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Anne N. Mouse: Blog

A most awesome beginning

May 25, 2017
Posted at 7:53 pm

I just read a new story (at least the first chapter) titled Storm and Stone. Let me recommend it very highly. If the author has the complete tale already it will be at the top of the charts shortly. I handed out the first ten I've ever given to this tale. Give it a whirl I think you'll love it.

I started writing today

May 22, 2017
Posted at 11:49 pm

I started working on trying to wrap up It's a Helluva Job today. I found that I was entirely telling rather than showing. One major problem I'm having is the need to break from essentially a moment by moment look over Joe's shoulder and to come to some satisfactory conclusion. I know that is never entirely possible though, as I told another author upon finishing reading one of their recently finished works, I wished it could have run another hundred chapters.

With that said what have I done? First I've added a Prologue to the story. I won't post it until I'm finished though so no one will see it. Also I've been going over the whole of the story with a fine toothed comb hoping to remove what I considered inconsistencies and errors in my writing.

Oh and I'm out of work entirely now... :(

Last day

April 29, 2017
Posted at 8:18 pm

Today was the last day of production for my job. In one way I'm glad to have the push to get things done over. Of course there will always be the push to get the equipment clean and ready to sell... So the focus has changed for then next six weeks. I submitted a resume to several places recently but have yet to hear back from any of them. That is a worry of course, but I can only do what I can do. As far as I'm concerned if I get a positive response and it is in town then I'll go NOW.

functional addiction

March 19, 2017
Posted at 11:49 am

I think that is a contradiction of terms. But I'm able to keep my job until it ends... So maybe not. But to put it mildly I've found a certain online game, not porn sites to be my downfall. I almost don't leave myself time to do much pleasure reading, and I certainly don't do any 'work' on writing or such. I am doing proofreading. I'd like to get paid to do that but haven't been willing to expose myself enough to set up a paypal or other account. Real names and places of residence required. Can't even use my PO box. Which is part of why I let it lapse.

Bad days...

March 18, 2017
Posted at 11:21 pm

My name is Horace. Not really, but as I've mentioned previously, the place I work is closing its doors. In the meantime they are still putting out production to meet existing orders. So with the rats abandoning ship and what not we of course are employing temporary employees. Anyway on Friday afternoon I was busily doing quality control which is my sometimes job when someone asked if the temp had had his final break of the day. I gave the break then someone asked did I know that the temp was expecting to leave an hour before we normally close business. I didn't… then my boss said, 'Anne can run this machine...' I can, but that meant that the QA that I'd been doing never got finished. It also meant that I worked extra hard because he couldn't be bothered to do more than pack part of the product the machine was making. Of course there were other tasks that I am expected to complete that didn't get done because I was operating a machine. All this to say that I was feeling very Horace like. That is used up and thrown away...!

And to top things off someone at work didn't get the reference when I said, "My name is 'Horace'."