Umeki Does Duty for Her Best Friend's Son

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Umeki was so lucky to have a neighbor like Mrs. Kiko. When she explains her concerns about her young son's lack of expertise with the opposite sex, Umeki volunteers to tutor the young boy with some "hands on" exercises. The fact that her husband was away on one of his long voyages added to her determination to erase the concern from her best friend's mind.

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Umeki was a shy person even though she had been married now to Mr. Taniya for almost ten years. She married him when she was just sixteen as a girl fresh from the country. The pretty woman was almost fifteen years younger than her best friend and neighbor Mrs. Kiko and only six years older than her respected friend's obedient son Tonako. Tonako's friends called him Tony for short and he had many male friends but even though he had just passed his nineteenth birthday he did not have a steady girlfriend.

Umeki had two children of her own, a boy and a girl called Hiro and Uhira. They looked a lot alike and were only two years apart at six and eight. They were both well behaved and followed her instructions explicitly without question. Her seafaring husband was often absent from the tidy home because he had to follow the migratory patterns of the schools of deep sea fish. He usually took all three of his fishing boats out like a pack of sea wolves searching far and wide for the best locations to make them all prosperous.

Sometimes when she had to go to the store unexpectedly, she would "borrow" Tony to tend her children to make sure they didn't get into mischief. Since they were so attentive and obedient that was a low-risk concern but she felt better knowing the strong young lad was there to watch over them.

The petite housewife was grateful for the friendship of her best friend Mrs. Kiko and she knew how lucky she was to have such a kind and friendly neighbor.

When she joined the usually calm and emotionless woman for tea that chilly morning, Umeki could see that her friend was in a stress from some troubling thought that refused to leave her at peace. She was conflicted in her reaction because she did not want to pry into business that did not concern her. Eventually, it was her distress over watching the older woman's tears fall unimpeded to the matted floor that finally prompted her to inquire if there was anything she could do to help her friend return to normal.

"It is my son that worries me, dearest friend, he is at that age when he feels the urge to sample the joys of female flesh and it fills his mind with terrible desire during his waking hours. I caught him reading those nasty stories again last night and he was in a worrisome state of frustrated need to insert his manhood into a woman's private place. I am so afraid he will do something desperate and want to give him solace but I feel I am too old and am afraid of my husband's displeasure if I tend to his needs."

Umeki knew it was customary for the mother to take care of such matters when they arose but that it often caused domestic conflict and should be used only as a last resort. She knew her own beloved mother had eased the transition of her own older brothers into manhood with her generous body but in the country it had seemed more innocent away from the hedonistic society of the bustling city.

"Do not be sad, Mrs. Kiko, I will do the duty to tend to young Tony. We just have to be sure he does not suspect it is from our pity for his failure to enlist the aid of one of the many giggling pretty young things with a loose attitude. He must think it is his manly attraction that had made me succumb to his youthful charms."

The older woman brightened up considerably.

"Oh, Umeki, you have made me so happy. Finally, my angel will know the joy of spilling his seeds inside the welcoming folds of a female secret place and not randomly on pieces of clothing and into tissues when nobody is looking."

They chatted for some time about the best way to introduce young Tony to the world of furry bushes and eager nipples. It was decided that sooner was better than later and Umeki ran back to her apartment to take a hot bath with the scents she used to tantalize the nostrils of her ardent husband when he returned from a long voyage. Usually, she would satisfy her craving in the bath but since her plans included the long hard shaft of young Tony, she abstained from the degrading exercise and let her anticipation for the evening deliver the happy flutters to her weeping slit.

She also prepared her rear portal for possible activity but was determined that young Tony would not learn such depravities from her. It would be far too shameful to explain to his mother that it was she who had introduced him to anal pleasure. Umeki had always been skittish about such foolishness until late after her husband returned from a voyage to the hard rough shores of Korea with new desires for her virgin backside. It grieved her no end to submit to his new-found obsession but she knew she was duty-bound to obey his wishes in such matters. She had consulted with the advisor at the community center about the sinful practice and the kindly woman had told her it was something "normal" people did not take part in and that she should try to wean her husband away from it as quickly as possible.

Tony's return from school that afternoon was exciting to her for more reasons than he could possibly suspect. Umeki had told her best friend Mrs. Kiko that she would try to get her best friend's son into a joyful embrace on the mat in the wash room they both shared between them. She knew that the long room had many decorative transoms ripe for voyeuristic joy. It seemed only fitting that the mother should be allowed to watch her only son enter the paradise of female flesh for the very first time and see his face as he spent his load inside her best friend.

Umeki found that she was actually trembling inside in anticipation of being submissive to young Tony's needs and that she was feeling the emptiness of her husband's absence for so many weeks. She would be the last one to admit it to her friend but her sense of duty and sacrifice had faded away in the face of her instinctive need to couple with a vigorous male with the desire to bury his manhood inside her heated core.

Her children went happily to Mrs. Kiko to watch the new television with color pictures. It was a treat for them and would keep them happily occupied while young Tony became a man.

The knock on her door brought Umeki to the door in a swift and happy glide. She aided the young man to remove his shoes and asked him to help tighten her sink pipe with her husband's large tool. When he was flat on his back, she hovered above him knowing that he could see up her short skirt and enjoy the view of her pretty pink panties without difficulty. The longer he worked on the pipe, the more she managed to shift and twist so her panties would move sensuously over her bushy slit. A quick look backwards confirmed that his shaft was pointed straight up to the ceiling and was throbbing with great distress.

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