Pep Bus Fun

by Raider53

Copyright© 2014 by Raider53

Sex Story: Two high school students and their cheerleader girlfriends make the best of their bus ride to the big game.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"Everybody sit down, I have to get a final count!" Mr. Paul was saying to the rowdy high school fans and cheerleaders on the bus.

The poor chaperone was trying to gain some control over this group of rowdy students. The basketball team bus left over an hour ago. Now he was the only adult supervising the cheerleaders and all the fans that paid to get a ride to this away basketball game.

The team had now made it to the Sweet 16 in state and everybody was excited. Brian was among the many rowdy fans currently not cooperating with the poor chaperone. He wasn't being rude, it's just the excitement level made it difficult to remain completely silent – even if it was for just a moment.

This was going to be a long hour and a half drive. Brian decided to finally settle in to the back seat and get comfortable. He couldn't help but be comfortable since he was sitting next to his girlfriend Kris. The two had been friends throughout high school and last fall finally admitted their feelings for each other and started dating. It was now March, so they had been together nearly 6 months.

Brian considered himself extremely lucky because Kris was gorgeous. She had light brown hair and the most gorgeous eyes. He fell in love with her eyes when they first met. The two of them became such close friends; yet he was always obsessed with her great looks. She was also a cheerleader. It seems that every cheerleading squad has the one member that is the most full figured of them all. This was Kris.

It was true. Although her eyes were truly his favorite feature, her tits were a very close second. They were huge. Yet the rest of her body was still relatively thin and in shape. Granted, she wasn't the stick figure that many of the other girls were. But that's what made her so damn attractive to him. He felt there was "more woman to love".

Their lovemaking sessions included many long nights of him simply playing with those beautiful breasts and sucking her nipples. Eventually, he was able to work his way to more. Yet still, his favorite activity during foreplay was focusing on her large breasts. They looked especially wonderful inside her cheerleading sweater. Add to the sweater the black, red, and white cheerleading skirt and there were many boys in that high school that fantasized about her each and every night.

Because of their close friendship, their relationship now was more serious than most high school couples. Yet on the surface, the two of them seemed pretty stereotypical – the cheerleader dates the football jock. Brian was on the football team and had recently been named captain for next season. The stereotype held true when it came to his looks as well. He had blonde hair feathered in the middle in typical 80s fashion. He was not playing a winter sport, so instead, every day he was in the weight room getting ready for football season. Consequently, his body was a rock. His six pack abs and perfectly chiseled body turned Kris on immensely. In fact, it probably turned on many girls within the school. Despite this, he was a down to earth kid. Tonight he was simply enjoying his time as a fan riding the bus to cheer on the basketball team.

During the six months Brian and Kris dated, their sex life had progressed tremendously. It was on New Year's Eve that the two of them lost their virginity to each other. Even though they had fooled around quite some time prior to that, the night was a comedy of errors. However, since then both of them had been working hard to improve.

Not only did they have sex as often as possible, they found themselves doing so in as many places as possible. When you're young and cannot use your house, you find times and places to still get together – literally. Tonight on the bus was going to be one of those times.

The Journey Begins

As the bus left their town it was still daylight. Evening was about to set in; but for now, everybody could see each other and the music and conversation was flowing. Excitement was in the air. Brian was sitting next to the window and Kris was sitting next to him. They were on the left side of the bus. In the back seat directly across from them were Kris's best friend Denise, and her boyfriend Frank.

Frank and Brian were friends, but not best friends who hung out with each other all the time. Yet they had become much more familiar with each other through their girlfriends. Kris and Denise were inseparable. Likewise, Brian and Frank had begun to learn more and more about the other and what was going on physically in their relationship.

Girls talk. Numerous times Kris would tell Brian about something that Denise and Frank tried and as it turned out, it went the other way as well. Indirectly, the four of them were teaching each other all how to be better lovers and try new things sexually.

The guys were stuck in the window seats which made it hard to talk. Of course, Kris and Denise were talking across the aisle all the time.

As the sun started to set, the shadows began to move throughout the bus as it traveled down the freeway past the highway lights. At 65 miles an hour, a new streetlight came up approximately every seven seconds or so. Therefore, it was just enough light to see what was going on in the bus on those brief occasions.

There was a lull in the conversation and Kris and Brian were sitting quietly. Brian then decided it was time to try something new. He placed his right hand on Kris's left knee and started to stroke her bare thigh. From experience, the girls knew how hot the bus got on a long drive and so they never put their sweatpants on underneath their skirts. Instead, all the cheerleaders simply had on their "spankies". For all intensive purposes, it was black bikini underwear for all to see.

Several strokes up and down her thigh and Kris knew where this would go. In fact, she even began to separate her knees almost immediately. Brian's next motion up her leg now moved towards her inner thigh. His fingertips continued to caress her thigh back and forth and the sensation was fabulous for Kris. In fact, she started to twitch. The idea of doing something here in front of everyone made her extremely turned on.

It did not take Brian long to finally move his hand up further and now place his hand directly on her crotch. Her black spankies were tight and Brian could actually feel the contours of her pussy that at this point he knew very well. He also could tell that just in the brief time he left his hand there that the material was now starting to dampen.

Kris was extremely aroused and leaned back slightly while scooting her ass forward. This made it a little bit easier for Brian to apply pressure. His angle was difficult and so he simply used his fist to push directly against her pussy through the material. This was enough to get her started. Her breathing was now heavy and her hips started to move in motion with Brian's fist.

Kris's silence for this time period might as well have been a five alarm warning to Denise and Frank. The fact that the two girls had been talking and almost always did made Kris's silence for this period of time overtly obvious. Denise looked at her friend and saw what was happening.

"Oh, my God," She said too loud at first, and quieted her tone midsentence. Then she continued to sit and watch.

Seeing her girlfriend in the starting stages of sexual excitement quickly got her own juices running. She watched as Brian continued to move his hand between Kris's legs. She could not see exactly what was going on, but her imagination brought wonderful thoughts to mind. Yet those thoughts were not enough to satisfy her at this point.

Denise then tapped Frank on the side. He had been talking to another friend, Alan, in the seat in front of him.

"What?" He asked her.

She didn't say anything but instead motioned her head behind her and to the left. Within seconds, Frank saw what Denise was trying to tell him. At the same time, he watched his girlfriend as she spread her legs wider within her seat. He understood what she was telling him.

Now Frank moved his left hand up Denise's thigh and underneath her skirt. He too had to contend with the same black spankies that Brian was dealing with. At this point there was no working around them and instead decided to work through them. Frank used his fingertips and fast to move up and down and push forward on Denise's pussy. After several minutes she too was wet with anticipation.

At this point, Kris noticed what her girlfriend had started to mimic. She tapped Brian on the shoulder and briefly pointed that way. Brian now was in pain because the erection under his jeans was so hard. The excitement and sound of his girlfriend as he caressed her pussy had already brought his cock to attention. But now he watched Denise as she started to writhe up and down on Frank's hand.

The complexity of the situation was slightly increased because of the fact that Denise had interrupted Frank's conversation with Alan to show him what was happening. Needless to say, Alan also understood what she was trying to tell him. So Alan sat in front of Frank and continued to look back watching both women enjoy their ride.

The sun had gone down almost completely by now. This left some privacy for the two couples. Yet every seven seconds or so the light made it very clear as to what was going on. Kris became so turned on she started to caress her left breast through her cheerleading sweater. It was hard for her to get a good grip because of the large megaphone patch with "BHS" across the front. So instead, she now moved her hand up her sweater and began to caress her breasts directly with only her bra in the way.

Brian continued his motions up and down and finally attempted to try to pull the spankies aside in order to get his fingers inside her pussy. However, the material was too tight. There was just no way he could work around them. So instead, he continued to push on them. They were now shoved deep inside Kris from Brian's efforts the past 10 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Denise and Frank were in the same situation. Denise also took her cue from Kris and now had one hand up her own shirt. She also now moved her other hand to start to caress Frank's cock. Brian was the first to notice that.

"Look at her other hand," he whispered to Kris.

Within seconds, Kris was trying to mimic her girlfriend's motions. Brian was the lucky recipient. Kris' left hand was now rubbing his cock. It felt wonderful. The only problem was it was difficult to get much sensation through his jeans. Kris did her best to stroke up and down the shaft through the denim material.

The bus had settled down. There was still music playing but it was not as loud as before. People were starting to simply settle in for at least another 60 minutes left of the ride. Because of the length of the trip, Brian decided to try for more.

He removed his hands from between Kris's legs and instead slid his fingers up the outside of her leg until he reached the waistband of her spankies underneath her skirt. He started to pull. Here is where he saw the first signs of hesitation from Kris. She still was fondling her own breasts and she used her other hand to bring his hand back between her legs.

He took his cue and continued this motion for five more minutes or so. He couldn't take it any longer though. He wanted to enter her with his fingers so bad. He moved his hand to the outside of her leg and up to her hip. He tried again. She knocked his hand aside. He again was disappointed, but not for long.

Apparently, the additional time working on her crotch had turned Kris on enough. After moving his hand, in one brief and sudden move she grabbed the waistband of both her underwear and spankies while lifting her ass off the seat. Within seconds, they were at her ankles. One blink later they were simply bundled up in her hand. She placed them in the outside pocket of her gym bag on the floor. As she sat back in the seat she spread her legs wide enough to accommodate Brian's hand fully.

Denise and Frank had seen the whole thing. Both Kris and Brian could see Frank was also stroking himself and the heavy breathing from Denise was more and more apparent. Many times in the past Kris had told Denise about some of the new sexual things she tried. Within several days, Denise would usually confirm to Kris that she also tried the same thing. In fact, Brian and Kris had recently found this to be a very interesting concept.

So Frank and Denise seemed to do whatever Brian and Kris did. This was no different. Brian watched as Denise's hands moved up to her hips and grabbed her undergarments. After the same fluid motion as his girlfriend had done, Denise pulled them down and off. Likewise, they were in her gym bag within seconds.

This seemed to turn Kris on even more. The wetness between her legs began to drip all over the seat. In fact, every once in a while the noise of the juices within her pussy could be heard despite the sound of the bus and the people on it. As Brian started to move his fingers in and out at a faster pace, the noise was more obvious.

Denise and Frank were doing the exact same thing. In fact, Frank had the benefit because they were on the right side. He was leaning to his left and able to use his right hand to finger his girlfriend. Brian unfortunately was working with his non-dominant left. But he was still managing.

It was then that he felt Kris start to unbutton his Levi's 501 blue jeans. These were extremely popular, but they were a little more difficult to manage than your average zipper. But Kris had practice and unbuttoned them quickly. Seconds later, she had the waistband of his underwear tucked under his scrotum and his cock was totally exposed. She started to stroke him at a good steady pace with her left hand.

Kris then looked at the seat in front of Frank and Denise. Alan was now sitting next to the aisle. Apparently he had switched with the girl sitting next to him. This actually helped because she might have done or said something had she known what was going on. With her next to the window, she would never know. Alan however, knew exactly what was going on. And he couldn't contain himself.

Kris felt her boyfriend work his fingers inside her while she stroked his cock and looked straight ahead as if nothing was going on. In the darkness as they passed under the headlights she could now see that Alan was watching her and masturbating. His pants were unzipped and his cock was inside his right hand. This turned her on immensely. The idea she was not only pleasing Brian, but she was also pleasing Frank and Alan. She couldn't handle it and she decided to take a chance like nothing she had ever done before.

Her left hand was getting tired and she stopped stroking Brian's cock. Instead, she lifted her hand and reached behind his head. She kissed him deeply.

"Fuck me." She told him.

He didn't need to be told twice. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He had one condom and he quickly pulled it out. He set his wallet back down beside him and pulled his pants down completely to his knees. The vinyl of the school bus seat felt extremely strange on his bare ass. But he didn't care. He could not believe how much his hands were shaking as he tried to open the condom. Kris took it from his hands and helped him out. Seconds later, it was unrolled and completely covering his shaft.

She stood up as much as she could within that seat and took a side step closer to the window hovering directly over Brian's erect penis. Brian grabbed her skirt and lifted it up so he could see her bare ass as it slowly lowered. All the while, he felt his dick as it entered his girlfriend's warm and inviting pussy.

Kris meanwhile enjoyed this feeling more so than any other time her boyfriend had entered her. It could've been the risky location. It might've been watching her girlfriend in such pleasure. It also could have been watching Brian's best friend as he jacked off fantasizing about her. She didn't know exactly why this felt so good, but she didn't care either. Instead, she started moving up and down her boyfriend's cock with reckless abandon.

She normally was very slow and methodical. They had done it in this position before. In fact, she liked this position because she could control the pace, as well as the motion. Most times Brian played the role of an anxious teenager and would start pumping away too fast. By being on top, she could move slowly and make sure all the right spots were touched. Furthermore, she could ensure that his cock would go as deep and slow as she wanted it. Tonight, she did not want it slow.

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