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Thank you!

November 16, 2016
Posted at 2:33 pm

I wish to thank the premier members who voted my little Hallowe'en story best in this year's contest. It is much appreciated, and the prize money will once again go to Medicines Sans Frontiers, a non-profit volunteer organisation that provides life-saving health care to people in some of the worst areas in this increasingly shitty world.
My thanks and appreciation to Old Rotorhead who volunteered to edit "Constable Hereward" and who - as usual - did a great job in a very short time.
For those of you who will have to wait six months for "Constable Hereward" to become available, I will soon start posting a new serial story in the Anthony Carter Universe, tentatively titled "The Return of Thomas Grey". And yes, I cannot shake the writing bug :o)