The Balcony

by Raider53

Copyright© 2014 by Raider53

Sex Story: Brent was bored as he sat alone in the balcony watching the girls' volleyball game through the viewfinder of the video camera. Little did he know that in less than an hour he would experience one of the most exciting events of his life. Soon he would be focusing on five of these players in front of him. They would all be on their knees taking turns at sucking his cock.

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Brent worked at the athletic director's office for his high school. He had been doing this for four years. He remembered the first time he walked in to the office and spoke with Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns & Mr. Kinney immediately saw something in Brent and hired him on the spot. Ultimately, it started by letting Brent come to the office during his study hall and homeroom. It was a way for the student athletes to get out of the boring confines of the auditorium and help out with in the office. He quickly earned their trust and became one of the best workers. He also began to work outside of school hours and helping at any of the athletic events that he was not involved in. In fact, he was the first freshman to ever do so. It was now three years later. He, Greg, and Alan were all Seniors and had been doing this for years.

In the fall, his ability to work was limited. He was captain of the football team. Obviously, football practice took up most of his time. Nevertheless, he was always working during basketball games and wrestling meets in the winter and baseball games in the spring. During the fall, he was occasionally able to work a girls volleyball game or two if practice was done in time. Tonight was one of those nights,

Practice was over in time for him to rush back to the school following practice. He walked into the office with his best friend Alan. They met his other best friend Greg already in there. Officially, only Greg and Brent were "hired" to work tonight. But of course, you never saw any of these three without the other two nearby. The athletic directors gave the boys $15-$20 for each event they worked. They were responsible for making sure the officials had everything they needed. They also insured the court was swept and mopped during all intermissions or half times. Lastly, videotaping the sporting events was required when the coaches wanted to review the game with their team later on. This was the key to Brent's inevitable happiness on the night that the Andrew High School volleyball team visited.

"Where the hell have you been?" Greg asked as Brent and Alan walked into the A.D.'s office. The term "Athletic Director" had vanished within weeks after he started this job.

"Sorry, dude. I had to make a run to McDonalds." The smell of the Big Mac, cheeseburger, and fries emanated from the bag.

"What did you get me?" Greg asked. He knew the answer would be nothing; but he wanted to give Brent some grief.

"I figured you had eaten at home by now!" He defended himself. He then saw the smirk on Greg's face. "Screw You." He followed up. "Just for that you don't get any of my fries."

Greg reached quickly and grabbed the bag right out of his hand. Within seconds he grabbed a handful of french fries. "You were saying?" He said before shoving the handful in his mouth at once.

"Give me the bag." Brent said as he took the bag right back. This time he held on tighter so he wouldn't lose it again.

"I already let the refs into the locker room and the court is set up and cleaned. So we are even." Greg was referencing the fact that Brent had done these tasks last week when the volleyball team played Romeoville.

"So who's filming first?" Brent quizzed Greg.

Alan was quick to reply, "Not me, that's for sure."

Alan was not scheduled to work and instead planned on simply sitting in the bleachers and watching every good looking girl he could get his eyes on. High school volleyball games were a good source of eye candy. Sure, the volleyball players were not as good looking as the cheerleaders. Yet most of the players were still pretty damn hot.

"You've got to do the whole thing." Greg answered. "Remember? I covered for you the whole night the last time."

None of them liked to film a volleyball game. Whoever got first shift had to set the camera up in the balcony above the stands overlooking the gymnasium. Then, they ultimately had to sit or stand behind the camera through the games. They were completely isolated and alone up there.

Originally, they used to switch duties every game. But this became too difficult because sometimes games were over so quickly. It became a bigger pain in the ass to try to get back and relieve the other. So they instead would film all of the games for either the Sophomore or the Varsity. But Greg was right. He ended up covering for Brent last time.

Greg happily handed Brent the camera and the tripod. Of course, once Greg's hands were free he was able to steal one last french fry. He and Alan turned around and exited the office. Sure, Greg had a few things to do; but Brent definitely got stuck with the worst task. But it would not be long before he would be extremely glad he was up there.

His hands were now full so he literally had to set the tripod down for a second as he closed the door behind him and made sure his set of keys went into his pocket. He picked the tripod back up and made his way towards the gym. He entered in the first door where he could quickly turn right and instantly make a left up the stairs into the balcony. The balcony is where wrestling and gymnastics normally took place. During a volleyball game or basketball game, it was abandoned up there. But it was the perfect place to be if you wanted to film the action down below. It was here that he set up the tripod and camera right next to the closed bleachers. He looked in the viewfinder and saw that the camera was in a perfect position so he would not really have to adjust it or move it for the rest of the game.

He then went back behind him to find a chair to sit on. There were mats and gymnastics equipment everywhere. Brent found a chair and pulled up beside the camera and got ready for his long boring duties. He managed to sit through the sophomore game without falling asleep. It did not last long because his high school really was no good. They lost in two matches straight. Nevertheless, watching volleyball was enjoyable because of the fact that most of the girls out there looked pretty good. Tonight in particular he noticed that quite a few of the girls from Andrew high school were looking good. As he watched the game he saw a very cute redhead out there. He also noticed that one of the girls had extremely large tits. Every time she moved on the court they bounced beautifully. These were the two girls he focused on the most as he simply sat there and fantasized about them. Little did he know that his fantasies were about to come true.

Shortly after the sophomore match, the varsity match began. As he was filming, a girl from the Andrew sophomore volleyball team came up and started talking him.

"Do you film all the games?" She asked.

"Someone does." He told her. "I tend to work a lot of games whenever possible."

"It looks like it gets pretty boring." She pointed out inquisitively.

"Yeah, but most the time somebody is here and I can talk to them while I'm filming." He paused a second. "So thanks in advance for sticking around and talking to me." He was proud of this clever line.

He paused briefly, now showing his usual hesitation around girls. "I'm Brent." He was back on track.

"Lisa." She told him.

"You played a good game." He told her since he recognized her from his filming earlier.

"Thanks." She replied.

He recognized her because she was one of the girls he enjoyed watching the most. During the game he noticed that her ass was the best looking. She also had drop dead gorgeous legs. Although her tits were not the biggest of all the girls on the court he did notice them during the time she played.

Now however, up close he saw exactly how big they were. They looked great. Even though they were covered by a lavender fuzzy sweater, it was obvious how big they were. She was wearing light blue jeans that were perfectly form fitted on her legs. As she stood next to him he could actually see her jeans were tight enough to show her camel toe. This made him excited. He even began to wonder if she might notice his erection.

"So can you ever step away from the camera?" She asked him as she turned her head back behind them.

"Sure." Brent answered. "The whole court is being filmed so I really don't have to do much."

She then got up and started to walk back behind him. She walked over to the gymnastics equipment and started to play around. She first jumped on the balance beam straddling it. He continued to watch the game but looked back at her quite frequently. She then stood up and walked somewhat gracefully down the balance beam. As she jumped off and hit the mat her tits bounced beautifully.

The whole time she was back there she continued to watch him coyly. There was something about this girl. She was definitely flirting with him. She was definitely up to no good. And he was definitely excited about it.

He wanted so badly to just watch her all the time; but he knew that would be too obvious. So instead he pretended to look through the viewfinder every now and again. Once in a while he would look back at what she was doing. At this point she was now climbing on the even parallel bars. She was sitting on top of them straddling both bars with her legs. He turned his attention back to the game.

"Brent!" She called him.

He looked back and she now had her sweater and her bra lifted up to her neck. Her breasts that he had realized just a few minutes ago were bigger than he originally thought were now completely exposed. His suspicion was confirmed.

He did not need anything more than that. He immediately got up and walked over to her. She pulled her sweater down and jumped off the bars. She stepped close to him immediately and he wrapped his arms around her as he grabbed her ass through her tight jeans. She did not hesitate and immediately kissed him deeply. Her tongue followed right afterwards and she probed his mouth slowly and deliberately. It was a very strong, deliberate, and passionate kiss.

At the same time she began this kiss, she then grabbed his right hand and physically placed it on her left breast. He squeezed and caressed it as much as he could through the heavy sweater. He then took his left hand and began to squeeze her right breast as well. It was awkward through her sweater but her breathing did increase so he knew she must be feeling it. But he needed more. His left hand momentarily left her breast long enough for him to slip it underneath her sweater. He pulled her breast out from under the bra, and now began to caress her bare breast and squeeze her nipple.

It was obvious Lisa was very experienced. She had no hesitation in anything she did. Now that his hands were working on her breasts she took her right hand down and began to grab his cock through his Levi's. If he wasn't completely erect before, he was now. She stroked up and down as it was very obvious where his cock was within those jeans. She continued to stroke it up and down and his hips were moving in rhythm with her strokes.

She did not want to be left out and she grabbed his hand moving outside of her sweater and firmly placed it between her legs. He pushed hard so that she would certainly feel it even through those tight jeans. She practically sat on his hand even though she was standing. For the next several minutes, both of them were now standing there kissing and caressing each other's genitals as quickly and firmly as they possibly could. Their breathing was more rapid than ever. Brent did not know where to go from here. Unfortunately, Lisa answered that question right then. She stopped stroking his cock and stepped away.

Brent wondered why. And then he realized just how strange Lisa was. As she stepped back she looked at him with that devious look once again and teased him.

"Did you like that?" She asked him.

"Yes" he stammered in a hoarse voice. He was upset with himself that he couldn't muster a more manly tone.

"Do you like to get your cock sucked?" She now asked him.

He was thrilled. His cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt. This was going to be great. He managed to make sure his voice was a little stronger this time. "Of course" he told her.

"Good." She then turned around and started to walk toward the stairwell.

"Where are you going?" He asked her.

"Don't worry. You'll see." She told him as she continued to walk across the wrestling mat and around the corner where the stairwell was.

She was now gone and he was standing there with a rock hard cock and wondering what the hell exactly just happened. What more could he do? He returned back to the camera and sat down. What an amazing yet strange experience. Lisa was definitely unique.

About ten minutes later his cock had just enough time to settle back down. He no longer was thinking about her when suddenly he heard her voice again.

"Brent!" She hollered.

He could not believe it. He stepped back from the camera and looked to his left. From just around the corner five girls now stepped out and were beckoning him to join them. This Lisa chick was serious. He looked at her and she was all smiles from ear to ear. Again, he did not hesitate and he immediately walked towards her. As he walked closer he saw that all five were players from the Andrew volleyball team that he had just filmed. These were the girls that he had fantasized about while he watched the game. He was not totally certain what was about to happen; but he figured it was going to be good.

She approached him and brought her lips close to his. "Are you ready to let them practice on you?" She whispered in his ear.

What the hell was he supposed to say? He was an 18-year-old Senior and was just asked if he wanted five inexperienced sixteen year-old girls to learn how to suck cock using his dick as their "visual aid".

"Of course," he replied.

Again, his voice suddenly cracked and he was upset with himself. But who could really blame him considering his position. He did not want to be, but he was a bit nervous.

At this point, no one else knew what was going on. The camera was set up high enough that he was able to keep it focused on the entire court. He knew he could leave it unattended for quite some time. He backed away and started his journey toward the stairwell where the girls now disappeared.

As he was walking, Lisa walked up to him and came close beside him. "They have no idea what they're doing," she told him. "I'm going to tell them exactly what to do, okay?"

He was speechless. He nodded in the affirmative. He figured Lisa would have no problem correctly telling them what to do. The kiss he had 20 minutes ago with her was amazing. It had been extremely clear that she knew exactly what she was doing.

As he went around the corner, Lisa already began with the orders. "Back up against the wall." She told him. He quickly obliged.

She then took on a whole new personality. Her voice was firm and demanding. It was quickly clear that she controlled the situation. "Get on your knees, girls." Immediately, all five girls were on their knees and looking up at him.

He could not believe the view. This was amazing. He was looking down at five girls looking up at him. Not only that, he knew what all five wanted. He was now getting very nervous. In actuality, the nerves would end up helping him. If he was not nervous, the excitement of the situation would probably cause him to blow his load before his dick even left his pants. But now, he was nervous. As a result he still was slightly limp. This of course would not last much longer.

"Kristin, Lori - undo his pants." Lisa did not even give an opportunity for them to choose their roles. She was going to control the situation from the start.

Brent quickly learned which of the two girls were Kristin and Lori. He of course did not know yet which was which; but he didn't care as he watched both of them work together to unbutton the five buttons on his Levi's 501s.

Both of these girls had brown hair. The one on his right had slightly longer hair than the other. She was the sexier of the two. She had a sultry look. That is, as sultry as any 16-year-old could possibly look given her age and inexperience. The other girl was "cuter". She had a very cute smile. In all honesty, this was the type of girl Brent was more attracted to. The cute one started to rub his cock through his underwear.

"Not yet, Kristin. I didn't tell you to do anything else." Lisa scolded her. Brent could not believe the situation. This Lisa girl was definitely strange. But of course, he didn't care. He was going to be the full benefactor of her escapades.

Kristin took her hand away as if she was two years old and her mother had just slapped it.

Lisa then rewarded the other girl. "You can start first, Lori. Just rub it through the material."

Brent watched as Lori started rubbing his dick through his white cotton underwear. Perhaps it was his imagination, but he felt that as she did so she gave Kristin a gloating look just as a sibling would do when they are not the one in trouble with mom. As she grabbed his cock he noticed how big her chest was. She really did have extremely large breasts. He closed his eyes for a minute and remembered what they looked like when they were bouncing during the game he had just filmed. He opened his eyes again to take another look at them through the motion of her hand as she rubbed his cock. He hoped like hell he would get to see these tits in their full glory.

She continued to rub up and down with only the material of his underwear between her hand and his hot rod. But that lasted less than a minute. She reached into his underwear from the top and grabbed his bare cock. At first, she started to rub in just the right spot. He felt her fingers on his shaft. But then, she did what so many girls have always done. She worked her way down to his scrotum. She was now reaching down inside his jeans and cupping his balls within his scrotum.

He had always found that when given the opportunity girls were always fascinated with his balls. In conversations with his buddies, it had been confirmed that this was commonplace. Wouldn't it be great if someone would tell all these girls that instead, they needed to focus more on the shaft. This is what Brent always wanted. This is what he hoped would soon be coming.

In this instance he did not mind because he realized that these girls were "learning". He took pride in the fact that this was probably the first time "Lori" had ever felt testicles. How cool was that?

Just then, Lisa warned her. "Be gentle. Don't squeeze too tight."

"Lisa is amazing." Brent thought to himself. She interrupted just at the right time. If another second or two had gone by Lori would've begun grabbing just a little too hard. Instead, Lisa saw this and pulled the reigns. She was fabulous.

"Karen, Anne ... Go ahead and suck his cock." Lisa commanded.

Lori immediately backed off and these two girls stepped in and kneeled down in front of Brent.

"Pull his underwear down all the way." Lisa told them.

The two of them each grabbed him by his hips and pulled his jeans and underwear down. The pants fell on their own around his ankles. He leaned back and felt cold concrete blocks on his bare ass. It actually felt good because it was such a unique feeling. How many people ever got to drop their pants and push their bare ass against the wall in their high school gymnasium?

As soon as he got comfortable, he realized that his shirt was hanging down over his cock slightly. He grabbed the edge and pulled it up fully exposing his rock hard cock. Both girls were staring at it but it became obvious that neither wanted to grab it. Not because they were nervous or hesitant about grabbing the cock itself; but more so because they were worried about the wrath of Lisa if they acted without her orders.

Brent looked at Lisa to see what her next move would be. She looked Brent in the eyes and smiled so devilishly. She knew she had full control of the two girls that were now dying to wrap their lips around his cock. She knew even more how much Brent wanted that. It seemed like an eternity before she finally spoke.

"Anne, go ahead and suck it." She told her. She followed with the question, "Have you ever done it before?"

Anne shook her head no.

"Start at the head and work your way down. Make sure your lips are good and wet." Lisa told her.

Anne grabbed his dick with her left hand and quickly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. The wait was worth it. Brent tipped his head back and let out a sigh. As he did so, he felt another set of hands grab his scrotum and realized it was Karen.

As he opened his eyes to look down and see her grab his sack, it was too late. Karen had let go. Instead, her tongue began licking his scrotum where her fingers once were. About the same time Anne slid her mouth down his shaft. Karen's tongue continued to move all over the wrinkled skin while at the same time his cock was enveloped by Anne's mouth. It was an amazing sensation. And it got even better.

Lisa barked another order, "Anne, let Karen suck it now." She continued her demands, "I want you to grab his balls and lick his groin and thigh."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Brent thought to himself. "This is absolutely amazing!"

The girls switched. Karen immediately took his cock into her mouth. It was much warmer than Anne's. She also was able to take it in deeper and it felt wonderful. At the same time, Anne obeyed orders and grabbed his balls gently and licked his inner thigh all the way up to his groin. All the while, Karen continued to move her warm and wet mouth up and down the shaft. To this day, this still ranks as probably one of the best sensations he ever felt.

Just then, Brent heard a male voice several feet away. "Holy Shit," the voice exclaimed.

It was Jeff, one of the guys from the football team. Not only was he there now, but Jeff's girlfriend and approximately 9 to 10 other people were standing behind Lisa. This collection of boys and girls from both schools were watching as Brent had two pairs of lips on his genitals and three more ready and waiting.

For a brief second, modesty hit him and he was concerned. But the sensation he was feeling was too damn good. And he realized that this was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience that something as minor as an audience was not going to stop this. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he realized that this turned him on even more. He realized that for a brief second the girls were startled as well. But by the time he looked down, both of them were back hard at work pleasuring him. He even felt that they were doing so with more vigor. Apparently, they also were turned on by the audience.

"Okay, you two. Jill hasn't had her turn." Lisa warned. Karen and Anne stopped what they were doing and moved slightly back.

The two of them scooted back a bit, and they kept their knees on the floor as they sat back on their heels next to the others. Jill had already started to approach him.

Lisa then exclaimed in a voice louder than she ever had so that the entire group could hear her clearly. "Show him how it's really done, Jill!"

The crowd started chanting her name quietly, "Jill, Jill, Jill..."

Lisa held up her hand without saying a word and the crowd immediately was silent. The power this woman possessed was amazing.

Jill was the only blonde of the bunch. Her golden hair draped down beside her face as she approached Brent. She smiled. It turned out that she had braces. God, did that turn him on. Brent's cock was actually throbbing as it awaited Jill's touch. It was slightly tapping his lower abdomen rhythmically with his pulse. Jill approached her target and grabbed it with her left hand. At first she squeezed too hard and Brent winced a little.

"Lighten up," Lisa warned her.

She took her advice and gently held it from that point on. She did not move her hand much and Brent could sense the hesitation in her actions. She even stopped for a second and looked back at Lisa.

"Go ahead and kiss it first. Lick it a little." Lisa told her.

Jill turned back and kissed it right on the head sending a quiver up Brent's back. She then licked up and down the underside. The other girls had been quick to put it in their mouth and suck. This was the first time that his cock had been simply kissed and licked for a period of time. Probably because she was nervous to take it in; but it was a nice change of pace for Brent.

After a while though, everyone was getting bored. Lisa was also losing interest. "Now go ahead and suck it Jill, "she told the inexperienced girl.

Jill wrapped her mouth around his cock and moved down the shaft. The problem was that her teeth made contact the entire way down. Brent practically jumped off the ground and the wince on his face must have been obvious.

The crowd actually chuckled. Jill quickly removed her mouth and started to step back from embarrassment.

Brent quickly and gently placed his hand on the top left portion of her head stopping her retreat.

"It's okay," he told her quietly so that no one else could hear, "just watch the teeth."

She tried again and this time the sensation was wonderful. In fact, she was able to take much more of his cock into her mouth and near her throat. The crowd quietly cheered.

"That's a good girl," Lisa encouraged her. Her word choice once again led Brent to question her overall personality. But it was her next command that totally blew his mind.

Jill continued to suck Brent's dick with newfound skills. Brent watched her head move back and forth just below his abdomen. But he happened to notice Lisa was again up to no good, or actually it turned out to be good - damn good.

Brent now saw that Lisa began to whisper in Kristen's ear as she sat on her knees with her butt on her feet. In fact, all the girls were now in that position. He wondered what she was saying. It did not take long before he knew. Immediately Kristen stood up and approached Brent. She looked him in the eyes with a deliberate look, but there were definitely nerves there.

"What was next?" He wondered.

Just then, Kristin grabbed her T-shirt at the waist and it was over her head in no time. He now was looking at her with a white bra. The material was shiny, it almost looked like silk but it certainly wasn't. He did not have long to examine the undergarment before she reached behind her back and it was thrown on the floor. The crowd let out a cheer as Lisa once again raised her hand quickly quieting them. He now was looking at her beautiful breasts. They were not that big, but the nipples were huge. And they were extremely erect. This was a sign that even though her eyes seemed slightly hesitant, she obviously was excited.

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