cheers and Happy Fourth of July in the U.S.A.


What story to read first?

July 3, 2017
Posted at 3:24 pm

Shorter stories: Sarah's Honeymoon, Azotea, Cocksucking, Emily.

Longer stories: Promise (just out), Goddess, Swimming with Kate, California Central Valley Summer Heat.

Many of these are also available on iTunes, Amazon and Lulu.

All digital editions are free downloads. They're the same stories as posted here, but often revised a little to fix glitches. Stories posted here will remain here.