The House Maid

by Vektor

Copyright© 2014 by Vektor

Sex Story: Teenager finds love from a black house maid in 1886.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

n 1886, the summer heat in Charleston was mild for a late July afternoon. Thomas walked up the steps to his Aunt's house with a feeling of remorse. Knowing his summer was almost over Thomas had a solemn expression on his face when he reached the top step and the front door opened for him. Not only was his summer lost to time, but also his fond memories of his fading youth. Most of his friends had moved on and were attending colleges abroad.

Thomas was told a month before the school year ended for him in May, that he was going to a prep school in Charleston. It was a two year school that his father made sure he would go into before pursuing an advanced degree. Although Thomas was eager to go to school, he was not all too fond of the school his father picked out. Since it was close to Charleston, Thomas was told he was going to stay with his Aunt until school started.

Thomas looked up to see his Aunt Laura waiting at the door for him with a cheerful grin. Trying to make the best of a bad situation he returned her cheerful grin with one of his own. There was no use being upset for a few weeks before he went to his prep school. With both hands holding his bags, he continued towards her.

His Aunt Laura moved to greet him once he reached the top step. "Oh my lord, have you grown again. I don't know what your mother is feeding you, but it must be working." Hugging him, and planting a big kiss on his forehead. Laura Childs was petite and was only four inches above five feet, but it did not stop her from hugging him hard. Thomas always found his Aunt to have a smile on her face no matter what the occasion. With a long time between visits her expression was even more then she could hold back.

"Hi Aunt Laura. Father sends his greetings." Thomas ignored what everyone thought and said of his Aunt. His Aunt was known for being aloof and spending too much money. When he was younger it was fun and exciting though. Thomas once ease dropped on his father telling her to stop associating with the society of the city. Her pretty looks also caught the attention of many men.

His Aunt led him inside, where he was greeted by her black maid, who was holding a basket of clothes. She looked to be in her early twenties, and much taller than his Aunt. Her slim ebony face showed no signs of age. Her skin was not overly dark, but not light skinned either. Wearing a plain dark blue dress with her hair covered in a blue wrap. She lowered her eyes to him and gave a slight nod of her head. "Mister Thomas."

Before Thomas could say a word, his Aunt spoke up."Thomas you can leave your bags here. Sarah here is going to get you set up in the guest room while you and I can catch up."

It was two years since he last visited, and the memories of running through the house came back to him. Thomas always did love visiting his Aunt and her playful spirit always provided entertainment when he was younger. Thomas always thought of her as a big sister more than an older Aunt.

Following his Aunt up the steps, Thomas inquired about Sarah. "What happened to Miss Elle?"

"Oh, I had to get rid of her last year. You know how help are."

Thomas got to see the new renovations his Aunt did to the house. With her perky upbeat laugh and smile, she laughed at how each room needed her personal touch and charm. The tour was quite quick, and ended with his Aunt showing him the guest room. Before a word was spoken the front bell rung. Without saying a word his Aunt left his side and rushed to the door.

Hearing footsteps behind him he saw Sarah with his bags. Seeing her approach he walked to her to retrieve his bags before she got to his room. "Here let me. I can get those.

Ignoring his offer to help, she replied in a polite smile. "I has some nice biscuits made in the kitchen. You must be hungry and all." Thomas had to move away from the door as she made her way into the room with his bags.

As Sarah place his bags at the foot of his bed, his eyes drifted towards the top of her dress. Although the dress hid most of her body her bust and arms were still exposed. He could clearly see that her bust was all hers and large for her frame. Bending over slightly, she revealed more of it than he should have seen. It only got worse when she stood up, and noticed where his eyes had wondered too.

After an awkward moment of silence, Sarah took him by the shoulder and guided him out of the room. "Now you be go gettin some food now. Bet they're still warm."

After satisfying his hunger, Thomas watched Sarah walk into the kitchen to begin preparing supper. She was not petite like his aunt, but not large by anyone's standards. Sarah had a command of the house too. It was like she grew up in the house, and knew all its hidden areas. She moved quickly and without hesitation while moving and gather the supplies needed for supper.

The attention Thomas was given to Sarah was disturbed when his aunt strolled into the kitchen looking for something. With an aggravated tone in her voice, "Where did you put the invitation?

Sarah turned around from her cooking with a look that a mother would give her misbehaving child, "In your top dresser drawer. Where's you put it, after saying you wanted to put it in a safes spot away from me."

Thomas and his aunt locked eyes, and he saw the embarrassed look on her face. She made not sound and quickly left to retreat to her room. The sounds of her moving quickly only confirmed her embarrassment.

Sarah continued on with her cooking and started to fill a large pot with vegetables. When she was done she turned to Thomas while wiping her hands clean on the apron hanging from her dress. Looking up to see her smiling at him as if nothing had happened, and she asked him. "I hope you enjoyed that. It's nice to be cookings for someone who eats."

Almost shocked by her smile, Thomas grinned. "It was great. I am thinking supper will be just as good Miss Sarah."

Grabbing the plate in front of him she returned to her cooking. "I hopes you are as hungry as you look, since your Aunt has a party tonight."

Thomas expressed his disappointment and left to go unpack. Thomas was aware that his aunt had travelled within Charleston elite society. The Charleston elite were known for their lavish parties and his aunt never missed one of them. With nothing else to take up his time, writing his father was his only option.

Eating alone was a weird experience. Having stayed at a boarding school, and living at home; being alone was something new. Most new things have some redeeming quality about them; this one was lost to Thomas. Thinking it was just one night, or one day got Thomas through the first night. Turning in and falling asleep quickly from his long trip.

The next morning brought the realization that his aunt was not the same person towards him as in the past. She was already making her way around the city visiting and meeting with her society friends before he even woke. Breakfast was on the table and Sarah was more than happy to meet his daily needs. Each time he saw her, he made sure to say please and thank you. He figured he could at least make up for how his aunt was towards her.

Not content to mope around the house, Thomas explored the city. There was a difference between walking the streets without the watchful eye of his parents. He was reminded the last time he was in the city, and how his mother told his father about the girls in certain areas of the city. Even though his exploration was short lived, and unsuccessful with having to head back to the house. The feeling of being out by himself was a bright spot to what he thought would be a boring day.

Like the night before, Thomas was resigned to eating alone. The missing presence of his aunt for supper had him thinking that she was almost never home. Sarah cleaned up as usual, and his proper thank you was given. Each time he gave her a compliment it was returned with a smile.

The next day seemed like the day before. Aunt Laura had not left yet. She was on her way out the house, and was running late due to the rain. She did stop and give a hug and kiss before heading out under the cover of an umbrella held by a coach driver.

The knowledge of having to spend the day inside brought a sigh of displeasure. The only prospects were to finish his studies and read. By late afternoon the boredom had set on and he was looking for something to do. When he saw Miss Sarah she was in the parlor sewing. She looked up to smile as he entered the room.

"Can I gets you something."

With a bored expression on his face, he answered, "Thank you for the offer, but I am just not wanting to stay inside is all."

"Aye see Mister Thomas. The weather is no fun for a young man like yourself. Knowing you're here for a short spell and all, this city has a way of entrapping young men like yourself. God only knows how some of these girls are."

Thomas looked at the floor knowing that his aunt house maid was right. "It's not that, I am just not used to being alone like this with nothing to do."

Sarah smiled at him before going back to her sewing. "I will be fixin supper soon. Why don'ts you go gets ready and fetch some wine from the closet."

Thomas returned her smile with a big grin. "Yes Miss Sarah I think I can do that."

Sitting at the head of the table with a glass of wine made him feel like it was not going to be such a bad night after all. He watched Miss Sarah bring out a plate of chicken covered with red rice. She placed in front of him and smiled. "I hopes you enjoy this. If there's anything just let me know."

As she was walking out of the dining room the sudden loss of companionship hit him. Thomas quickly cried out. "Can you stay?

Sarah stopped and turned to face him. "I wish I coulds, but I got some sewing to finish."

The thought of her sewing by hand brought back the memory of the last Christmas he spent with his Aunt. It was not that long ago that his father spent money on a new sewing machine for his aunt. Then he wondered why Miss Sarah was not using it. "Why don't you use my Aunt's sewing machine?"

Sarah's expression was unchanged as she replied to the idea hours of time could be saved. "I don't thinks Miss Laura would approve of me using it. And I don't even know where she has it."

Thomas ate alone once again as his only company walked off to finish a time tedious task. Between the knowledge of knowing his aunt hide her sewing machine and the humidly, sleep was impossible. Turing on the lamp and making his way through the house, Thomas searched for where his Aunt could have hidden her Singer.

After an hour of searching the only place he could think of was the only place he did not look. Thomas knew that his aunt kept a key hidden in her room. She once took him up to the attic to get something while they were playing. When he found the key he made his way to the small hidden doorway to the attic. The door was locked as he expected. Putting the key in and having the door open was a feeling a success.

The attic was hotter than the rest of the house, and sweat was now covering his face. Shining the lamp around the musty room revealed much of his family's hidden treasures. Trust was a cherished commodity among the help, and locked attics for those who had none. Moving a few wooden crates out of the way, Thomas scoured the room. In the corner he did spot the Singer sewing machine, and just above it something reflected back. In the rafters was a glint of metal.

Walking over to it, he shined the lamp on it revealing a buckle of some kind. It was on a high shelf right above what he came for. Putting the light down and lifting up to get it, Thomas pulled on it to move it from its high perch. Standing on the balls of his feet, the amount of strength needed was not enough for the first attempt. The second try had a deep breath and strong pull involved. When it was free from its tangled home, it came quicker than Thomas anticipated and he fell back.

The loud boom of his backside hitting the dusty attic floor was enough to wake the dead. What followed next was a sharp scream of pain. The instant pain in his head above his eye was only diminished by the sharp sting of being cut right near his privates.

Thomas looked down to see a sword was attached to the buckle and both had hit and cut him. They were laying on the floor right next to the lamp. Thomas picked the lamp off the floor and hobbled down the narrow stairs. Staggering to the base of the steps he saw Miss Sarah rushing towards him.

"Oh lord! What have you been doing?"

"I got hit with something. I don't know."

Thomas felt Miss Sarah pull him to his room. His face felt wet, and his left eye was blurry when he got to the room. "Jesus help us if you are hurts bad. God only knows what's your father will do!"

Being pushed onto his bed, he was now laying on his bed as Sarah turned on the room lights. The sudden brightness forced his eyes closed followed by the sounds of footsteps as Sarah left the room.

A few minutes later Thomas felt a cold washcloth over his face, and he slowly opened his eyes. Letting his eyes adjust to the light as he watched Miss Sarah hovering above him tending to the painful cut above his eyebrow.

"Good lord, you sure is lucky. It may not even need a stitch. Lets me clean it and it shoulds stop bleeding."

The shock of having been hit with something faded, and the pain in his head replaced it. Although it stung, it was not as bad as he thought. As his eye was washed free of blood he saw that Miss Sarah's breasts hanging before him. She was wearing a very loose and open night gown. With the hot summer it was not uncommon for such night attire. A robe was usually worn over that when walking outside of the bedroom, but she must not have had the time with his accident.

Each time a slight move was made by Miss Sarah, her breasts came more into view. Thomas could not help but stare as they were mere inches from his face. Her brown skin had a soft rose smell about them. Although her nipples were not visible, the top of her areolas could be seen. Her dark brown areola contrasted with her skin as he saw all the way down to her stomach. Her large breasts hung so close he wanted to stick out his tongue to taste her. The effect of seeing her brown flesh was instant and dramatic on his manhood.

When she finally pulled away from her cleaning she saw the look on his face. Instantly she looked down at her gown and covered up. "You dirty boy. You shoulds not be looking."

"I am sorry Miss Sarah ... I..." Cutoff from his apology, she stopped him. "No needs to be sorry."

When Sarah turned her attention away from his face she saw his leg. "Goodness gracious, your leg is bleeding!"

Thomas looked down to see his white pajama bottoms covered in blood near his left leg. Without warning, Sarah went to remove his bottoms. Thomas tried to cover up but the shock on her face was already there. "I sees you saw more of me than you should haves."

Trying to hide the embarrassment from his face, Thomas moved his hands to cover his excitement. "I am sorry."

"No needs to be apologizing now, I just gonna fix you up and let you rest."

The cold washcloth hit his leg as Sarah cleaned his cut. With his hands still covering his genitals, Thomas looked to see the damage. It was a long cut near his inner thigh. She ran the wash cloth over the wound and cleaned up the blood from his leg.

Not only was he trying to contain his excitement, but the sight of Miss Sarah's breasts became visible. The more she moved while washing his leg, the more her gown slipped down. It stopped only when almost all of her breasts were now exposed to him. Her long nipples were clearly seen as they pushed against the thin material of her night gown.

"I needs you to move your hand so I can sees how far it is. Don't be shy, I knows what they look like."

Thomas knew his penis was erect and pressed against his stomach by his covering hand. "Its fine Miss Sarah. I am pretty sure I am not cut near it."

The plea Thomas gave was ignored, and his covering hand moved aside. His fully erect penis now stood proud in front of the black housemaid. Miss Sarah paid no attention to it as she continued washing the sreaming blood from his inner thigh. She seemed a natural when she placed a bandage on the cut. Wrapping it around the leg to hold it in place, Sarah let out a breath of completion.

The blood pumping to his genitals was so intense it was almost painful. Thomas was fixated on her large brown globes. With each passing second, the intensity grew. The moment Sarah lifted her head up to see his face, he knew he was caught.

With an almost mischievous grin. "I needs to cover up now. I see it must hurt, so I will lets you handle your business now."

Thomas's reaction was if the world was about to end. "Please ... It's just that ... I have never seen it before."

Sarah pulled back only slightly covering some of her exposure to him. "It's not right is all."

Not backing down from his strong desire. "It couldn't be more right. The first one I should see should be beautiful. Besides I found the sewing machine for you and got hurt."

The gleam in her face was quite noticeable, but her hands still continued to cover more of her brown flesh. "You knows why it's not right."

"Who will know? We're here alone. I am not going to tell a soul. I am going to get in enough trouble for getting the sewing machine. I promise my aunt will not fire you."

Sarah giggled slightly. "Miss Laura cant fires me. I works for your father. Miss Laura would have fired me already."

Moving back closer, Sarah slowly uncovered her gown exposing her ebony skin to Thomas. Her breasts were large and hung on her chest perfectly. Thomas lit up at the sight of her long nipples at the center of her brown areolas. The curves of her chest made his heart race, and his hand go to his penis.

With a strong firm grip, Thomas moved his hand slowly up and down his shaft. His only thought was how beautiful his black housemaid was. The more his focus was on her chest, the faster his hand went. It was not long before his hand was moving at full speed. Every few moments he would look up to see her smile at him. Watching her dark large breasts move as she breathed only added to the desire he felt.

Feeling the pressure already, Thomas's body went tense and the urge was unstoppable. The pressure in his body released. White cum first hit his chest, followed by a second shot landing just below the first. The more Thomas continued the more came from his tightened body. Grunting strongly, Thomas moaned still looking at the black breasts on his housemaid.

"Oh my. You musta needed that. Lets me at least fix you up so you can sleep."

Head laying on his pillow, Thomas felt the cold wash cloth run across his body again. This time it was to clean up after him masturbating. Wanting to say something, Thomas struggled to find the words. After a few moments Sarah finished and walked out of the room. Turning the lights down as she left from his sight.

The next morning seemed like the day before. Navigating the steps was tricky and time consuming. Making sure the bandage stayed on and the cut did not reopen walking was now a chore. Although there was discomfort, and a slight pain when standing, and walking. Thomas saw it as a battle wound more than an accident. When he touched the bottom step he could make out his Aunt giving a list of chores to Miss Sarah.

Making sure not to show any grimace of pain in his face when he stepped into the kitchen, he greeted his Aunt with a kiss on the cheek and sat next to her at the table. "Morning Aunt Laura, Miss Sarah."

As Sarah put a plate in front of him, his Aunt changed her voice back to a more cheerful tone. "I hope the rain didn't dampen y'alls spirits yesterday. I reckon the weather should turn pretty again tomorrow. I got a very big important meeting with the organization today, and will not be joining you again. I am so sorry we haven't got to spend time together. I surely will make some time this weekend."

Thomas waited until Miss Sarah finished putting food on his plate before he replied. "It's fine Aunt Laura. I am just relaxing from my trip, and have a few letters to catch up on. Besides I still have a week before I need to leave."

When Thomas started to eat, his Aunt got up from the table. A quick peck on the forehead and she was already making her way out of the house. The sound of the buggy pulling up was there the moment the front door closed. Letting out a sigh of relief, Thomas turned to look at Miss Sarah.

With a clam voice Thomas pleaded. "I can help you with those chores today Miss Sarah."

"You needs to keep off your feet is all. Don't be running around hurtin yourself again."

Thomas asked again but this time he stood up to face her. "I am fine. It does not hurt and I can walk."

Sarah walked over smiling at her helper. She put her hand on his shoulder, as if to make him sit down, "You did help. I gots the sewing machine all hidden now. Makes me happy you got it for me."

Sitting down as she gently pushed him back in the chair. "There must be something I can do to help. The cut was not bad, your bandage did the trick?"

Sarah walked over and planted a kiss right on Thomas's head. "Sweet you wanna help and all. Not much to do, since Miss Laura's not been home. You lie on the couch and keep me company while I sew then. God knows I could use the company."

Thomas nodded in agreement with the plan. He stood up as Sarah went back to the cleaning up the kitchen. As Thomas moved to the couch in the parlor, he heard her call out. "Don'ts be picking at that cut either you hear me. I still have to change your bandage tonight."

Laying on the sofa in the parlor, he relaxed his body while Sarah set up the sewing machine. It was not long before the machine was humming along. The loud hum of the machine made conversation hard. Conversation waited until a new piece was needed or a spool needed to be changed.

It did not take long before Sarah was asking all about Thomas's experiences with school. Thomas decided on honesty over exaggeration, and exposed his parent's strict code when it came to education. After what seemed like an hour the methodical sound of the machine became white noise. Thomas awoke to an empty room, and the sound of heavy rain.

When entering the kitchen and seeing Sarah fix dinner, Thomas insisted on helping. He placed two plates and glasses on the table, with a bottle of wine he took from a cabinet. Although Sarah protested, Thomas did it anyway. "I hate eating alone. I see no reason why we can't eat together since were the only ones here."

After dinner Sarah insisted upon cleaning up while Thomas retired to his room. Thomas turned on his reading lamp and laid back to finish the book he started. The more he read the less interested in the book he became. The thought of Sarah filled his head. He knew he pushed them back all day but remembering the sight of her dark skinned breasts brought back a stream of emotions.

Although the rain had cooled the house, the humid air was stifling. Not able to stand the sweat from lying down, Thomas sat up to think. Looking down the dimly lit hallway his mind raced on, trying to find something wrong with the idea of being with a black housemaid. While the question of her race came into his head, so did its validity. All day he fantasized about the sight of her topless chest. What it must feel like to touch, and hold close. The yearning to take her breasts into his mouth while sucking on her.

As a light appeared, Thomas's thoughts turned to questions about Sarah's feelings. Knowing if he pursued them, what her reaction would be. Not only will she be fired, but the consequences he would get from his own family. From the end of the hallway he could see Miss Sarah approaching him with a lamp burning in her hand shining a path to his room.

When Sarah appeared in the doorway Thomas could see she was wearing the same gown as the night before. Thomas's heart shuttered with disappointment when he saw a large brown shawl covered her chest and midsection. It was more a winter covering, and looked like it had been packed for storage; it looked ragged, and had different colored patches from where it had been fixed.

Excitement turned to almost heartache as he knew she would not show herself to him again. Sarah's pleasant smile and voice was still there. "Get up and let's fix that bandage right quick."

As Sarah put down the lamp on a small table, Thomas stood up before her. Slowly he pulled down his undergarments and covered his exposed genitals. Sarah knelt down before him and slowly pulled back on the covering to see if the cut had closed.

Thomas looked down to see her smiling before she spoke. "Be all right I see. No needs to put nother one on. Now sits down an let me see that head of yours."

Sitting in front of her Thomas's wondered why his housemaid would wear an obvious out of place garment. "How can you wear that, you must be burning up in that thing?"

Sarah was inspecting the small cut from last night when she smiled at his question. With a small giggle in her tone, "Needs to cover up around you. Can't be having you look at me like that."

Before Thomas could think his words blurted out of his mouth, "I loved what I saw though. Please take it off."

Expecting another rejection, Thomas waited for Sarah's response. When her covering was dropped to the floor his heart began racing again. Thinking his heart would burst from it beating so hard his mouth opened wide. Seeing the thin fabric barely cover her brown flesh caused a sudden erection. What was even more surprising was the thin night gown fell to the floor next.

"Guessing you wanna see all of me then."

It was the first time Thomas had ever seen a naked woman. His eyes were level now and his mouth was mere inches from Sarah's dark skinned erect nipple. Thoughts of her race, and being the housemaid never came into his head. Her smooth dark skin showed perfect curves and features; Sarah's large breasts hung on her chest, and were rounded at the sides. With his eyes moving down he could see her flat stomach before gazing upon her dark pubic hair covering her vagina.

Still feeling the hands inspecting his previous night's injury, Thomas reached out. Hands softly touching her waist, as he moved to wrap his arms around her. Sarah's hands moved to the back of his head as she pulled him closer to her. Thomas was now pressed against her soft brown skin as they embraced each other.

Wanting a stronger embrace Thomas pulled harder. Sarah's close body fell forward toward him. Sensing her fall, Thomas moved her light body to the left making her collapse on the bed. Not letting go, Thomas was now on top of her still holding on to her.

Finally letting go from his grip Thomas looked up. Feeling his rigid penis now pressed up against her pubic bone. Feeling her pubic hair touch the tip of his manhood as his weight held it in place. It would only take him to move few inches down for him to enter her.

Thomas looked up to see the confused face of his black housemaid. Her voice hesitantly uttered out. "Are you gonna do it?"

Thomas's face went blank and his body froze from her question. His eyes never left hers, as she smiled at him. Thomas then felt her hand on his erection before the prickly feel of pubic hair across the head. It was moved and the sensation was very arousing as it was moved into place.

Sarah continued with her gleaming as she insisted. "Put it in me. Justs push ... it will go in."

The question of morality and racial laws never came to him as he knew that he was about to have sexual relations with a woman of color. With a slight push, Thomas felt the warm lips of Sarah's sex envelop his penis. He watched her mouth and eyes open wide as he fully entered her. "Oh, Lords I feel you in me." Sarah moaned

The tightness of her vaginal wall was a perfect snug fit for him as he moved back and forth in her. With slow deliberate thrusts, Thomas began pumping his white member in and out of her. Never expecting his first time to be with a black woman, Thomas now couldn't think of a more perfect person than her. The overwhelming idea that this was right caused Thomas to lean in and kiss his black lover. Pushing himself further in her love canal, his tongue danced with hers. The passion he was feeling towards her was making his body only move faster. Feeling her reaction as she returned his loving kisses made him throb even harder in her. When the kiss was finally broken he was pumping in and out of her with long hard thrusts.

The wetness from her pussy was now letting his member piston in and out of her. The sound of their bodies colliding was filling the room. Her dark skinned breasts were now moving up and down her chest as he rocked his body into hers. Thomas held them in place for only a moment before taking them in his mouth and sucking on them. Releasing his mouth from her nipples, he looked up to see the pleasure on her face.

Hearing her soft moans escape her lips only intensified his own throbbing erection inside of her. The hard pulse of his prick in her gave a short warning that he could not last for much longer. Thomas kept his eyes locked on hers as he watched each push give a sign of pleasure. Moving slower and going deeper his orgasm was not going to wait.

Feeling he was close, Thomas stopped thrusting making sure his prick was deep when he stopped. It was like she knew what was going to happen once he stopped. With her voice barely holding together, Sarah moaned out. "It's ok ... I want you to keep it in..."

His whole body went tense and tightened up as he released his potent white seed deep in her cervix. Filling her body with sperm as he leaned in one more to kiss her. Feeling her large dark lips against his while his manhood continued to pump its load in her.

Sarah's eyes lit up wide as she felt her body flooded with her white owner's son's seed. She lost control over her own pussy as it continued to squeeze and contract around his prick. The more she felt it spew his white juice inside of her the more her love canal opened and wanted more.

Waking up the next day Thomas vividly recalled the prior night's events. This memory reflected in his raging morning erection. By the time he was presentable and making his way to the kitchen he saw his Aunt Laura awaiting him in the study.

His Aunt had an unusually unrushed calm about her. "Oh dear Thomas you sleep too much. I know a young man such as yourself needs extra sleep but this is not like you. Anyway ... I am going to need you to make an appearance this Saturday.

Still in a cloud of euphoria from just being with the black housemaid, Thomas answered quickly. "Anything you need Aunt Laura."

Bowing her head slightly she walked back into the kitchen. Thomas could not make out the conversation but it led to his Aunt storming out the door in a huff. Not knowing what could cause such a commotion he walked in to see what happened and hopefully see Sarah.

The smell of cooking was overwhelming when entering the kitchen. Sarah had her back turned while she was preparing something on the table. Before he could say a word, he heard, "Fix you somethin right quick. Musta slept well last night."

The flood of emotions came pouring back to him. The rush of blood to his groin and the fast beat of his heart awoke him. He walked over to her and stood right behind her. Moving his hands to her shoulders, he felt the contours of her body. He put his lips to the back of her neck before she reacted to his advances. "Can't be doin that again; wes both knows it's wrong." Cried Sarah

He moved closer to her body letting her feel his need for her. "It's only wrong if we get caught. You know she won't be back until tomorrow," Thomas whispered in her ear.

Sarah turned back to see Thomas' face as she spoke back. "We can't be doing this. You knows that I can gets in lots of trouble."

Thomas could see in her eyes that she was holding back. He also felt no resistance from her as she did not even try to pull away or push him off. Taking this as a sign to continue he lifted the back of her dress up so that it was now at the waist. Moving his hips closer his solid erection was now firmly planted between her ass cheeks. Only a thin fabric now covered her shapely backside. Thomas wasted no time in sliding his own pants down to his ankles and before pressing his now full engorged member against her. Thomas moved his hands up her back feeling her body before moving them towards her chest. His hands moved in and up her large breasts as he kept his erection against her thin undergarment. Sarah moved her head back once she felt her chest being held firmly held.

With a look of desperation she gazed into Thomas's eyes. Thomas stared back with that of concern that he had misread the situation and had gone too far. In a frightened voice he asked her. "If you really want me to stop, I..."

Sarah quickly cut him off, "Hurry and put it in before someone comes."

Seeing her hands move to her back, Thomas watched her pull down her undergarment to expose her ebony backside to him. She bent over and placed her hands on the table and arched her ass back so her dark sex was now visible. He took a hold of his manhood and placed it between the folds of her sex and pushed in. Surprised by how easily he slipped into her, he pushed further in until their bodies were connected.

The moment their two bodies met, Sarah let out an audible moan. Taking his time to pull out only to push back only made his cock throb harder. Holding her breasts now, Thomas wasted no time in pumping his hard white dick into her wet, pink love canal. Feeling her wetness only made it easier for him to speed up and pound harder. With each hard thrust, Thomas could feel her love muscles tighten around his member.

Although Sarah's body was lean her ass still had some weight to it. As Thomas slammed harder against it, the louder the sound became. Her hands were now firmly planted on the kitchen table and held her from falling forward. The more their passion continued, the more she could not hold herself up anymore.

Sarah then turned and moved away from her white lover. Instead of walking away from the situation she moved the nearby chair and sat right on the table. Placing her legs high in the air as her back lay on the table. Her dress was hiked up to her waist, and her large black breasts were in full view. Thomas looked to see her dark hair covering her wet pussy. It was the first time he had seen a woman spread her legs. The pink insides of her sex was open to his gaze.

With her elbows propping her up on the table, Sarah smiled and waited. She waited for the moment her she would feel full with a white cock. When Thomas stepped forward and guided his hard erection into her, it slipped right in. Thomas immediately started slamming against her body as if he knew that he had to finish quickly.

Putting her hand on his chest, Sarah cried out. "It's ok, takes your time."

Holding still and feeling her muscles contract against him, Thomas replied back almost out of breathe. "You're not afraid of getting caught?"

Smiling in her response, Sarah responded back. "I am, buts we have all day."

"Should I stop then, just in case?"

Grasping at his shirt, Sarah pulled Thomas closer. At the same time she pulled closer, she moved her hips to make sure his hard erection was fully in her. "Nots yet. Just keep doing your thing."

Holding onto her hips now; he starting rocking his hips as before, thrusting hard again. Not going as hard or as fast as before, Thomas keep a steady pace making sure his cock fully entered her ebony hole each time. Looking down he could see his white cock as it pushed into her. Feeling how slick her pussy was he knew that she wanted more. The more he continued, the more the feeling of his finish approached. The buildup in his sack needed release, and his erection throbbed hard inside of her.

Sarah gazed upon her white lover's face and saw the look in his eyes. She could see in his facial expression that he was about ready to explode. She could also feel the throbbing of his white manhood inside of her as it gave forth a warning that it was going to fill her up. "I can feels your about ready."

Looking up as his prick continued to pulse inside of her; Thomas replied back almost panting. "Should I stop?"

"UHHHH!" Sarah tried to hold back a moan but it escaped louder then she realized. Before her body let loose with more pleasure she answered back. "Do'nt's stop. Just finish in me when you are ready."

Not holding back anymore, Thomas made his thrusts shorter and harder. His own orgasm was closer then he realized as he made one final push. He made sure he wedged himself deep as possible in her love canal. He almost wondered if he was hurting her, being so deep.

Before he thought about it, his cock erupted with a great force. Moaning as his body pushed in stream after stream of sperm inside her fertile cervix. Keeping his white love rod implanted deep in her he continued to let his white seed fill her body up. Still awestruck about how great it felt he listened to Sarah cry out. "Oh my ... I feel you emptying inside of me. You sure had a lot."

Just as Thomas was about to pull out, she grabbed on to him again. "Nots yet. I still feel you going inside of me."

Moving his body closer, he pushed his still pulsing erection back in her and leaned in kissing her large dark lips. Locked in an embrace, Thomas let his tongue explore her mouth as she did the same with his. Giving her body what it wanted he slowly moved his dick back and forth in her now overflowing pussy. It was not until his erection died down, was it able to be forced out by Sarah's own vaginal muscles squeezing from her orgasm.

The sound of the front gate closing alerted both of them that their time was up. Thomas knew that Sarah baked for a few people around the area, and figured they were here for that. He also knew that various contractors came to the house for upkeep projects. He was afraid that if it was a contractor they could be in the house for hours.

Thomas watched as Sarah put back on her clothes and fix herself. Not waiting around any longer he hurried upstairs to his room to fix and wash his face. Before he closed his bedroom door he overheard a quick conversation between someone and Sarah. Just as quick as it started, the front door closed shut.

While putting on new clothes he heard a knock at the door and Sarah's voice. "It's a telegram for you. From Mista Childs"

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