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Bondi Beach: Blog

January 15, 2017
Posted at 12:20 am

"Plucking Debbie" available in PDF format

I've added "Plucking Debbie" to the Spring Break in Napa collection, available in PDF format on Google Drive here. It's a free download, no registration or sign-in required. It has a couple of tweaks but otherwise is the same story as posted here and that will remain here.


January 13, 2017
Posted at 8:27 pm

"Plucking Debbie" queued for posting on 13 Jan 2017

This is barely more than a scene. It's an outtake from Promise, in fact, which is still under construction. The funny thing is it's based on a true story and a real person and a real party, even if I shamelessly embellished what happened at the party. Sadly, I have no reason to believe the real "Debbie" was unfaithful to her husband when I knew them.

There's a bit of MM, all off-stage, but I mention it because it matters to many readers.

December 18, 2016
Posted at 12:56 pm

Excerpt from "Promise" revised and posted

I revised the excerpt from Promise to meet SOL requirements and posted it as "The Rain Festival in Pre-Conquest America". It's still pretty lurid. The novel actually isn't about pre-Conquest cultures at all, but the excerpt serves the plot.


December 11, 2016
Posted at 8:57 pm
Updated: December 18, 2016 - 8:20 pm

Excerpt from

I have an excerpt from Promise, my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel-in-progress, posted in PDF format on Google Drive
. It's a free download. There's no registration and no login required. Google won't even tell me how many people look at the thing.

It's on Google Drive because it does not meet SOL's thematic restrictions. At the moment it's not clear the whole novel will meet SOL's requirements either. I'm going to edit it in a fashion that I hope will permit posting, but in any event it will be a free e-book download wherever it ends up.

The Editor's Note for this Journal of Pre-Conquest Studies article explains:

"This is one of a series of papers the Journal presents for scholars of pre- Conquest indigenous cultures and ceremonies in the Americas. Every effort has been made to verify the authenticity of alleged contemporary accounts. While the authenticity of the document itself presented here is not in doubt, i.e., that it was written at or around the date of the activities it describes, the events chronicled therein are at significant variance from other sources and contemporary accounts. Accordingly, the document's very explicit---even lurid---descriptions of the activities accompanying the sacrifice must be regarded, pending further study, as unproven."

Pay attention to the "lurid" reference. The article remains on the lurid side of the line from "grotesque," but not by very much. In addition to sex and brief violence, it includes some light mm, nothing serious, but it's there.


September 28, 2016
Posted at 12:06 am

Another free book

I've added the latest revised paperback edition of Redemption in PDF format to the others available on Google Drive. It's a free download as well.

If you must have the paper edition in your hands, it's available for sale on Amazon here (the latest revision should be up shortly). Otherwise, the eBook edition is a free download on Amazon, iTunes, Lulu, etc., as well as right here on SOL.