Weekly Tram

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A boy returning home meets a girl on the tram. After they have sex a few boys from a gang try to take the girl and he defends her. When he wakes in the hospital he finds out the rest of the gang are after him.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I went to a boarding school for six days each week. When I turned fourteen my parents finally let me take the tram to and from the city. I took the tram for two years before anything happened. The new school year had started and the first week seemed to fly by quickly. I pulled the case with my laundry after me as I boarded the tram.

The ride was about an hour and a half long. I lifted the case into a rack and went looking for a seat. Most of the people were standing and there were no seats so I grabbed a bar. A few moments later a red head from school walked onto the tram. She looked around and I hesitated before going to help her lift the case into the rack.

I turned back to the bar and she looked around before following. She held another bar right next to me and looked around. I watched her and she look at me and smiled, "I am Ginny."

I smiled back, "James."

I looked her over, "you were at my school."

She blinked and then nodded, "it is my first year."

We were quiet and then the tram shifted and the doors closed. It started moving and I had to turn to catch my balance and she backed up and into me. She looked back and then down as my cock began to get hard against her butt. She wiggled and grinned before looking around. We had the luggage rack to the right and people all around us.

She reached back and lifted her skirt a little and I heard her whisper, "I do not wear panties."

She was still pressed against me and bent forward at the waist and I barely hesitated as I opened my pants. I pulled my cock out and spread my legs and felt her hand position my cock as she tilted her hips. I pushed and held her hips as I slowly worked my cock into her tight, warm and slippery pussy.

She sighed and I held her hips as I began to hump and press and her warm pussy squeezed. I let her skirt fall to cover what we were doing as I kept humping and fucking into her with short jabs. A few minutes later she grabbed the bar she was holding and her pussy clenched. She spasmed and jerked as I buried my cock and held her.

She kept shaking as I grunted and began pumping sperm into her. She pushed back as I kept spurting and sighed as she looked over her shoulder. When I was done she wiggled and her slimy pussy squeezed. I grinned and started to fuck her and stopped as the tram slowed. It came to a stop and a the man beside the luggage rack stood and started for the door.

I grinned as I held her and backed to the seat and sat. She sat and grinned as she shifted and her pussy tightened, "this is better."

She squirmed and wiggled and rolled her hips and I came three times before we stopped and just talked. That was when the three gang members boarded the tram. I watched as they looked around at everyone and whispered. They started towards us and moved around us and one pulled a sonic cutter, "how about letting us fuck you girl? You can be our gang whore."

Ginny was shaking and shook her head and one bent and yanked to rip her blouse. I came to my feet and she spilled onto the floor. My left hand snatched the wrist of the hand holding the cutter and I twisted and yanked and took it away, "back off and go play with yourself."

They sneered and the guy I had grabbed rubbed his wrist as they stepped back, "big mistake prep."

They looked at each other and then they were pulling compact plasma pistols. When they reached into their jackets my right hand pulled a tube from a long thigh pocket as I stepped in front of Ginny. The first bullet hit me high and in the left shoulder. I twisted but managed to point the tube and touch the button.

A stun bag shot out and hit the one on the left as another bullet hit me in the side. I staggered at the tearing pain ripping through me and pointed the tube and fired again. The first guy was down and spasming and the second bag struck another in the face. He went down as two more bullets ripped through my chest.

I started to fall but pointed at the last guy as he turned to run. The stun bag struck him in the spine between his shoulders. He fell and spasmed with the other two as I lay trying to breath and choked on blood. I was very lucky because one of the women on the tram had training. She found the emergency stasis bag and had help putting me in it.

Of course it was a quarter of an hour before constables shut the stun bags off and arrested the gang members. I was rushed to the hospital and the doctors had to operate while I was in a stasis field. It was six hours before I opened my eyes and I was in a private room. I had tubes and wires connected to me and turned my head to see my parents.

Ginny moved to the bed and slipped her hand into mine, "James?"

I looked the other way at her and smiled, "they did not hurt you?"

She shook her head, "you stopped them."

I tried to squeeze her hand and had to try harder. Mom bent to hug me and I looked over her at my father. He grinned, "the doctors asked about the semen stains."

I blushed as mom turned and hissed and Ginny giggled, "most of it was in me and my mom laughed when I had to tell her."

I relaxed and let the pain meds work, "how bad?"

They sobered and dad cleared his throat, "they had to replace one lung and there was a lot of internal damage and bleeding. There was muscle damage to the shoulder and hip and the stomach."

He looked at the door and I followed it to see a constable. He walked to the foot of the bed, "we need a statement."

That was a little different and he smiled and left out the part where Ginny and I had been fucking. No one else had realized it so as far as he and the law were concerned it never happened. They were glad I was alive and more than pleased with the gang members in custody. Ginny left and then mom and dad.

Of course dad had slipped a fully loaded stun bag pistol under my hand. Instead of six shots the pistol had ten. I slept with the help of a sombulance and woke to a doctor checking me. I felt a lot better and after he left a nurse came in to wash me. She smiled a lot when she had to wash my cock and then she left.

I looked at Ginny when she came in with mom and then I frowned as a constable followed them in. The gang the men belonged to had made several threats and the constables believed they would try something here. Mom blushed when she tried to slip her compact neurol beam stunner into my hand and found the stun bag pistol.

I grinned as I took her stunner and carefully moved it to my other hand. Ginny was talking and giggling with me about the next time I would get to fuck her. Mom was even giving her ideas while the constable snorted and kept grinning. The first sign of trouble was when the constable stepped out to check something.

I heard the shot and jerked before looking around. I pointed to a set of tall cabinets, "Ginny, mom get in the cabinets."

I struggled to pull the tubes and wires out and mom hissed as she tried to stop me. I growled as I kept pulling them out, "hide now!"

I moved off the bed and staggered before I turned and picked up both the stun bag pistol and the compact stunner. I staggered to the door as mom and Ginny were squeezing into the cabinet. I peeked out and saw the constable on the hall floor and three young guys walking towards me.

I twisted and ignored the pain as I aimed and fired and shifted and fired. The last guy was lifting his pistol when the stun bag struck his chest. He went down spasming like the other two as I moved out of the doorway and knelt. I grabbed the constable by the hand and started pulling him back into the room and he growled, "get in the room kid."

The pain hurt worse than anything I could remember but I kept pulling him until he was in the room. I stayed on my knees and moved back to the door to peer down the hall at the three spasming men. I turned to look the other way and across the hall as a stairway door opened. Four guys walked out holding pistols.

I lifted the stunner and began shooting like I was on a practice range. The guys dropped and went still as I checked the charge, "that makes seven."

I glanced back at the constable, "think there will be more?"

He shifted and struggled to toss a stunner from his belt, "always expect more and they will not surprise you."

I looked at the spreading pool of blood and glanced out and both ways before I yelled, "we need a doctor!"

A woman peeked out of another room and I gestured, "the constable was shot."

She looked both ways before she ran out and down to my room. It was a minute before I heard a shout and glanced out to see a half dozen guys with weapons. I turned as I brought up the stunner and the stun bag pistol. I began firing and they stopped and shot back which was dumb since they were in the middle of the hallway.

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