by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A Solider gets out of the space force and finds a home and new life on a pleasure world. First with four daughters of slaves and then running a fishing boat for tourists.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I took a deep breath as I looked out over the ocean. I smiled and turned to the tanned man waiting for me. I was twenty three and just out of the Space Force. One year of intense training and five years with a commando unit. I followed the man out onto the wide floating dock, it was a hundred meters long and a boat was at the end.

It was a large tri hull, seventy meters long and thirty wide. A week later I was loading the last of the supplies. I had noticed a large fit looking man buying supplies too, probably because he had four beautiful women with him and a lot of teenage girls. I was still getting used to seeing all the women naked here.

Even the four naked teenage girls with him made me want to fuck them. I already had ten clients for my first excursion but first I was going fishing since I needed to know how. I turned as someone cleared his throat, "yes?"

It was the man I had noticed with the naked women. Now that they were closer I noticed they each wore a thin filigree collar. The man smiled, "nice boat."

I glanced at the boat and grinned, "thanks."

He held out his hand, "I am Samuel Stone."

I took his hand, "Jason Grey."

Samuel turned and I saw the four girls but unlike the four stunning women, their collars had thin golden leashes. I looked at the man and he shook his head, "my daughters are stubborn and seem to think you are the man they want."

I blinked and looked at the girls and he chuckled, "do you have four credits Jason?"

I looked at him and absently pulled a small five credit coin from my shorts. I handed it to him, "why?"

He grinned and held his hand out. The four leashes were put into his hand and he turned to hand them to me. As my hand closed on the leashes he smiled again, "because that is how much my daughters cost."

I looked from him to the girls as they moved past him. He looked at them and sighed before turning to the women, "lets go home."

They were walking away but I saw the four women looking back with smiles. I looked at the girls and one cleared her throat, "you will need more supplies."

I looked at her exotic face and then at the others before shaking my head. A few hours later we were out on the ocean. The exotic beauty with black hair and blue eyes was Ash and she looked almost like her sister, Arashi or Ari as they kept calling her. Another of the girls had long golden blonde hair, she was Sarah. The last was a black haired green eyed temptress named Star.

Ash smiled at her sisters, "follow the sat to the closest school."

I looked at her and she took my hand and pulled me back and down into the living area. She led me all the way back to the shipmaster's cabin and turned at the bed, "we have waited for a man like you."

I smiled, "you are young Ash."

She grinned as she reached for my shorts, "we are old enough."

I caught her hands and she smiled, "we do not have our hymen and our father made sure we knew what to expect."

I slowly released her hand and she undid and pulled my shorts down and off. She stared at my cock and then looked up into my face with a grin, "I knew you were meant for us."

I reddened because she was caressing my thick cock. She climbed onto the bed and lay back with her smooth tanned legs spread. I looked at her trimmed pussy before moving onto the bed and between her legs. I opened her pussy to look at her and after a minute leaned forward to lick through it.

She shivered as her hips lifted, "we do that together all the time."

I grinned and pushed my tongue into her to taste a hint of seaberries. I began to nibble and tease her clit before sucking. It was not long before she was shuddering and thrusting her hips up as she got wetter. Several minutes later she wailed and began spasming. It had been almost three years for me.

I moved up her shuddering body and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She grunted and wrapped her legs around me, "fuck!"

I looked at her as I felt her warm pussy tightening. I stopped moving, "I thought you have done this before?"

Ash shuddered and smiled, "no. Dad let us watch our moms though."

I sighed and thought of pulling out of her but began to slowly fuck deeper instead. Ash shuddered and grinned as she lifted her hips to help me drive my cock deeper. When I pushed against her womb she stiffened, "oh!"

I kissed her and pulled back before starting to fuck her with deep strokes. Ash jerked and spasmed and then began to convulse, "ooohhhh!"

She lifted and spread her legs as she continued to wail and jerk around. She squirted a couple of times as her pussy rippled around my cock. I groaned as I buried my cock and held her, "Ash?"

She shuddered and jerked and looked at me before smiling, "it is safe."

I groaned as I peed a gushing stream of cum. She jerked in surprise and then howled as her womb was flooded. She clutched me tight as I shook and jerked while continuing to pour warm cum into her. When I stopped cumming it was leaking around my cock. Ash giggled as she relaxed, "we really need to make sure you cum more often."

I blushed and then laughed, "you girls are in for so much sex."

I pulled out of her and moved off the bed, "I need to check..."

Ash slid out of bed and grabbed my hand, "Ari and Star are doing that."

She waited until I had my shorts on and then pulled me after her. Ari grinned when we walked onto the deck. Star turned and grinned, "this boat was not made for Keys."

I blinked and looked at them and Ari gestured around us, "it was built for rougher seas and bigger and meaner fish."

Star looked at one of the exoskeleton, "these will be perfect, even if they are for fish three times heavier."

I grinned, "I am glad you like it."

She took my hand and pulled me to the port skeleton, "you need to get a line in the water."

She looked at the small speaker in the chair arm as it called out a fish's name. I looked at her and Ari grinned, "those are the fish this school of biotuna are feeding on."

I nodded but kept looking at her and Ash sighed, "Star will program the lure to mimic the bait fish."

I grinned, "now I understand."

I carefully attached the brace with the bio feedback sensors before sitting back in the chair and reaching for the long ocean pole. I watched the line run out as Ash, Star and Ari took turns explaining how to fish for biotuna. I knew they weighted up to twenty five hundred pounds although unconfirmed reports said they could get bigger.

When the fish struck my line it was sudden and violent. There was the adrenalin rush like combat but without someone shooting at me. The fight lasted less than an hour and then it was beside the boat. I jerked when Star grabbed the slim serpent pistol from my waist and moved to the side of the boat.

She aimed and fired and then Ari called out, "targeted!"

Star moved back and Ari called out, "capture! Release the fishing line!"

Ash bumped me and I looked at her before watching as she reached out to flip the release on my pole. The grapple in the lure shut down as Ari began hoisting the large fish along beside the boat. I climbed out of the chair and shed the brace before accepting my pistol from Star. I headed towards the front of the boat as Ari lifted the fish out of the water and over the bow.

Star grinned as she led me to the crane controls where Ari was. I looked and grinned as I saw the fish's weight and size displayed. Ari smiled, "this is where you let the tourist take holos."

I nodded and Ash moved to the center hull and pushed a button on another console. A hatch opened and Ari brought the fish over it and slowly lowered it into the boat. Star pulled me over beside Ash, "this is a lot better than the boats here. You have a small fish processor that will scan and process the fish. It flash freezes the meat before sending the packages to the cargo hold in either the starboard or port hull."

I nodded as I watched the small screen as Ash selected the cuts for the processor. Star shifted and took my hand, "I am horny Jason."

I looked at her as Ash and Ari grinned. I smiled and looked up at the bridge, "follow the school Sarah."

I pulled Star after me and then into the boat and down to my cabin. She turned me and started undressing me. I waited until she was done before laying her down and caressing her body. She smiled and shivered as I played with her breasts and nipples and then she started moaning as I began to finger her pussy.

I moved over her and kissed her before kissing down her body. I licked through her smooth, bald pussy and pushed my tongue into her. I started nibbling on her clit before sucking and teasing it with my tongue. It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked before twisting away as she cried out.

I grinned as I crawled up her body and kissed her again. I lifted up and her hand guided my cock to her wet pussy. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her. She grunted as my thick cock stretched her pussy and slowly went deeper. I kept kissing her as she started fucking me and slowly our hips were meeting.

Her tight pussy got wetter so I was slipping in and out easier. She began to jerk and shudder as she moaned louder. I pushed into her and she arched her back as her pussy grasp my cock, "ooohhhh!"

I started fucking her a little harder and a few minutes later she screamed and began bucking and thrashing around. The third time she did that I thrust into her and held her convulsing body as I started spewing gushes of cum. She stiffened and wrapped her legs around my waist as warm cum filled her womb, "YES!"

I pumped six large spurts of cum into her before stopping and she sighed and hugged me, "mom was right. Feeling a guy pump warm cum into my womb was great."

I laughed and kissed her, "well pumping warm cum into you was great too."

She grinned and hugged me before I pulled out and slid off the bed, "time to show you something else not used here."

I dressed as Star waited and then led her back onto the deck. I pulled what almost looked like a fishing pole from the center storage box on the stern of the center hull. I looked at Ash, Star and Ari, "ready to get busy?"

They grinned and I carefully climbed back into the brace for exoskeleton. I glanced at the bridge intercom, "where is the school Sarah?"

"Five hundred meters directly to the stern."

I nodded and pushed a button on the rode. Instead of line, a large oval dropped over the back of the boat and into the water. Every ten meters a small disk separated from the tip of the rod. I touched another button and a small holo appeared above the pole. I watched carefully until I saw the large fish feeding on the smaller school and targeted a large one.

I touched a small button and murmured, "target locked."

I touched another button and grinned as the oval glowed and snapped away to attach itself to the target. I flipped a switch, "one of you get on the starboard crane."

There was no fighting as the oval held the fish still while the tracker beam quickly brought it back to the ship. I turned the tip of the rod to move the fish along side the starboard side of the boat. Star captured it with the crane and I shut the homemade tractor rod off. I grinned and turned back to send it out again and brought back another large fish.

Ash went to the port crane and after she began pulling the fish in I climbed out of the brace. I took Ari's hand, "your turn?"

She looked at me and then grinned, "you are not going to do that with tourists are you?"

I shook my head, "it is not sporting."

She laughed and almost ran as she pulled me after her and down to my cabin. I smiled and undressed while she laid back on the bed. I crawled on and between her legs before opening her trimmed pussy and licking through it. I pushed my tongue up inside her and covered her clit before teasing it and sucking. She shuddered and moaned as her hips rose off the bed.

I kept licking her and teasing her clit and it was several minutes before she jerked and screamed as she spasmed hard. I moved up her body and guided my cock to her wet pussy before pushing into her slowly. She arched her back and howled as her pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her bucking body as she thrashed around and kept screaming and wailing.

Ash sat on the bed and rubbed my back as I tried to hold Ari. She giggled, "we should have warned you. Ari is really sensitive and a screamer."

I thrust into Ari and humped against her to make her scream more. I kissed her and pulled back before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held on as her body shook hard. I did not try to hold back and fucked her a little harder and several minutes later I buried my throbbing cock.

She screamed as I began to spew huge gushing spurts into her. She stiffened and began trembling as I pumped and spurted and filled her. When I stopped cumming she almost whispered as her whole body relaxed, "thank you."

Her eyes rolled up and she slumped to the bed. I looked at her and then at Ash as she stood up, "really sensitive."

I smiled and kissed Ari softly before slowly pulling my cock out of her quivering pussy. I lay beside her and softly caressed her body until her eyes opened a few minutes later. She looked at me and smiled, "did I scare you away?"

I laughed, "you are getting so fucked later."

She grinned and I slid off the bed, "you can pilot the boat after I catch a couple more and pull Sarah to bed."

She took my hand as I pulled her after me, "Sarah will be the one to pull you to bed."

The next two fish were easily twenty five hundred pounds. This time it was Sarah beside me as I released the last one for Ash to pull in. She almost bounced back and forth as she waited impatiently. I returned everything to normal and stood as she grabbed my hand before pulling me after her. I grinned as Ari waved down from the pilot house.

When we reached my bed Sarah turned and reached for my pants. I pushed her hands away, "on the bed girl."

She grinned and jumped onto the bed and lay back, "I am really horny."

I laid down beside her and cupped a breast before leaning over to suck on the nipple, "I would never have known."

She shuddered and grinned before pushing me back and kissing me hard as she moved over me and straddled my waist. She shifted around and lifted up to position my cock before wiggling and pushing. She growled and pushed harder and finally my cock pushed into her extremely tight pussy.

She shuddered and slowly started to rock. I smiled and reached up to cup her breasts, "for being so horny you are very tight."

Sarah grinned, "I know. Mom said it will make you last longer ... at least until I am broken in."

I laughed and rubbed her nipples. She shuddered and thrust back and forth before rocking again. She gasped as my cock hit her cervix. She hesitated and I moved my hands to her waist, "now you rock and thrust until your baby factory opens and lets me in."

She grinned and wiggled before starting to rock and thrust. She added a rolling twist each time she thrust back and down and her pussy would tighten and squeeze my cock. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and a minute later she groaned and stiffened before jerking and then starting to convulse as she wailed and howled.

I had to hold her spasming body as her pussy tightened and she became a lot slipperier. She continued to spasm erratically and I finally pulled her down and rolled until she was under me. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she kept screaming and wailing. I did not try to hold back and kept fucking her with deep, firm strokes.

It was a few minutes before I buried my cock in her as she screamed and started to spurt and pump cum. She lifted and spread her legs wide as she hugged me and whimpered while I flooding her womb. When I stopped cumming I held her and waited until she finally relaxed and let her legs drop.

I smiled and kissed her softly, "was that what you were waiting for?"

She nodded and shyly kissed me before I slowly pulled out of her. I lay beside her and caressed her body until she sighed, "we better get back on deck."

I tugged on her nipple, "I will fuck you later."

She shuddered hard and then grinned before moving off the bed. I caught a total of twenty before it started getting dark. Ash was the pilot and set the auto pilot on a course for another school. As we sat and ate dinner I learned about the four girls. I was not sure about leaving the auto pilot on until Star sat me down and let me read the programing.

I slept with Ash and Sarah and woke to Ari sucking my cock. I groaned and pulled her up my body, "witch."

Ash and Sarah laughed as they walked out and Ari sat up. She lifted my cock and slowly sat on it. She was still extremely tight and wiggled to get my thick cock deeper. I cupped her breasts and tugged on the nipples as she finally sighed and began to rock and thrust back and forth. She shuddered and grinned as she lay on me to protect her nipples.

I held her hips and then her butt as she started rocking again. I caressed her bare back as her tight pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. My cock kept hitting and pressing against her womb. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and slammed back and down to force my cock deeper.

She wailed and started convulsing as I twisted and rolled before starting to fuck her. I used long, hard, deep thrusts and she continued to orgasm as she yelled and spasmed. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and started pumping cum. She screamed as warm sperm erupted in her womb and lifted her hips as she moaned and shuddered.

I pumped my normal huge morning load of cum and she groaned as her womb was filled. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved off the bed, "thanks for the wake up."

She grinned and rolled out of bed before following me into my bathroom. I checked our location and the ship status before going back in to eat breakfast. During the day I pulled in thirty large biotuna before turning the boat and heading towards Peachy Key. That was one of the large islands where I would sell the biotuna.

I had fucked the four girls off and on all day. I sat with Star on my lap as I let the auto pilot drive. She sighed and leaned against me as I absently felt and caressed her body. She smiled, "the tourist are going to try to fuck us."

I hugged her, "not unless you want it."

She grinned, "we do not. We talked and only want you."

I gave her a kiss, "why don't you head to bed. I will fuck you when I come down."

She grinned and wiggled on my lap, "you are as horny as dad."

I watched her climb down the stairs before turning to watch ahead of us, I was thinking ahead. Tourist want to catch the big fish. Peachy Key was newly opened ten years ago but there was a wide deep trench a day's trip to the north. No one fished there and I began a sat check of the bio readings.

I smiled at the results and sat back. I secured the boat to the dock before slipping into my cabin when we reached Peachy Key. Ash and Star were asleep as I undressed and slipped in with them. I caressed Star's body before gently rolling her onto her back. I fingered her clit until she moaned and shivered and then moved over her and between her legs.

She put her arms around me sleepily as I pushed into her tight pussy. She lifted her hips and shuddered as her pussy tightened, "Jason?"

I kissed her, "no tourist aboard yet."

Ash shifted and lifted her head as Star hugged me and I started to fuck her. I gave her a soft kiss, "all four of you need to move in here."

Ash grinned and slipped off the bed as I buried my cock in Star and humped into her. She groaned and shuddered, "we did not want you crowded."

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