Master PC: A Firm Hand
Chapter 15

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 15 - Harper McLain liberates a copy of the Master PC program from his depraved neighbor who had used it to turn his wife into a mindless sex toy. After returning her to the way she was and erasing all evidence of his neighbor's actions, can Harper make good on his promise to rid himself of the program forever?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Body Modification   science fiction sex story, computer sci-fi sex story

A small, black duffel bag dangled from Rakti's hand as she ran her eyes over Harper and his maid. Harper knew the look in Rakti's eyes and pursed lips wasn't exactly anger. There was displeasure there for certain, but what animated those brown pools was envy. While Rakti would never hold it against Harper for being with anyone other than her, she did have a certain proprietary attitude about where his cock should be going. The moment Harper spotted the green monster moving in those depths, however, it was gone. Banished by what Harper expected was sheer force of will.

"Hope you've got enough stamina left for me, lover..." Rakti's knee length black overcoat rustled as she put her free hand haughtily on her hip.

"It'll be your fault if I don't," Harper replied hotly. A frown twisted his mouth as he spat the bitter words out. "I waited for you."

Now it was Rakti's turn to frown. "I had to get ready! I took a bath, gave myself a couple of ... Wait. Where's Ash?"

Harper pulled out of Bailey who sighed and gave his cock one last loving caress with her fingertips. Standing, he shook his head at the platinum blonde on the bed as she plunged her fingers back into herself and began rubbing her way to another orgasm. Her lust was nearly as bad as Ashley's now.

"Out with some coworkers. She'll get back later," Harper told Rakti as he cleaned himself off with an errant towel. The clatter of Bailey's piercings drifted through the air, just barely audible beneath the conversation.

"Hmph. Well, whatever. Actually, I'm glad you fucked your maid. I've got something very special in mind for you and I'll need a lot of warming up," the Indian woman grinned. She sashayed to Harper and placed one brown hand on his chest while the other let go of the duffel bag which struck the floor with a surprisingly solid thump. "You and I are going to have sooo much fun tonight."

Harper's secretary planted a kiss on his lips and slipped the jacket off, revealing her body in all its nut brown glory. Her small, pert breasts with their darker brown nipples were already hard in anticipation of whatever it was she had planned. The familiar gleam of barbell resting in her belly button, the hourglass of her waist and broad hips all drew his eyes down to her smooth and freshly shaven slit. The only strips of clothing she still had on as the jacket hit the floor were her stockings, garter belt, and pair of heels.

"I'm still pissed at you ... But I have to say I like the outfit, Rakti."

"You'll like what's in there, too. Take a look. I dare you," she finished flirtatiously as she seated herself on the bed next to Bailey. The blonde looked at her, blue eyes wide with fear, but didn't fight as the dark woman peeled her fingers away from her clit then leaned down and ran her tongue along Bailey's puffy, slimy lips.

"Oooooh! That feels good, Mistress," Bailey cooed as Rakti buried her face in her cunt. Harper watched Bailey throw her head back and her toes curl as slurping noises filled the room.

Harper stirred as he watched the two, but couldn't shake his curiosity over what awaited him in the bag by his feet. What had Rakti brought that had her so excited?

"Whoa," he whispered as he unzipped it. The answer to his question was: her entire toy drawer.

There were three different black plugs in increasing sizes, an inflatable dildo, a bottle of lubricant, a change of clothes, and a long, heavy toy that seemed to be made of solid beige silicone. It had four oval bumps in it, one every couple inches, that looked like they were practically two inches in thickness. Moreover, the thing was longer than his arm! Harper couldn't see how something this huge could ever fit inside anyone, let alone someone as small as his Indian secretary. As Harper hefted it experimentally feeling its weight, he realized the noises of the two women on the bed had stopped. Glancing up, he found both of them staring at the toy in his hands; Bailey with curiosity and Rakti with an expectant grin plastered on her now slimy face.

"That's my favorite toy you're holding. I've only gotten three of those wonderful eggs into me, but I know we'll fit them all tonight," she smiled. Turning back to the reclining woman in bed with her, she grabbed Bailey by the chin and dragged her face toward her own until only inches separated them. "What do you say to me, bitch?"

"Thank you, Mistress Rakti," Bailey responded obediently, carefully lowering her eyes.

"Good girl." The correct response earned Bailey a soft pat on the cheek from the darker woman. Sitting up, Rakti collected the some of the goo on her face with a finger and sucked it clean, but it hardly made a difference. Her face was completely plastered from chin to nose. Gratefully, she accepted the towel Harper tossed her and wiped her face clean of the maid's fluids and Harper's semen. "Thanks, lover. Think you're about ready to play with me?"

Harper glanced down at the almost comically large toy in his hands and those that still waited patiently within the bag. Rakti had never made any secret of her fondness for anal play, but so far they'd never even broached the subject. Desire grew in him once more and the expectant look on Rakti's face left little doubt that she was far beyond description of the word "excited". Maybe this would be fun. "I think so."

Rakti squealed. "Scooch your head down to the foot of the bed and put that tongue piercing of yours to work on my clit while Harper plays with me, bitch," she ordered Bailey before straddling the woman's face and lowering her smooth snatch to the maid's already waiting mouth. "Do a good job and I might even return the favor."

Rakti raised her ass high in the air, showing off the same butt plug she had worn the day before. Harper put the huge toy back in the bag, crossed over to the bed, and placed it next to the already writhing women before climbing onto the bed. Bailey didn't even notice as Harper began working the plug that nestled between Rakti's cheeks. Her tongue simply maintained the rapid flicks over the brown woman's button.

The plug came out slowly. First the narrow part above its flared base and then the wider bulge meant to anchor it in place. Rakti groaned as her sphincter strained to hold onto the plug once more and soon Harper saw why. The plug wasn't terribly thick but it was much longer than the ones she usually wore and ribbed rather than smooth. Her tight ring expanded and contracted as each ridge and valley passed through. With one final grunt from Rakti, the dildo popped free.

"Skip the smaller one, Harp," Rakti begged. "That'll only only tease me."

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