Discipling Mrs. Proudbum

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The students in Mrs. Proudbum's class were all 18 year old graduating students and they were well acquainted with the erotic elements of spirited coupling. The sex-deprived widow had not counted on the devious plans of a pair of twin blonde sisters and a young lad with a need to discover the joys of exploring the kinky desires of mature women rather than dealing with simpering teenagers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   School   .

Oscar was unabashedly in good spirits that final day of school with the graduation ceremony to be held on the following Sunday. He was sort of student that never really excelled in anything but that was the way he liked things to flow. He was not on any team and had no particular girlfriend willing to descend to her knees for him like most of the other chaps with needy appendages.

That was surprising in point of fact because he was adequately formed with muscular shoulders and strong study legs and thighs. His countenance was not overly impressive but he had fine white teeth and his eyes were referred to by one fellow female student as "groovy".

Oscar tended to avoid female contact whenever possible because he considered the young female students just barely eighteen like himself as flighty useless creatures flitting from cock to cock like searchers for the one true grail. He was not in the least bit opposed to carnal relations and in fact was much drawn to such opportunities which seemed remote to a young lad barely eighteen.

His arousal trigger was poised on a hair however when the more mature teachers in their forties and his mother's married female friends gathered to gossip about things of a trivial nature. His favorite female teacher was the recent widow Mrs. Proudbum who stalked the hallways in her all-black ensemble like some shapely witch with the power to disturb his equilibrium.

Most of the students, at least the graduating ones, were in joyful states of mind and were not in the least dampened by her unusually caustic remarks about their academic potential. She walked on the well-worn wooden platform with her patent leather black heels like a stripper looking for a worthy pole to swing on. Her long black hair was up in a severe bun just the way Oscar liked it the best and she made a point of giving the male students a teasing sideways view of her gloriously curved backside that swept up from her black-nylon encased legs like the slopes of Kilimanjaro on a cold winter morning. Since the depth of his feelings for Mrs. Proudbum hinged on obsessive, Oscar gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she had absolutely no idea how tempting her luscious backside looked to teenaged lads anxious to prove their manhood.

Patricia and Prudence Higgins, a pair of twin blonde bookends from some middle-class manor on the other side of the river looked at each other firmly convinced of Oscar's unhealthy obsession with Mrs. Proudbum's impressive derriere when presented at such a delectable angle. There was little to distinguish one sister from the other than the fact Patricia was enthusiastic about keeping her little "trim" nicely shaven at all times hoping it would be more pleasing to male interest. Prudence on the other hand was an aficionado of "full bush" presentation and used a little comb to keep her rug well-groomed. Both girls had discussed the possibility of sharing young Oscar's bulging crotch at first opportunity and they were in agreement that he should be the one to deprive them of their unwanted "cherries" sooner rather than later.

Knowing that Oscar was not the type to aggressively pursue any project of a carnal intent, they had devised a plan that would use the widow Proudbum's bottom to their advantage in relieving them of the burden of virginity.

They simply pinned a note to Oscar's writing book to advise him that his presence was requested by Mrs. Proudbum immediately after the final dismissal bell of the afternoon. Oscar found it and looked up at the teacher's face staring at him as if he had just done something very, very wrong. He was forced to look down at his crotch to made sure his thing was safely inside and that his sudden arousal was not too evident from her distance. When he looked up again, he saw that her eyes had followed his to that delicate area and she quickly looked out the window to hide her momentary confusion at revealing her hunger to a mere obedient student.

Patricia and Prudence tried to hide their glee and hid their giggles behind their raised books like conspiring bomb-throwers of the worse sort.

The two girls sought out Mrs. Proudbum during the lunch hour when she was sufficiently distracted by thoughts of her cucumber sandwich and tea from home in a hot thermos.

"Patricia and I wish to ask you an important question, Mrs. Proudbum!"

The impatient mature lady shifted her lush fully-packed hips on the smallish student bench and opened her sandwich with a sigh of familiar pleasure.

"Well, do get on with it girls, I need my privacy to digest properly."

Prudence reached out and patted the contact-shirking female on her long tapered fingers and told her about their concerns about Oscar being a possible homosexual. The teacher listened with only half an ear being far more interested in getting on with her lunch. At the same time, innocent-faced Patricia scattered in the ground-up bits of one of their mother's "calming" pills into her freshly poured tea. They watched in barely concealed joy as she gulped the entire cup down with a single swig. In their observational experience, Mrs. Proudbum would be in an entirely lackadaisical and submissive state before the final bell had rung.

"He hasn't allowed any of the girls to either use their hand or their pretty tongues to give him release in his need for female companionship. We suspect that he has more interest in some of the other boys than in young females needing a bit of fun without serious involvement."

The teacher looked at the identical twins and wondered if she had been as horny and outspoken when she was their age and had to admit that such was not the case. Even to today she kept her urges and kinky desires well hidden and discussed them only with her reflection in the mirror at home.

"Girls, I think young master Oscar is quite well-adjusted. He certainly spends a lot of time mooning over my ancient thighs if I bend over a bit too far."

The girls giggled and told her that all the students knew that Oscar had a "thing" for her backside and that he bragged he would "give it to her good" before he graduated.

Mrs. Proudbum snorted in derision but she detected a tingle in her slit that was reminiscent of her emotions when her husband led her upstairs with his belt in his hand. He was always a bit free with his belt and his hand and she knew it was for her own good to keep her sharp tongue in check. She actually missed those sessions more than the lackluster sex which seemed always to be in the most boring of missionary positions and concluded far faster than she would have liked.

The tea was particularly tasty today and she was beginning feel more relaxed by the minute. The two silly girls made their exit and she finished her meal and looked forward to another boring afternoon.

The two girls waited in the hallway outside Mrs. Proudbum's room and waylaid young Oscar just as he arrived to enter the office.

"Oscar, we have come to attend to Mrs. Proudbum also by her instructions but we have to inform you that she is in a very lonely and unhappy mood. She told us that she thinks you are far more mature than your years and she would much appreciate your strong hands pulling her over your knees just like her poor departed husband. If you take off your belt and go inside with it in your hand, she will be much inclined to accede to your control of her grieving widow backside."

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