Memoirs of a Hoppa
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A half Japanese, half American boy struggles to fit in until he realizes that being himself is all he needs. Watch as he learns and grows on his journey to manhood.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   Workplace   School  

"Jared! Dinner!."

My mother yelled at me from the kitchen. I ignored it, my eyes stuck to the letter in my hands. I gasped as droplets hit the letter. I hadn't realized I'd been crying.


I dropped the letter and turned, running out of my room. I wiped my tears on my sleeve, embarrassed and not wanting my family to know that I'd been crying.

"Dude, you alright man?"

My friend's voice shook me out of my reverie.


"FUCK!" I yelled as I crashed into the metal, support beam. A couple of girls giggled nearby. I blushed and looked down at the ground. My friend Bryan grinned at me and offered his hand in support.

"Thanks." I patted the dust off my jeans. I noticed that Bryan was staring at me. "What?"

Bryan blinked. His face turned serious.

"Dude, you've been out of it ever since Katrina broke up with you."

Sigh. Not this shit again. Bryan must've seen the look in my eyes.

"Look man. Its over and done with. You gotta move on.You're still young! You got all of high school to get another girlfriend."

I grimaced. "I gave my whole life to her Bry. I don't know what I did wrong." I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"That's why you've got to get out of your shell. Go hang out with your friends."

I felt a pit form in my stomach. "What friends?" As much as I hated to admit it, I think I knew what had pushed Katrina away from me. I had been so infatuated with Katrina that I neglected my old friends. "You're probably the only person I'd consider a friend. But we've known each other since we were little. So you don't really count."

Bryan looked at me with pity in his eyes. "I told you J, it's not a good idea to get too attached." He lightly patted my shoulder. "Cheer up bro, I think this is actually good for you. You've been so lost in this wonderland fantasy with Katrina that you haven't really gotten to experience high school. Cherish your moment here. Time flies by quickly."

He glanced at his Junior friends waiting nearby. "I've gotta bounce J, but seriously. Cheer up! Things can only get better from here."

He's right. I gotta pull my ass out of my head. I gave him a faint smile. "Thanks Bryan." I was grateful for his support.

Bryan smiled when he noticed the improved look in my eyes. "Gotta watch out for my favorite freshman," he grinned. He gave me a little wave as he turned and went to his friends. Watching him for a second longer, I felt a twinge in my stomach as he laughed with his friends. Sometimes I wished that we were the same age.


Oh shit I moved quickly, realizing that I was going to be late.

Thankfully, my Biology teacher Mrs. Allan did not care too much about tardiness. I managed to squeeze myself into an open seat near the back of the room. As Mrs. Allan took roll, my mind started to wander. What a way to start off high school.

My name is Jared Cook. I'm 14 years old and I've been a high school Freshmen at Mission San Jose High School for about a month now. I had just come out of a six month relationship with my ex Katrina. It was rather childish the way we broke up. Her best friend Andrea came up to me one day and handed me a letter. Inside, Katrina had written some cheesy song lyrics about "Never Forgetting You" and "I Will Always Love You" and stuff. Yeah, it was extremely corny but hey, what'd you expect? We were both Freshmen.

Anyways, since high school started, I had not really gotten to meet new people. Instead, I always either had my hand around Katrina's waist or over her shoulder. She was my everything. I even had plans to finally kiss her at the upcoming Homecoming Dance. It was kind of why the breakup had hurt so much. I was completely caught unaware.

"Jared Cook?"

I blinked, my mind snapping back to reality as Mrs. Allan called my name.

"Here," I chirped. As she continued down the list, I sank back into my chair. Hmm?

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked right into the eyes of the girl sitting next to me. She quickly turned to face Mrs. Allan as she realized I had caught her staring, blushing as she did so. I glanced at her briefly wondering if I should say something. However, Mrs. Allan started to lecture and I lost my nerve.


This day had been a failure. Although I had tried and see if I could meet some of my classmates, it seemed like everyone already had their groups and cliches formed. As I walked through the quad, I looked at how every group was segregated in their own area.

I stood awkwardly in the middle of the quad, not sure where to go.

"Hey Jared!"

I turned to see Bryan and his Junior friends standing nearby.

"Come and meet some of my friends."

I took one last glance around the quad and thought. What the hell.

I walked over. "Hey."

"Oooooo. He's cute," smiled a girl who was seated. "Is this your little brother?"

Jared explained to his friends that we were close family friends and that I had come out of a relationship which is why no one really saw me around. As he talked, I stared at the girl who had called me "cute." Her long black hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a maroon tank top with white cutoff shorts. My eyes wandered down her long legs that ended at a pair of brown boots.

I looked at her face and noticed that she caught me staring. Her eyes twinkling, she gave me a smile.

"Oops!" She said as her phone dropped onto the ground. I watched, my eyes captivated, as she bent over with an exaggerated slowness to pick up her phone. My eyes shot down as I was given a nice glance down her shirt. She had very nice developed breasts, and they were much larger than an average Asian girl's. When our eyes met again, I could tell that she had done it on purpose and I blushed furiously.

Thankfully, Bryan had finished his narrative and was introducing me to his friends. I learned that the girl who was teasing me was named Vivian Wong. I made a mental note to remember that. Hey, you never know.

"I really like your hair Jared." I looked at one of the other girls smiling at me. Uh ... I think her name was Dana... ?

"Thanks," I smiled. Katrina had loved my hair too. She always loved playing around with it.

The last girl next to Bryan smiled. "We always said that Jared got the better half genes on that side."

I blushed as she stared at me. The last girl was Lisa Chung. She and Bryan have been dating since they were freshmen, so about two years now. I had met her a few times and she called me Bryan's halfie little brother.

Growing up, I was conflicted over my mixed heritage. As the son of a 6'2 American man and a 5'7 Japanese woman, I was lucky enough to inherit my father's height. Currently, I stood a solid 5'8 which is an above average height especially since Mission San Jose High is 85% Asian. However, because I grew up with a lot of black haired, Asian friends, I was teased about my light brown hair. Up through junior high, I had worn beanies or hats to cover my hair.

In March of 8th grade, I met Katrina. Though I had always known who she was, we never really talked or hung out. One day when I was rushing to class, I turned a corner and collided with another figure.

"Omg," she squeaked. "I'm so sorry."

"That's alright. Don't worry about it." I bent down retrieving my books.

"Oh hey, you dropped your hat."

At her words, I stiffened. My hand went to the top of my head, feeling my hair. I looked up at the girl and took my hat back from her.

"Thanks," I murmured as I placed my cap back on. She smiled at me and gave me a little look.

"You know, your hair looks good on you. Its a shame really to hide it behind hats and beanies all the time."

With a little wave, she walked towards her class. I stood there shocked, staring at her as my mind processed her words. Fast forward a few weeks, we got to know each other a lot better and became a couple. Although I never asked her out, I was always too shy, we considered ourselves as a couple. Though now that I think about it, was it just me who thought that? I remember one day we were holding hands walking to class and one of her friends stopped in front of us and blatantly asked, "So are you two going out now?" With a little giggle, Katrina had said, "Ask him." When her friend looked expectantly at me, I blushed and walked into my next class without responding.

As our relationship went one, we would go shopping together. Katrina loved to shop and she loved dress me up in different outfits. I used to dress up in baggy outfits to compliment my hats and beanies. Katrina changed all that. Bryan and Lisa used to always tease me about Katrina saying how I looked less like a hobo now that I was with her. Even though we broke up, I still found it routine to dress myself in form fitting dress shirts and jeans.

"So Bryan," said Lisa shaking me out of my own thoughts. "Are you going to tryout for the basketball team?"

"Yeah dude," grinned Bryan. "Just like old times."

Bryan and I played on the same club basketball teams through elementary school. Our mom's were both teammates in college and when they had us, pushed us both to play basketball as well. I was always a point guard while Bryan was a wing player. I would consider myself a pretty good player, having been coached by my mom when I was younger. As a result, I had my fundamentals down pretty solid and combined with my above average athleticism, I was able to become a starter in most if not all of my respective teams. Bryan on the other hand was amazing. He always had not only a more physical advantage in terms of height and muscle mass, but he also had amazingly high basketball IQ.

"We could really use you," continued Bryan. "Our team hasn't been doing so hot the last couple of years."

Like I previously said, Mission San Jose High is a predominantly Asian high school. It was difficult for our school to excel in certain sports like basketball and football given the lack of physical talent. Even Bryan, with his above average body, was outmatched physically by the opposing team. Despite his physical shortcomings, Bryan was still able to become a dominant presence on the court. His freshmen year, he was at huge part of the undefeated Freshman basketball team. I remember reading the local news that identified him as a "man among boys" and the "future hope of Mission Athletics." His sophomore year saw him as the youngest player on the Varsity team of juniors and seniors. Despite being just a bench player, he was able to put up some solid stats averaging 12 points and 5 assists.

Bryan grinned at me. "I told Coach that a great point guard friend of mine would be an incoming freshman. Hey who knows, you might even make Varsity," he joked.

"Sounds good," I said. "Let me know when tryouts are."

"Will do," Bryan said as he started to walk to his car. "See ya J."

"Bye Jared," smiled Lisa as she grasped her boyfriends hand.

"Byeeee Jareddddd," chanted the other girls.

They giggled loudly as I turned beet red.

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